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Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                                                                                                                 02
president’s message

messAGe                                                                                                     vInCe keLLy
                                                                                                            President, NTPA

I extend the sympathy of all our members to
the Victorian families and communities who
have lost family, friends, and neighbours in this
overwhelming tragedy.

         t the time I commenced         12 months ago that the economic          what opportunities and threats
         preparing this article          boom would continue, I believe the      arise from that environment.
         my initial focus was on         prudent will be planning for a deep        At the time of writing, the
the economic crisis, however,            and long recession.                     workshop report is being finalised;
the tragedy of the Victorian                It is already evident that           however, it is apparent that we as
Bushfires is a stark reminder of the     both the Federal and Territory          an Association need to evaluate the
important things in life – our loved     Governments will be running             expectations and aspirations of our
ones – and how quickly your life        “temporary” deficits for some            members as soon as possible in a
can change. As always whenever           period – whatever that definition       scientific manner.
tragedy strikes, the generosity of       means. Irrespective, it is reasonable      This will be a significant
spirit of serving Police Officers at     to assume that we will all be the       undertaking and Association
the centre of any tragedy and the        subject of government cost-saving       officials will be focused on this
many more watching from afar             measures over coming months and         task over the coming months.
is inspiring.                            budget cycles.                          Like anything we undertake
    Our office has been inundated           Even if the situation improves       our success will depend on your
with requests to provide assistance      sooner than expected it is almost       support and cooperation.
not just in Victoria but in the          impossible to see how the current          Despite all the dark clouds
flood affected areas of North            crisis will not impact on the 2011      gathering, particularly on the
Queensland. Of course eventually         Consent Agreement negotiations          economic front, I am encouraged
the media focus will shift               or in other areas covered by our        by the level of commitment from
and many of these devastated             industrial agreements. We may           members to our Association I have
communities and families will rely       get some idea of how governments        encountered during regional visits
on our interstate colleagues as they     will deal with police conditions of     I have undertaken with Owen
rebuild their lives. Ultimately, for     service during the upcoming NSW         Blackwell in recent months.
the majority of Police Officers it is    police wage negotiations.                  These regional visits have
tragic events and the desire to help        We have included in this edition     reinforced with me how dedicated
other people in times of calamity        an opinion piece by Ron De Lord,        Police officers are to our job of
that provides our real motivation        a successful police union leader        serving the community. I am
for joining the Police profession.       from the anti-union US State of         continually amazed at what
    I extend the sympathy of all our     Texas (the Republic) outlining          you and your families will
members to the Victorian families        how governments in the US are           endure to provide protection
and communities who have lost            dealing with the rising cost of         to the community generally
family, friends, and neighbours in       professional Police Officers. While     without complaint.
this overwhelming tragedy.               the US experience may be different         The other aspect of these
   With these thoughts in mind it        to our own, in some ways there          regional visits that I have found
is difficult to focus on the other       is a message here and we must           rewarding is the personal reminder
challenge that has emerged over          as a collective prepare for all         of the enjoyment I had carrying
the past six months – the economic       possibilities in the short, medium,     out remote policing as a younger
crisis and what that might mean          and long term.                          Police Officer.
for us all now and into the future.         As part of that process, the NTPA       The personal dedication to
Many commentators and analysts           Executive conducted a strategic         the job I witness on a daily basis
have suggested that people in            planning workshop in February,          despite all the challenges we face
secure, well-paid government             with the valued assistance of Greg      reinforces my earlier observation
jobs might not even notice the           Chilvers from the NSW Police            that it is the desire to help other
economic crisis.                         Association, to consider the            people in times of calamity that
    In light of the fact that many of    political, economic, and industrial     provides our real motivation for
nthese analysts predicted just over      environment that confronts us and       joining the Police profession.

