Three Essential Internet Marketing Skills by djsgjg0045


									Ask any business owner if running a business is tough and the word 'YES' will
probably be your answer. In the virtual world of Internet Marketing this is even more
true. Why? It is true because of the sheer level of competition. People absolutely love
the internet marketing niche and many enter it with the hopes of making a good
  If one is so bold so as to actually attempt conquering this niche, there are three
internet marketing skill sets that will be absolutely essential to success. If these skills
or skill sets are not understood and practiced, failure is statistically imminent. So what
are these skill sets? Let's explore them one-by-one.
  Skill set number one is copyrighting. The ability to write compelling and interesting
promotional copy is the most important skill that one can learn. Have you ever heard
the expression 'knowledge is power'? Well, here is another one for you: 'information is
money'. Without a doubt, information IS money.
  To have the ability to write compelling copy is to have the ability to influence the
decisions of potential leads and customers. To that end, the writing of technical and
compelling copy can literally be referred to in terms of money. For proof of this, go to
any webmaster, SEO or marketing forum and take a look around. Odds are you will
find a forum or board dedicated to the selling of articles that have been prepared
specifically for niche subjects. These niche articles are generally sold in packages
with private labeling and resell rights attached. The selling of articles and unique
content is a huge industry in itself through which a very, very large amount of money
exchanges hands. Remember 'information is money'.
  The second essential skill set is Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. One
of the most targeted sources of traffic as well as the highest converting is search
engine traffic. For a search engine to have a proper understanding of what your
content is about, SEO techniques MUST be applied.
  It is true that search engine algorithms have come a long way with respect to
defining what subject as article is about, but nothing replaces the human brain in this
respect. This is the reason the field of SEO exists, for human brains to literally tell the
search engines the subject and focus of the article. This will include proper keyword
selection as well as accurate and relevant title selection in addition to proper meta
tagging. Search engines are smart, but despite all of the advances, they still have a
long way to go before they develop rudimentary comprehension skills when
compared to the brain.
  The final skill set that is necessary for internet marketing is the set of generalized
webmaster skills. What are some of these? A list of some of these would include: the
selection and installation of content management systems, the tweaking and
refinement of source code, the management of MySQL databases to name a few.
  If you do not have any of these skills, do not fret. They can be learned, even if you
consider yourself technically inept in this area. There are countless services, forums,
ebooks, and guides that can take you step-by-step through any task you need to
  One nice thing available to webmasters these days is the inclusion of
auto-installation scripts available with most hosting services such as HostGator or
GoDaddy. Websites can literally be set up and running with the click of a button and
that is the reason this skill set falls to third place in terms of importance.
 So there you have it, the three most important internet marketing skills: copyrighting,
SEO, and webmaster that order.
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