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					If you want beautiful pale skin, you will need to take precautions when you are in the
sun. That does not necessarily mean using a sunscreen.
  While sunscreens may be beneficial, most of the ingredients were released without
being fully tested for safety. Don’t worry. They won’t cause an immediate reaction,
unless you are allergic to them. But, they could cause long-term damage leading to
wrinkles or skin cancer.
  New studies have revealed that the benzene derivatives cause a kind of free radical
damage when they are exposed to sunlight. Oxybenzone, avobenzone and
benzophenone are some of the ingredients to avoid.
  If you do plan to spend the day at the beach and you have a very fair complexion,
you will need to cover up. Thin lightweight clothing will allow you to enjoy the
weather without damaging your complexion. A hat with a wide brim will provide
protection for your face.
  On exposed areas, such as the backs of your hands, you can use a broad spectrum
sunscreen called zinc oxide. It is one of the few sunscreens tested for both safety and
effectiveness. It does not penetrate into the skin’s cells. So it cannot cause the free
radical damage associated with the benzene derivatives.
  To ensure that you keep the beautiful pale skin on your face, you can use a day
cream containing nut grass root extract. Nut grass extract safely inhibits
melanogenesis or melanin production.
  Melanin is the colorful pigment responsible for the color of your complexion. The
cells of fair-skinned people contain less melanin. Albinos lack an enzyme necessary
for the body to make melanin.
  Melanogenesis can be inhibited by as much as 41.4% if the ingredient is included at
a .5% concentration. Lower concentrations may have no effect.
  Hormonal changes accompanying menopause have long been blamed for the loss of
beautiful pale skin that sometimes accompanies the aging process. While the
hormonal changes are simply a part of life, the melanogenesis triggered by them could
be inhibited with a cream containing nut grass root.
  You should be careful about other health and beauty aids. Some contain compounds
known to trigger melanin production in the laboratory. They are found in a surprising
number of products. The list is too long to include here. The best advice is to read the
label of ingredients on new products you are considering. If you are unsure, don’t buy
it until you can look it up.
  Beautiful pale skin has been desirable among women for centuries. We are just now
learning how easy it is to have and keep.
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