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The Various Dimensions of Social Care Training


									In today’s fast-faced society, it is important to maintain a reliable society around us as
we are a part of this society. Nowadays, there are numerous organisations providing
social care training to individuals and companies. There are different courses that
cover the skills for care induction standards as well the ever expanding knowledge
and skill sets. These courses have been independently certified as conforming to
universally accepted continuous professional development guidelines.
  Safeguarding Children/ Child Protection Training is a part of social care training that
includes imparting basic child protection training level 1 & 2 and right through to the
level 3 child protection officer/designated person course.
  In the same way, vetting & barring is included in social care training. The new
Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS) came into effect from 12th October, 2009 and has
an effect on all the organisations working with children & young people. The main
aim of this training is to help organisations increase protection of children &
vulnerable adults, by enhancing the current provisions for screening potential
volunteers and employees.
  Effective communication is also a part of social care training programme. A single
day course focuses on improving different aspects of good communication skills and
record keeping. The objective of this course is to elaborate why good communication
and record keeping skills are important to the effective functioning of the organisation.
It also creates a sense of unity among all the organizational employees as all the
employees follow a unique language skill set in the organisation.
  In the recent years, the internet has taken a new shape. It has emerged has a single
source for different educational needs. This social care training has been designed for
staff employed in Educational services and Social care sector, prison and probation
services. It also includes he understanding of technology and its impact on the
behaviours of adults and children.
  Training for Care is a charity, voluntary organisation and company limited by
guarantee established in 1982 and providing social care training for over 250 large,
medium and small organisations. For more Informartion Click here

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