03                                                                                           Northern Territory Police News March 2009
industrial news

 InDUstrIAL                                                                                                               owen

news                                                                                                                      bLACkweLL
                                                                                                                          Industrial & Field
                                                                                                                          Services Officer

In December 2008 I travelled to Alice Springs along
with NTPA President Vince Kelly, and executive
member Steve Martin.

     n Alice we were joined by the         roadhouse team over the police team
     southern Welfare Officer, Ian         for the first time.
     Kesby. The four of us visited            We then took up Tennant
 Ti Tree, Yuendumu (overnight),            Creek’s invitation and enjoyed
 Papunya, Kintore (overnight),             a great night at their Christmas
 Hermannsburg, Kulgera, Yulara             party, then a slow drive back to
 (overnight), Imanpa and Alice             Darwin the next day.
 Springs. We were able to time our            In January this year Vince
 trip to ensure we were in Alice           Kelly and I travelled to Lajamanu
 for the farewell of a longstanding        (overnight), Kalkaringi, Timber
 member, Graeme Farquharson.               Creek (overnight) and Katherine
    Steve and I worked at Papunya          (overnight) then to Pine creek, Daly    Hermannsburg Police Station.
 and Yuendumu respectively in              River and Adelaide River. We had an
 the late ’80s/early ’90s and bored        enjoyable evening at Lajamanu with
 Vince Kelly and Ian with tales of         the members stationed there along
“I remember when…..” We enjoyed            with the Kalkaringi members and
 exceptional hospitality everywhere        the Katherine traffic RAP patrol.
 we stayed and thank all the members       We followed up with another great
 and families for making us welcome.       night at Timber Creek. Lucky we
    Vince Kelly and I returned to          travelled into the VRD district when
 Darwin by road and stopped at             we did as the following week the
 Ti Tree for the annual cricket match.     road was cut at the Victoria River
 Vince Kelly, due to injury, was           crossing on the Vic Highway.
 commissioned as umpire and took up                                                Kintore Police Station.
 position in a folding chair at square
 leg. As the game drew to a tense close,
 Vince Kelly was concerned about some
 of the more questionable calls from
 the other umpire. Upon querying
 these as perhaps being slightly unfair,
 he was told: “Yeah I know, but I don’t
 like that bloke”. Upon learning this
 previously unknown rule of umpiring,
 Vince Kelly went on to make some          Yuendumu Police Station.
 truly inspired decisions of his              Issues raised with us on these
 own. The outcome was a win to the         trips include:                          Papunya Police Station.

                                           At Yuendumu we were advised of
                                           plans by the department to station
                                           THEMIS members there. This was
                                           repeated by members at Kulgera.
                                           Since this trip, we have been advised
                                           that the placement of members
                                           at Kulgera is not going ahead.
                                           Yuendumu members advise us
Kulgera Police Station.                    that a substantial amount of their      Imanpa Police Post.

05                                                                                                  Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                    industrial news

