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					Salsa4Fun India

                  - It’s a lifestyle !!
About SFI

Salsa4Fun India was created to spread the realized essence of Latin forms of dance. While
teaching you diverse styles of Latin dance, we also groom participants in behavioral and
dance floor ethics, which eventually earn you more social respectability. At SFI, we maintain
the authenticity of these dance forms, whilst incorporating the innovations of modern
styling. The latter is much appreciated around the world and vital for performances on

Rueda de Casino
Rueda in Spanish refers to wheel, and Casino to Cuban Salsa. This is a form of Casino
danced in a circle in groups of 2 or more couples changing partners through series of
synchronized patterns.

      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
Variety of Classes
Although SFI specializes in Casino style of Salsa, we also offer you various other fun
classes to chose from.

• Cuban Salsa
• Dance4Fitness (New)
• Bachata
• Merengue
• Cha Cha
• Latin Ballroom
• Social Dancing ( Salsa, Merengue & Bachata in 3months course)
• Bollywood
• Hip Hop
• Jazz

     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
Kelsang Dolma / Kash

• Certified by Edie, the Salsa Freak, California.
• Only established Cuban Salsa School in New Delhi
• Specializes in Rueda De Casino & Dance for fitness
• Conducts Workshops on National & International platforms
 - Salsa India Festival, Mumbai
 - Annual India International Salsa Congress, Bangalore
 - Salsa Dance Academy, Nepal
 - Chennai Salsa Festival
 - Pondy Dance Festival, Pondicherry
 - Doon Salsa Events, Dehradoon
• Promotes Latin Dance extensively and hosts various related events

     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
Team SFI

Team SFI consists of trained, experienced and highly efficient Instructors . The team is class
apart due to their common passion to spread the true essence of Latin dance that has brought
them together.

• Kash Kelsang Dolma - Senior Instructor / Choreographer / Promoter
• Katya Kohloos - Senior Instructor
-Trained under various International Instructors from Russia & India . She has trained many
successful artists in Delhi over the years and Kash Dolma is one of them.
• Suzanne Nembang - Senior Instructor
-Trained under Pedro , Katya & Kash . She has been assisting Kash with classes and is in the PRO
Dance team of SFI for 4years.
• Charu Mittal - Junior Instructor
-Trained under Kash. Charu is a MA Spanish student . She decided to join Salsa classes merely to see
what the Spanish culture was all about but ever since she joined SFI, her mere enthusiasm has turned
into her passion.
• Bhavna Jain - Trainee

    Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
Why Dance Salsa ??
Salsa is a social dance bringing community together, expanding your circle of friends
and tremendously enhancing your social skills.

• Salsa is a wonderful dance for everybody of all age group
• Salsa develops self confidence and coordination of mind and body.
• Salsa is a great way to relieve stress
• Salsa enhances flexibility, grace and poise
• helps you maintain weight
• reduces blood pressure
• reduces risk of coronary heart disease
• increase in stamina
• releases toxin via sweating

   Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
    Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
• Studio lessons
• Kids Workshop
• School & College Workshops
• Corporate Workshops/Classes/Events
• Pvt Lessons

• Canon ( Performance )
• Go Air ( Performance & Workshop )
• Hyatt Regency ( Corporate Classes )
• Mojo ( Performance & Workshop )
• Fortis ( Theme Performance )
• UNICEF ( Corporate Classes )
• Bru MTV Annual Event ( 2days Workshop & Performance )

    Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
 Benefits of Corporate Classes / Workshops

- You have flexibility of time and days.

- Classes/ Workshops can be arranged for your employees and yourself sooner than you can
imagine and right in the workplace!

- It is a best way to keep your staff entertained and focused.

- It’s a great way to enhance interaction amongst your staff and break down the barriers
increasing in productivity and a dynamic team.

- Whether you want to show your staff appreciation or contribute to their overall health and
well being, a unique experience such as this one is unmatched!

- Our one time intensive workshop will add a smile to the spirit and reenergize your employee .

     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
Corporate Package

Our standard classes are held 8hrs in a month, twice a week comprising of an hour each
or once a week for 2hrs. But we can be flexible with the number of hours and number of
classes per week keeping in mind your preferences or we can also offer you one time
workshop of 2hrs/4hrs where we promise you lots of fun & teach you the basics, few
fancy tricks that you can try later on your own.
Corporate Package majorly differs on the number of students. The package below is
based on our standard pattern for regular classes. Minimum requirement of student will
be 10.
   10 to 15 students              Rs 1200/- per person
   16 to 20 students              Rs 1100/-    “
   21 to 30 students              Rs 900/-     “
   Above 30                       Rs 650/-     “

     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
SFI for your Events

Team SFI can organize Fun Filled office party or can be in your Annual Company Event.
• Sizzling Performances
• Warm up dance to keep everyone moving and having fun.
• Workshops
• Games
• Dj for Latin & Other Music

If you have reached this slide, CONGRATULATIONS..!!
You are 2steps closer to the our specialized, fun filled, distressing, productive dance
Call us Now for 30mints of Presentation & Demonstration for you and your team absolutely

     Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,
      Contact: +91 9990878227, +91 9159180875,,