The Top Ten Kids-Adult Costumes For Halloween This Year

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					The spookiest holiday is quickly approaching when you can put on a vampire costume
or put on fancy Victorian dress. That's right! It is about time for Halloween and
Halloween costumes are going fast! It's not just kids who like to dress up; adults love
to dress as their favorite childhood heros, famous person, or fantasy even it it's a
naughty costume.
 So what's going as the favorite costume this year - the princess costume! Again the
princess costume wins out on the most sought after Halloween costume and not just
for kids, adults want it too. It normally takes the number one spot and this year is no
 Coming in second place is a pirate costume. Jack Sparrow is still number two and it
comes packaged with sword, hair, and sash. You can get costume accessories like the
eye patch or extra knives to go with your costume, depending whether you want to be
a good pirate or a bad pirate.
 A vampire costume takes third place with all the gory red blood, teeth, and black
cape. Twilight saga movies are responsible for this one moving up. Vampire fans
desire to be Edward Cullen and get that girl they've constantly wanted. Jacob Black
outfits are next in popularity. Since there isn't one, various people are using muscle
chest shirts or a black t-shirt with muscle arms and a set of werewolf feet.
 A surprising up coming costume introduced for this year is pet costumes. Pet
costumes made the list at fourth place. I can tell you the costumes they have for pets
are outstanding. You can make a German shepherd look like a hot dog or your poodle
look like the Incredible Hulk and accessorize with green hair. Of course, there is
always the princess dog costume that's a favorite with pet owners.
 Fifth place goes to fancy outfit costumes. That would cover the tuxedoes, southern
belle, and the suave, sophisticated multimillionaire from the fifties. Fancy dress
costumes are in the identical place as last year cuz you can't go wrong looking
identical to Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.
 Sixth place has held for this year as well as last with Batman costumes for kids and
adults. Each one is a hero and if there's two of you; you can have a couples attire with
Batman and Robin. Robin costume suits both male and female.
 Seventh place goes to the queen attire and that's Queen as in Elisabeth, Queen of
England, or Sofia, Queen of Spain. You can't go wrong being a queen of any country
or as queen of a genre.
 The old preferred witch costume comes in eighth place. It is the finest alternative
costume. If you don't realize what else to dress up as for Halloween then go with the
witch. The big black hat is the funniest to wear or with a little imagination it can be
turned into a wizard's hat.
 Upcoming from out of nowhere is the Indian costume to stand in ninth place. Very
surprising that it tops cowboy, who didn't make the top ten this year. It may have to do
with Jacob Black, who as you know, is a Quileute Indian. It is standard attire with
feather head dress and moccasins with loin cloth.
 And in the tenth place of most asked for Halloween attire this year is the angel.
Angels are much preferred by kids but adults also wear this costume.
 Here you have it, the top ten costumes for kids and adults. Of course, you can get
them almost anywhere such as Kids-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, and
Halloween-Costume-Mart and don't forget to include the Internet in your search for
the best kids and adult costumes. Be sure to get in quickly or at least get your
reservation in on the costume of your choice for Halloween this year.

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