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Things That Are


									Two years have passed since Bobby Phillips woke up one wintry Chicago morning,
took a shower, checked out his face in a mirror, and discovered he'd become invisible
overnight! He is still close friends with Alicia Van Dorn, the blind girl he met in the
University of Chicago library who helped him figure out a way to become visible
again. Now Alicia picks up the story where Clements ended the first book, Things Not
Seen, bringing the reader up to date on the status of their relationship and their plans
for college.
  Bobby is planning on pursuing his trumpet playing by attending a music school
somewhere outside of Chicago, and Alicia is determined not to be left behind because
she is blind. With Bobby's ambitions to encourage her, and with Tag Heuer Replica
her new guide dog, Gertie, to facilitate her freedom, Alicia is learning to become more
independent every day and is making plans for her own future. But she is not certain
that her future will include Bobby. He has been acting mysteriously ever since a trip
to New York City, where he met a girl named Gwen. And speaking of mysterious,
what have her father and Bobby's father been doing behind the closed doors of her
father's study.
  After Alicia meets an enigmatic British man who is another victim of a puzzling case
of invisibility, Alicia soon becomes involved in Bobby's and her father's secrets
against her will. Bobby believes that William, the invisible man who followed him
from New York to Chicago, may be a dangerous criminal, and he warns Alicia to have
nothing to do with him. The FBI is hot on William's trail, but Alicia believes he is
being hunted because the authorities are suspicious of his invisibility, not because he
has committed a crime.
  When the FBI begins to watch Alicia's house, she cannot be sure if they are waiting
to catch William or trying to gather information on the secret experiments on
invisibility the two fathers have been conducting in the study. Against her parents' and
Bobby's wishes, Alicia decides to trust William and to hide him from the authorities.
Not wanting to implicate her parents in the crime of aiding a fugitive, Alicia enlists
Bobby's help, and together they move the stranger to Bobby's empty home for
safekeeping. Alicia has also developed a plan for restoring William's visibility.
  If the plan works, will Alicia and Bobby be confronted in the flesh by a dangerous
criminal what if William decides to sell the secret of invisibility to unprincipled
scientists Could Alicia and Bobby be compromising not only their own safety but also
national security by helping this stranger
  Written for junior high and high school students, this book is as appealing as
Clement's first book in the series. Clements keeps the Tag Heuer Carrera Replica
reader guessing until the end about the motives of the newly introduced invisible
William. This book offers fans more details about the budding relationship between
Bobby and Alicia and provokes the reader to consider the implications of developing
invisibility as a military weapon in the world. Things That Are is another fast and
fascinating read by Andrew Clements, sure to delight middle and high school

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