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					Web hosting is a service that allows the companies or an individual to publish their
website on the World Wide Web, so that it can be accessible to all internet users all
over the world.
  The service is provided by many companies which are known as hosting services.
They provide the clients space on the server that they own or take on lease by the
internet service provider. Not only this, companies also provide internet connectivity
to the companies they work for.
  The services of the web hosting can vary depending on the requirement. Websites for
big business are comparably more expensive than those of small scale companies or
individuals. One of the most basic forms of web hosting is web page where the file
can be uploaded on the web through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or a web interface.
There are many internet service providers known as ISPs which offer services to the
  There are different types of Websites. Some are complex that comprise of inclusive
packages including heavy database. For making those websites, different platforms
are available for example PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Java Scrip, Ajax etc. These platforms
provide facility to the programmers to write the scripts or programs and create
applications like login forums. On the other hand a small website for an individual or
small company is not a difficult job. It can be done easily with little knowledge of the
  Today the platform which is being used widely is PHP and it is capturing market at a
very fast speed. PHP provides more flexibility to the programmers and also is secured.
Most popular websites running today are developed in PHP, like the famous social site
  As it is very well known that the future is internet, so the demand for hosting is
increasing rapidly. Different hosting companies are offering lucrative offers to the
clients so that they can get a hold over the market. Every service provider specializes
in a particular field like in increasing e-commerce applications. The hosting
companies also keep in mind the small services like providing interface or control
panel to manage the server and other facilities like e-mail.
  Outsourcing is becoming the major source of income nowadays. Big companies
outsource their work to the service providers and make a contract with them for the
time duration and payment etc.
  Today everyone wants to have his website so that people may come to know about
his services or products that are offered. No one has time today to roam around and
look for things they want. Everything and every small detail are available over the
internet. People just surf web and explore the things they are interested in, online
market is such an example where people purchase things over internet, and pay online.
This saves both the time and money and for these some of the reasons, web hosting is
becoming popular day by day.
  To make a good reputation in market web hosting companies are providing schemes
such as they refund the cost of the client if the desired output is not on time or the
work done was not according to the goal.
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