                                            work takes them to Yuelumu some            stAFFInG:
                                            80km from Yuendumu. Similarly              Staffing levels were raised as an
                                            to Ali Curung it is confusing why          aside to THEMIS stations. Whilst,
                                            members are being placed at a              obviously, some stations have
                                            station which is clearly too small to      clearly been identified by the
                                            accommodate extra staff when the           department as requiring extra
                                            trouble is an hour’s drive away.           staffing, hence THEMIS postings,
                                               Given that THEMIS is federally          all stations we visited indicated a
                                            funded, we can only assume the             need for extra staffing. At Batchelor,
                                            reason for not building and staffing       members indicated that Territory
           Yulara bathroom.                 extra stations is to avoid placing NT      Housing now had a policy to
                                            police officers at the extra localities.   house the ‘overflow’ from Darwin
                                            Whilst this will avoid impacting           and Palmerston to Batchelor. The
                                            on NT staff levels, the decision           matter has been raised by the
                                            seems to fail to take into account         members there with TH, with no
                                            the added burden on already small          avenues of negotiation. It was
                                            stations struggling to accommodate         indicated to us that Adelaide River
                                            the permanent NT members                   now spend a majority of their time
                                            stationed there, notwithstanding           attending and giving assistance to
                                            the renovations of station to              Batchelor members. As indicated,
                                            accommodate new members. The               the department has been working
           Yulara kitchen.
                                            placement of THEMIS members                on a resource allocation model,
                                            at permanent NT stations will also         and this will be supplied to the
                                            develop a situation whereby police         Association when complete.
                                            officers doing the same work, at
                                            the same station and in the same           LeAse AGreements:
                                            conditions will be accessing very          Whilst travelling throughout this
                                            different pay scales.                      region we were advised of ‘lease
                                               All of these issues have been raised    agreements’ that members in
                                            with A/C Kelly when he briefed an          remote localities had been sent to
                                            executive meeting on sixth February.       sign. This was causing a great deal
                                            At this time the department is going       of ire with most of the members due
                                            ahead with the deployment of the           to the clear differences in quality
           Yulara shower.
                                            extra members and we have been             of housing as well as quality of
                                            advised that renovations have been         living between rural and urban
                                            done at stations to accommodate            areas. We were able to quickly have
                                            the extra staff. I recall travelling to    these documents recalled after a
                                            Maningrida in 2002 relieving as            discussion between Vince Kelly and
                                            OIC with on other member, and              the HR department. I’m confident
                                            now there is a Brevet Sergeant, three      there will be proper consideration
                                            constables (one supernumerary) an          given to conditions in rural areas
                                            ACPO and three THEMIS members.             prior to any further requests to
                                            It will be interesting to see what the     complete lease documents.
                                            department’s proposed resource
           Yulara fencing.
                                            allocation model comes up with             bUsH InCrements:
                                            for Maningrida.                            At most of the bush stations we
                                               Further to the placement of             visited, the members raised the
                                            extra members is the added onus of         problems with accessing an extra
                                            bush stations relieving at THEMIS          increment, as per the 2005 CA. All of
                                            postings in their district. Members        the members had transferred to their
                                            at Yuendumu have relieved at               localities prior to the 2008 CA and
                                            Nyrippi and similarly members              were entitled to the increment. Since
                                            at Hermannsburg have relieved at           returning we have been able to ensure
                                            Haasts Bluff. This is a situation          that these members have accessed
                                            which places extra workload on             these entitlements including back
                                            already busy stations and whilst           pay to when they were transferred.
                                            the members benefit by accessing
                                            improved pay scales, it certainly          HoUsInG:
                                            does nothing to ease the discord           I was also able to inspect housing
           Yulara AC vent.                  with THEMIS stations.                      at Yulara and Ti Tree and whilst we

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                06
 industrial news

