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					Europe offers the best study abroad platform for international students. The UK
government has set out the broad funding framework for education providing them
with grants, awards and funding to the these institutions committed to ensuring the
high quality education in the institutes, to help them bring their educational systems
and standards up to the mark.
 UK education system encompasses not only a wide variety of schools and colleges,
but a wide variety of learning programs too that make it a perfect education hub.
Leading higher education establishments in the UK offer variety of opportunities, a
welcoming environment and diverse subjects to choose from. Diversified universities
attract students from dissimilar backgrounds, all over the world and offer them a wide
array of programs and teaching standards to make their study in the UK a truly
intellectual experience.
 Higher education institutions in the United Kingdom are the sole awarders of
degrees at Bachelor, Postgraduate, Master’s and Doctorate levels. SM4, local index
for the UK businesses, provides an easy to search database of the best colleges,
universities and training courses on offer in the UK. With a UK degree you can
specialize in the subject that interests you, in a country renowned for the quality of its
research and the reputation of its academics.
 There are more than 130 institutions in the UK that grant under graduates programs
and 500 colleges offer educational programs of different subjects. Manchester is well
served with all levels of educational and training establishments. The University of
Manchester, Salford University, as well as the University of Bolton are amongst a few.
Lancaster University, Imperial College of London, Bristol University, The University
of Edinburgh, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge are some of the best
ranked and finest educational establishments world-wide. While Oxford and
Cambridge Universities are located in England, University of Edinburgh belong to
Scotland. There is also the Cardiff University which is the best university in Wales
and well-known for its numerous research programs.
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