The Versatility of Sushi

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					Sushi has become more and more popular in the West, with restaurants and sushi
delivery services, particularly as an increasing number of people are developing more
adventurous palates and more interest in what is in their food. While many people are
aware of what the health benefits of eating sushi can be, some may have the same
initial aversion towards trying sushi under the belief that it is raw fish.
  This is not necessarily the case, as sushi translates as 鈥榮 nack 鈥?and refers not to
raw fish, but the rice mixed with vinegar which can be combined with fish. However,
there is no one type of sushi. It is a hugely versatile food. It can feature different types
of fish, but it can also be made with vegetables or other foods, which means that
people can try it no matter what their taste. As it is so popular, curious people will be
able to easily find a restaurant or perhaps even opt for sushi delivery should the mood
take them.
  The types of fish which typically feature in sushi are crab and salmon, yet there is a
wide selection of vegetarian types available, for those who dislike seafood or who
refrain from meat altogether. Ingredients which can be used as substitutes in sushi are
avocado (usually combined with cream cheese and cucumber), tofu and green onions,
carrots, sweet potato and egg. All of these are usually available from restaurants or
sushi delivery companies. These, when mixed with the vinegared rice and wrapped in
seaweed, can be delicious and nutritious.
  As healthy eating becomes more and more of a fixture in people 鈥檚 lives, healthy
food providers are sure to keep offering plenty of choice. With sushi restaurants and
sushi delivery becoming more popular, a wider range of people will have the
opportunity to experience something which is still somewhat new to the British food
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