 acknowledge that these are part of         pregnant, there were considerable
 the housing upgrade program, it is         concerns for her and for her unborn
 truly unfortunate that the houses          child. We have been advised that after
 have been ignored for the extent           scans from her specialist in Perth, all
 of time that they have, leading            is OK. Since this incident, the houses
 to the condition that they are in          at Lajamanu have both had safety
 now. The current OIC at Yulara is          switches fitted.
 being paid TA as the residence he             Again, we acknowledge that
 was expected to move into was in a         many of the problems listed above
 truly abominable condition.                are on the upgrade program and
    Problems with one of the houses         will soon be dealt with, but the
 at Yulara currently being lived            fact that the houses have got into
 in included:                               this condition over previous years
•	 Old	evaporative	aircon	units	            is regrettable, given the housing
     used to duct into the houses           conditions members are putting up
     have been removed and the              with now. There is a separate article
     ends of the ducting into the           in this magazine detailing the
     residences have merely been            ongoing upgrade program.
     cardboarded and taped up.                  To finalise issues surrounding
•	 No	kick	boards	throughout	               housing, on our next trip to Groote
     the house                              and Gove, Vince Kelly and I will be
•	 An	old	extraction	fan	screwed	           accompanied by personnel from
     into the bottom of the                 Territory Housing and Police HRM to
     cupboard unit rather than              sit down and explain to members the
     a proper range hood                    problems faced with the program, the
•	 No	cupboard/cabinets	in	the	             scoping that has been done and the
     bathroom to put all their              future plans to finish the upgrading
     toiletries in                          of remote housing in these areas.
•	 The	shower	cubicle	being	approx	             I will be continuing regional visits
     50cm deep                              throughout this year, accompanied
•	 The	fence	for	the	property	going	        by Vince Kelly and hopefully other
     only as far as the verandah –          executive members. We have found
     no fence where the property            that these visits are rewarding
     boundary actually exists.              both on a personal level with the
 At Ti Tree, the problem with the           hospitality we receive and also on a
 older residence persists in relation to    professional level as we are able to
 excessive power bills due to the air-      gain a comprehensive insight to issues
 conditioning. We have had meetings         faced by members throughout the NT.
                                                                                       Tennant Creek Christmas Party.
 with Territory Housing and requested           Over the weekend of the 6th – 8th
 further assessment of the property at      February a strategic planning
 Ti Tree as to whether it is truly viable   meeting was attended by all
 to continue with its upgrade.              executive members. This meeting
    At Timber Creek, the houses and         developed forward planning
 station continue to sink on the            measures to be undertaken by the
 unstable ground. Vince Kelly located       association executive and staff.
 the visitors’ book and he and I last       Later this year we will be forwarding
 visited Timber Creek together in           a questionnaire to ascertain ongoing
 April 1994. I recall the station and       issues of concern and also to gauge
                                                                                       Vince Billy Bowden Kelly.
 houses were facing troubles then           a direction for the next EB in 2011.
 and certainly in visits to the area in         By the time this magazine is
 the past 10 years the problem has          published, nominations will have
 been exacerbated. The timeframe for        been called for executive positions
 the relocation of houses and station       with the ballot going ahead
 at Timber Creek is being held up           in April. I urge all members to
 whilst negotiations continue to find       participate in this ballot as a high
 suitable land at Timber Creek.             return is a sign to the department,
    Whilst at Lajamanu we were              and the government, of an engaged
 advised that the OIC’s wife had            membership with a strong interest
 received an electric shock from a light    in the ongoing rights and welfare of
 switch. Due to her being four months       all members and their families.            Owen THE DON Blackwell.

 07                                                                                                    Northern Territory Police News March 2009

