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					When you buy a laptop(Toshiba pa3534u 1brs), it is very many different things to
keep track of . Different price requirements , different applications and personal
priorities , the question of which one is the best computer has as many answers as
there are computers .
  The factors that you have to conduct yourself to range from extremely technical to
very personal , but all can be equally important. Here , we review the various factors
that are important to consider.
  If we look at computer performance , it turns out that not only are there different
speed computers , but they are also different speed on different things . With a
powerful processor but simple, integrated graphics , the computer is a great office job
and the web . With simple processor but thoroughly graphics is the rather good for
games and movies . Then there are the special solutions with double or extra fast hard
drives , for you like working with film editing . Therefore it is important to know
what to use your computer to choose h?rdvarutyp after that.
  You who do not care so much about performance and want something cheap should
look a little more on our guide Cheap . You who want the best performance, check out
Wizard Best .
  But it's not stop there . You have the screen size ( its physical size ) and Screen Area
( number of pixels ) , and the quality of the image to mind . Want to see a movie is
good with both large area and number of pixels , like full HD , ie 1920 x 1080 points .
Are you just work with office software and web so will do more modest sizes . Is it
the lightest and most portable computers you 're after , you should check out Wizard
Portable .
  An important thing to look at is the computer's range of contacts and connections ,
card readers and potential for wireless connectivity . Maybe you have a camera that
only has firewire connection , or one that stores everything on Compact Flash ? This
reduces the selection of computers a lot. Or you have accessories that use Bluetooth.
Maybe you want to hook up your big flat screen TV on HDMI . Here it is important to
keep track of everything you need is there .
  How long the battery in your laptop(Toshiba satellite a100 battery ) is sufficient is a
combination of how much battery your computer has and how energy efficient it is .
What you need depends on how you use your computer . Some are content as long as
they can transport the machine from a wall outlet to the next , while others want to
have reliable service from morning to night without recharging . There are computers
capable of running for up to twelve, thirteen hours , with extra large Sony pcga-bp2ea
battery and power -saving technology . The most energy-efficient computers , see the
Wizard Portable .
  Although the soft values are important . Not least importance . It ranges from below
one to nearly seven kilograms , with the majority of more than one and three . Do you
have your computer with your back round the clock or do you carry just around for
the occasional home ? It can be decisive for your choice .
  Do you want easy and convenient - read through the wizard Portable . Do you plan
to use the computer mostly at home and want a big screen , it guides Cheap and Best
in force .
  The price is influenced by many things . A simple rule of thumb is usually that a
laptop(Apple A1185 battery) can be fast and cheap , or easy and cheap , or quick and
easy . But never all at once . It is not difficult to find a sleek , slim computer under 1.5
kg to 4000-6000 dollars. But then do it no more than the simplest things . You can
also find a like for 20 000 or more , which when in place is blazing fast .
  Similarly, the tug of war between some of the hard values . A large and fast computer
are very seldom good Dell latitude d800 battery life - slow processor , simple graphics
and small screen is what keeps power consumption low . And the smaller and lighter a
machine is , the fewer features you get. Get connections for accessories and extra
screen , no DVD drive , support for little or no memory , and so on .
  Guide Cheap is the guide for those with limited budget .
  Finally, there are a bunch more personal things that may be crucial . Such as an
attractive design and good ergonomics . We spend much time with our treasures , and
therefore it is important that we feel comfortable with them . Worth checking out is
what other than a computer that you get the bargain . How long does the warranty?
What kind of service you get if something goes wrong?
  Do you by any good programs ? Do you get with too many programs and
pre-installed junk that you need to clear the weeds before the computer feels easy to
use ? Often it can seem like a good deal that the computer comes loaded with
software . But that's only if you really use them .
  Sometimes the computer you buy LOUSY with so -called bloatware . Trial versions
of programs , sponsored gadgets and Web links and default home pages and the
toolbars that is actually paid advertising spot . Such things may actually make the
computer further downward pressure on prices . And you have the patience to
manually clean out the weeds so you can save the odd penny .
  In an upcoming issue of PC for All (11 / , 0) , we will write more about this and tell
me how to get rid of the unnecessary programs .
  In 2010 , there have been a number of interesting things on the notebook(Dell
Latitude D820 battery) front. The most important is the introduction of new mobile
platforms and processors . Perhaps foremost Intel Core i3 , i5 and i7 who takes over
from the Core 2 family. They promise higher performance , extraordinarily well-
integrated graphics and smart features to save battery power .
  Although AMD is going on with the new processors and the mobile platform , and
we learn to see computers with them later this year . Even the simplest processors ,
Intel Celeron and AMD Neo has put in an extra gear and become better . If you buy a
netbook with some of the new variations of these (for now Atom N4XX , Atom 330 or
AMD Athlon Neo X2 ) , you can get the same performance as an expensive desktop
PC with red-hot Pentium 4 five years ago .
 Core i3 have Ultra Low Voltage versions of Intel's previous processors Core 2 ,
Pentium and Celeron dropped in price . A new generation of extreme price pressure
ultra- portable computers with good ergonomics , moderate performance and
extremely good inspiron 1501 battery life has emerged as a serious competitor to last
year's favorite netbook . Need a bit bigger screen , slightly better performance and full
-size keyboard in a still super light computer , so there are a whole bunch of fresh
computers between 4000 and 7000 crowns . Often with modernity as 3g modem and
HDMI output .
 Finally , we see the beginnings of an entirely new category of laptops(Macbook Pro
battery) - slate - computers , or iPad copies. Tiny computers with touch screen and no
keyboard has been around before, but flopped because of poor performance and bad
applications . Now , Apple has with its iPad shown that it can be done . They found
their inspiration from the smartphone world and their own iPhone , and inspired direct
buyers and competitors . A handful of models that will go up against Apple has been
presented at trade shows and conferences , and more are coming . It can be a really ,
really interesting autumn .

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