Tiger Woods' Divorce_ a Story of Mistrust by djsgjg0045


									World 鈥檚 best Professional golf player and alleged sex addict Tiger Woods divorce
has been dodging rumors of infidelity for the past week and a half and it appears the
shocking details of his undercover life are only beginning to scratch the surface of this
tragic situation. His fans are in a shock to find out that Tiger had cheated on his wife
Elin with Rachel Uchitel but they were even more shocked to find out that there were
as many as 8 other women involved with the pro golf player. The famous Tiger Woods
and Elin Nordegren have been married since 2004. After the Enquirer reports and
subsequent car crash episode, Elin has yet to speak out publicly about the Tiger
situation or the status of their marriage. Elin is waiting for the storm to die down, and
then she will assess the situation along with Tiger. As the people hope it winds up
happier and nicer than the last few days have played out.
  Ironically every day, more and more females are coming out and revealing shocking
details of their affairs with Mr. Woods. The Tiger Woods sex scandal and the count of
his girls is up to nine now, which begs the question will hi blonde wife Elin divorce
Tiger or stay with him for the money.
  The couple could be divorcing, if reports by the UK Daily Mail are any indication.
Another hot new is that Elin is boasting about her $300 million "Christmas present."
She has allegedly hired a private detective to sift through Tiger's accounts and find out
how much he's worth. And she plans on claiming half of what they earned together. It
is also said that the jilted spouse will file in California, which has more generous
divorce laws. According to the critics, It seems the marriage is irreparable at this point
in time 鈥?considering the trust issues associated with being cheated on with nine
women, multiple times over the course of more than 2 and a half years. Definitely the
only reason Elin would stay is to cash out on more than fifty million dollar she 鈥檇
get for staying with him 7 years.
  But If Elin has any self respect for herself or her children she will divorce Tiger and
make sure he gets the help he needs. No doubt the biggest victims in Tiger Woods
divorce are Tiger 鈥檚 children who will have to grow up knowing their father is a
complete and utter dirt bag.
  Even the reports claim that Elin has moved out of their mansion and is currently
living with friends in the neighborhood. It 鈥檚 difficult to say about Elin 鈥檚 stay
with Tiger as the story of betrayal. The main issue in any divorce would be the
custody of the couple's two children to ensure both parents would have access to their
  Maybe the couple agreed to share parenting and do not want an "ugly" divorce,
according to US media reports. It is also said that Elin could receive up to $300
million (拢 200 million) in a settlement, but the couple are said to be determined to
keep any details confidential and leave the division of their properties out of any court

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