         rob perry                                     AvoIDInG
Industrial/Legal Officer

                                                       ACtIon In tHe
                                                       Internet AGe
                          embers will be aware         DIsGrACeFUL or                               The Statement details principles for
                          of a number of recent        Improper ConDUCt                             the proper conduct expected of our
                          incidents in which            The first thing to note about this          members and includes community
              photographs/video clips of police         breach of discipline is that a charge       rights and expectations.
             “on duty” have been published in           can be brought relating to conduct      Duty               …
              the print media and on sites such         that a member engages in “either        Integrity          We act with
              as “U-tube”. These incidents have         on or off duty”.                                           integrity. We are
              resulted in differing reactions              Section 76(a) places a stricter                         honest in our
              from Police management; however,          burden on a member of the Police                           dealings with
              members need to be careful in their       Force than employees in most other                         people, and with
              use of digital cameras and mobile         occupations through its application                        ourselves.
              phones both on and off duty.              to off duty conduct, the meaning of     Respect            We respect the
                 Whether we like it or not, once        the words “disgraceful or improper”                        worth and dignity
              a digital image is obtained by the        are to be understood in the ordinary                       of all. We treat
              media, appears on a web site or is        meaning of those words.                                    all people with
              made public in some other way,              “Disgraceful” is defined in                              empathy and
              the Commissioner of Police may            the Concise Oxford Dictionary as                           equality.
              take action.                              meaning “shameful, dishonourable;       Responsibility …
                 A member’s conduct may                 degrading”; whilst “improper” is        Accountability …
              be called into question if the            relevantly defined as meaning              What is important to note here
              Commissioner believes, objectively,      “unseemly, indecent; not in              in the context of this article is that
              that the member has conducted him         accordance with rules of conduct”.      members must at all times, whether
              or herself in such a way as to have          The obligation on members            on or off duty, keep in mind that they
              committed a breach of discipline          imposed by s.76(a) is therefore that    are obliged to ensure that their own
              contrary to section 76 of the Police      they are to conduct themselves at all   actions do not have a detrimental
             Administration Act (“the PAA”).            times, on and off duty, in a manner     effect on the integrity and respect of
              Relevant to this article, s.76 states:    that cannot be seen to be “shameful,    others. Members should at all times
                  76 Breaches of discipline             dishonourable or degrading” or          consider the possible consequences of
                  A member commits a breach            “unseemly, indecent and not in           their actions on others, particularly
                  of discipline if the member –         accordance with rules of conduct”.      the possibility that third parties may
              (a) engages in disgraceful or             The latter in the case of the Police    seek to exploit recorded activities
                  improper conduct, either on           Force includes breaches of the Code     of members out of context for their
                  or off duty;                          of Conduct, which is discussed below.   own ends. The possibility always is
              (b) …;                                                                            that a member will be called upon
              (c) contravenes or fails to comply       CoDe oF ConDUCt                          to explain the repercussions that
                  with a provision of a Code of        AnD etHICs                               such disclosure might have on the
                  Conduct referred to in section       All members are no doubt aware that      reputation of the Police Force.
                  14A(2);                              they are obliged to comply with the         The Code then goes on to advise
              (d) …;                                   terms and conditions specified in the    members on their own personal
              (e) …;                                   Northern Territory Police Code of        conduct, stating relevantly:
              (f) …;                                   Conduct and Ethics (“the Code”).             Members’ behaviour on and off
              (g) is convicted of an offence,             The Code has adopted and                  duty may often be the subject of
                  whether within or outside            embraced the Australasian Police             public scrutiny and comment.
                  the Territory; or                    Statement of Ethics which includes           Members must act with honesty
              (h) …                                    in part:                                     and integrity at all times.

   Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                        08

    Members must always conduct              enough for the Commissioner to              rest with the Commissioner or
    themselves, both on and off duty,        consider charging the member with           his delegate1. In many cases, the
    in a proper manner that does not         unauthorised use or disclosure              member’s conduct in the aftermath
    bring, or has the potential to bring     of information.                             of their actions that may be the
    discredit to, or adversely affect, the      Members should be extremely              subject of a charge of an offence will
    police force.                            cautious should they contemplate            be just as relevant as the impugned
    To maintain the respect of the           setting up an access page on this           conduct itself – that is, the actions
    community it is critical that            type of media.                              of the member immediately after
    members’ conduct on and off duty                                                     the conduct that is complained
    is beyond reproach, members should       meDIA reLAtIons                             of will, where they are considered
    endeavour to be role models for the         Members may only release information     to be an attempt to “cover up” or
    community (emphasis included                to the media in compliance with          reduce the impact of the impugned
    and defined within the Code to              NTPFES Media Policy.                     conduct, be treated as aggravating
    be prescriptive).                           Information published in the media       circumstances and will lead to
These provisions expand upon                    that appears to be from a police         greater disciplinary penalties.
the obligations imposed under
s.76(a) of the PAA not engage in             Members should also be mindful of the
disgraceful or improper conduct
and reinforce the point that police          potential for damage that images such as
officers must give consideration
to the possible implications that
                                             photographs and video streaming might have
their own actions may have on the            on that member’s reputation and that of the
general reputation and integrity
of the Police Force.                         Police Force.
proteCtInG oFFICIAL                              communication or source that is not     sUmmAry
InFormAtIon                                      in accordance with the NTPFES           Members need to keep in mind
Members must not access, use or                  Media Policy will not be tolerated.     at all times the possibility of
disclose any official information,               Such information can include, but is    disciplinary proceedings for their
without proper authorisation or                  not limited to, police information or   actions, whether on or off duty,
in circumstances that amount to                  administrative issues.                  that could be viewed by a third
a misuse of information…                     Again, members should keep well in          party to be inappropriate behaviour
   Any access to official                    mind what they pass on to friends           or behaviour that could impugn
information must be related to               and acquaintances by way of verbal,         the reputation of the Police Force.
your specific duties. Such access            written or electronic means. If you            Members should also be mindful
must be appropriate, ethical and             are the source of something that            of the potential for damage that
authorised.                                  finds its way to the media and              images such as photographs and
   The Commissioner has in                   you are later identified, regardless        video streaming might have on
the past treated allegations of              of whether you intended that                that member’s reputation and that
improper use and/or disclosure               information to be published or not,         of the Police Force should they
of information seriously and the             you may find yourself the subject of        come into the possession of third
disciplinary consequences of such            serious disciplinary charges.               parties (by whatever means) and
breaches of discipline can be severe.                                                    are then brought into the public
    Breaching this obligation may            CrImInAL ConvICtIon                         eye through on-line media such as
be the result of actions that a              The implication for a member who            Facebook and U Tube.
member at the time may believe               is found guilty of an offence is               Finally, members should be
is innocent enough, but with                 obvious. Members face dismissal             vigilant as to what they relate to
hindsight may later come back                from the Police Force if they are           their friends and acquaintances
and haunt them. The emergence                found guilty of serious criminal            outside of the Police Force in social
of internet sited “chat rooms”               offences or have acted in such a way        surroundings when discussing
such as Facebook and other similar           as to compound a strict liability           their own work, having care for the
electronic communications are a              offence (such as offences against           release of details of any matter that
potential for such breaches – all be         the Traffic Act) with an aggravating        could fall foul of their obligation
it unwittingly. A simple message             act of dishonesty (such as making a         not to release official information.
to a friend via these kind of                false report about a traffic accident
media that their name had been               that they have been involved in             1
                                                                                          The Deputy Commissioner has
mentioned somewhere or that the              either on or off duty).                     been granted a delegated power of
member had noted that they had                   In every case, the impact of a          dismissal by the Commissioner of
been mentioned in a PROMIS entry             conviction in terms of s.76(g) of           Police in accordance with section
as a witness to an incident could be         the PAA on a member’s career will           14(3) of the PAA.

09                                                                                                    Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                    police federation of australia

           nAtIonAL poLICe
           servICe meDAL
                                                               After almost two decades of debate, the Federal
                                                               Government has announced that Australia’s
                                                               Police would in future be awarded the National
         mArk                                                  Police Service Medal (NPSM) in lieu of the National
       bUrGess                                                 Medal in recognition of the special status
  Police Federation
        of Australia
                                                               police have because of their role protecting the
                                                               community. The decision to award such a medal
                                                               had to be agreed to by Her Majesty The Queen as
                                                               the medal will be recognised in the Australian
                                                               honours system.

                he PFA raised this issue
                with the previous Federal
                Government in 2006 and at
           the same time sought the support
           of Police Commissioners. We
           also sought a commitment from
           all major political parties in
           the lead-up to the 2007 Federal
           election. The announcement in
           December was the culmination of a
           long period of lobbying by the PFA.
              We are currently making
           comment to the Government on
           our views of the Regulations and
           protocols that will underpin the
           medal and look forward to further
           formal announcements as we move
           towards the first medals being
           awarded in the second half of 2009.

           Mark Burgess was appointed the Chief
           Executive Officer of the Police Federation of
           Australia on 6 December 2000. He joined the
           NSW Police Service in 1988 and was promoted
           to Sergeant in 1996. He holds a degree in Justice
           Studies from Newcastle University as well as a
           Masters in Public Policy and Administration
           from Charles Sturt University. He was full-time
           President of the NSW Police Association for
           two-and-a-half years immediately preceding his
           appointment as PFA Chief Executive Officer.

