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					                                   Fish Cookery

This short course in fish cookery is designed for those with only a basic working
knowledge of professional cookery as well as those who may already be employed
in the industry but want to gain a greater skills base.

The theory is designed to support the practical skills and encourage the learner to
explore the subject in more depth.

Fish cookery is particularly relevant to current trends in cookery and lends itself
to introducing learners to the concept of sustainability within the food chain and
how this impacts on our environment.

The course concludes in a 3 course meal prepared by students for friends and
family this allows the learner a substantial progression and an enhanced skills
base in a short time.

Course content is:

      Introduction to health and safety
      Knife skills
      Demonstrate different cuts of fish
      Introduction to assessment and final project
      Introduction to Fish dish development and basic menu planning for fish
      Sustainability issues
      Sole Meuniere
      Steamed mussels
      Luxury Fish cakes
      Dressed crab with garnish
      Salmon en papillote
      Alternative fish dishes
      Demonstrate competency through final project ( fish based dinner menu)

Learners are required to demonstrate at interview a passion for cooking and the
ability to commit to an intensive course.
Some basic equipment will be required to include a hat,apron , closed in shoes
and some basic knives.

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