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									The ongoing quest for the latest gadgets will never end as long as there are gadget
freaks. You will find them queuing up at the store on the launch date of any latest
gadgets gizmos . The launch of the latest mobile was eagerly awaited but for many, it
was also a chance to test it, take it apart and come up with complaints. There was a
white balance problem, which hopefully, will be taken care of when the upgraded
version will be available. Then came the much-awaited tablet PC. A small, portable
device, with a lot of applications, it was hugely popular from the moment it hit the
The best thing about gadgets is that these days there is always something new
everyday. The latest gadgets technology keeps improving by leaps and bounds and
before we know existing gadgets have been taken over. Cars are now fitted with
computers. iPads are being given with cars instead of the printed manual. There was a
news item about the new Airfryer, which makes use of ‘Rapid Air technology to
circulate hot air around a grill component, creating delicious meals with up to 80%
less fat'.
Of course, one of the favourite latest gadgets is the ‘Sleep inducer'. It is actually an
acupuncture sleeping gadget, but it looks like a wrist watch. It is said to massage the
acupressure points on the wrist to induce sleep. It also boasts of significant results
within a week of using it.
Recently, there was an article in the newspaper about cloud seeding, something that is
calculated to have latest gadgets gizmos drooling . The largest cloud seeding system
of the world is in China. The rain dance to appease the gods has now been replaced
with cloud seeding.
Latest gadgets technology has now given mankind the ebook reader which is slowly
replacing the textbooks. It is a small tablet especially for books. The books can be
downloaded from various websites or be transferred from the PC and the ebook reader
can be used anywhere on the go.
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