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                       10
police federation of australia

11                               Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                       police federation of australia

           pFA weLComes FeDerAL
           Government nAtIonAL
           poLICe AUDIt
                ederal Minister for Home        national workforce planning issues             the audit of police capability set out in
                Affairs Bob Debus has           and has called upon all police                 Labor’s five-point Federal policing plan.
                announced a “National           jurisdictions and governments to                  Labor is committed to conducting
           Audit of Police Capabilities” in     play an active role in the process.            a Federal audit of police capabilities
           line with the government’s pre-         In the lead-up to the 2007                  in 2008 and would encourage all
           election commitment to the Police    Federal election, the PFA sought the           states and territories and the PFA
           Federation of Australia.             then Opposition’s commitment to                to participate in a national policing
              The audit will be conducted      “…support and fund a National Police            white paper to establish a coherent and
           by Mr Roger Beale AO who has         Workforce Planning Study commencing            coordinated national policing strategy”.
           extensive experience working at      in 2008 as a collaborative effort between         This national audit will provide
           senior levels of government.         the Australian Government, the PFA             an opportunity to take a snapshot
              The PFA has welcomed the          and all state and territory jurisdictions”.    of resources, equipment, skill levels,
           announcement as a vital first           The ALP response was that they              and other relevant issues across
           step in a wider pre-election         would “…undertake a comprehensive             Australia’s police.
           commitment from the ALP on           workforce planning study following            – Mark Burgess

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                           12
glen huitson

10tH AnnIversAry oF
tHe DeAtH oF brevet
serGeAnt GLen HUItson
August three 2009 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the death of Brevet
Sergeant Glen Huitson. Glen was shot and killed while performing his duty on
3rd August 1999 in the vicinity of the intersection of Old Bynoe Road and the
Stuart Highway.

          ur Association is acutely     and policing the Territory had              9 am, 3 August 2009:
          aware of the other men        changed since Cyclone Tracy in              Commemorative Service
          and women who have            1974 and before that since the              Glen Huitson Memorial
been killed in the execution of         murder of Constable Bill Condon             Old Bynoe Road
their duty, died whilst serving or      in 1952.                                In support of our commemorative
who have arguably died before              For all of these reasons and         activities, the Darwin Airport Resort
their time due to the rigours           many others it is the intention of      and the Darwin Airport Inn have
of operational police work. It is       our Association in conjunction          offered a special accommodation
our belief that recognition of          with the NT Police Force and NT         rate for the weekend of $220 per
Glen’s death on this significant        Police Legacy to mark the 10th          night for a standard room.
anniversary will serve to highlight     Anniversary of Glen’s death with a         You should remember as this
both his sacrifice and the sacrifice    significant commemorative service.      is the Darwin Cup weekend
of many others.                            The service will allow us to         accommodation is at a premium
   Glen was recognised as one of        remember Glen and all of our            and bookings should be made soon.
nature’s gentlemen, a selfless police   fallen, to share the sacrifice of his   If you require accommodation
officer committed to his job and        family, and to acknowledge the          please call either of the above
the community, particularly the         enormous community support we           resorts on 1800 600 975 or
Aboriginal community. Perhaps           received ten years ago.                 1800 451 996 respectively and
more importantly he was a                  It is also our intention to use      advise the reservations clerk you
dedicated son, brother, husband,        this occasion to promote the            are booking as part of the Huitson
father and friend. For all of these     good work of NT Police Legacy           Commemorative activities.
reasons the impact of Glen’s death      in supporting the families,                 Check out updates on the
was magnified many times over.          particularly the children, of           planned activities on our website
   For many, including those who        deceased members.              or register your
resigned or retired prior to this       Two events are planned:                 interest now in the Commemorative
tragic day, Glen’s death became an          12 noon, 31 July 2009:              Service and the Golf Day. Please
historic signpost which underlined          Glen Huitson Memorial               contact our office on 0889818840 or
how much the NT Police Force                Police Legacy Golf Day              via email at

13                                                                                           Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                                                    graeme farquharson

           Photos left-right: Farkie and Steve Martin; Farkie's girls singing their tribute; Farkie and Mick Potts; Farkie; Farkie, Steve Martin and Vince Kelly; NTPA presentation.

