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									A mortgage is necessary if you are planning to buy a home. Some of the things you
need to keep in mind before going for a mortgage hunt are: 鈥?If you are ready to
wait for your dream home in exchange for a better deal it is always advisable to invest
in real estate during the time of economic downfall. It is a well known fact that
mortgage rates are always lower during times of economic recession. Not just the
interest rates but the prices of property are also generally lower during these times
which mean you need less money that results in more savings. The recent crisis in
economy has also seen a large number of people investing in real estate market.
  鈥?It is always better to pay as much amount as possible in the form of down
payment. Large down payment means the lesser mortgage you take which means the
lower interest you pay.
  鈥?Credit history or credit score is a very important factor in determining your
mortgage rates. A good credit history automatically ensures you a lower interest rate
whereas a poor credit history means that you will be paying far more than what you
should actually pay. Improving your credit score can be pain taking but it is the pain
you should be ready to bear.
  鈥?Try to avoid paying points on top of your mortgage installments. Paying
unnecessary points just decrease your down payment thereby increasing the overall
amount you pay.
  Last but not least, remember you will find hundreds of companies offering housing
finance at very attractive mortgage rates. But you should first go to the internet and
compare each one of them before going in for any option. You will also find reviews
about their services which will help you a lot in deciding which one is best suited for
you. So be wise, money wise.

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