           FArky's resIGnAtIon
           Dear Vince,                                              of myself and your members                               and flowers were appreciated and
             After over 27 years of service                         generally. I have enjoyed good                           it was good to know we were being
           (with lots of laughs and some                            pay and excellent conditions over                        thought of during this time.
           minor headaches!!) my resignation                        the last three decades due to the                           My address will be 14 Bates
           date will be on the 20th February                        work of the association. My only                         Court, Greenwith, SA and I would
           2009 I tender my resignation from                        regret is that I did not contribute                      request a copy of the NTPA
           the NTPA.                                                as much of my time to assist the                         magazine if at all possible.
              Vince, I would like to thank the                      association as I should have. Your                          Carry on the good work, all the
           association and yourself for all                         support of members and families                          best for 2009 and beyond,
           the hard work and dedication the                         came home to us recently during
           association executive and branches                       my wife’s serious illness almost six                     Yours sincerely
           have performed both on behalf                            months ago. The cards, phone calls                       Graeme Farquharson

           oDe to FArky
           sUnG to tHe tUne “FAIry tALe oF new york” by tHe poGUes
           On a rainy day                                           Elliot, gosh we liked                                    The Hickeys, the Breeds
           Farky left old’ Ireland                                  Bartending for Spike                                     Camping trips, catch a feed
           With a backpack, dreaming of                             Queenie Martin was kind                                  Farky ‘oh what class’
           adventure                                                But Mart he did find…                                    Please don’t flash us ur arse
           Left to Australia                                        Spent days at the lake
           To fight the drunkards                                   Haggis he tried to bake                                  Chorus
           Conducting searches                                      He drove out of Elliot,
           He became a territory cop                                Saying feck’ that was great!                             With many years in the force
                                                                                                                             Headed to Alice of course
           There are drunks, smell like skunks                     Chorus:                                                   Bo’s and Skankies,
           There are shitty wee teens                              The boys of NTPD squad                                    Police club too…
                                                                   Were eating choccy buns                                   The soccer mob, the Irish crew
           But there’s friends and old                             And the sound of sirens rang                              So raise your glasses and
           comrades                                                Throughout the camps                                      Toast to Farkies spew…
           For the times in between…
           Farky entered the force                                  Hunting crocs                                            Chorus x 2
           Best dressed man, about town                             In the stream
           Patrols to old 3-ways                                    Chasing buffaloes away
           Tennant Creek was the town…                              Cyclones were the highlight of the day

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                                                                   14
graeme farquharson

                                                              FArky's poem
Ireland I left in nineteen eighty,             At Cockroach Castle I done me training,     I’ll never forget them NT coppers,
The decision I made was rather weighty,        The heat and flies, it was sometimes        The low-life swine, the dirty rotters,
Like Paddy, Mick and Big Fat Seamus,           raining,                                    Their CS gas it made me choke,
I’ll go overseas and be right famous,          At six in the morning we’d go for a run,    That horrid stuff nearly made me croak,
                                               With a roaring hangover t’was no fun,
I was not unhappy on the farm,                                                             A blast of capsicum was sprayed in me eye,
I knew I’d never come to harm,                  The sergeants they all taught me law,      I began to moan, whinge and cry,
Cattle and sheep was all I knew,               ‘Til the acts I knew without a flaw,        My loyal mates they stood around,
I needed something else to do,                  I knew that stealing was really bad,       They laughed as I lay gasping on the
                                                And killing people was terrible sad,       ground,
I left the airport of Belfast,
My friends they said,”you’ll never last”       They taught me how to use a baton,          But nothing is worse than the pain of
You’ll miss the harbour bar,                   Bad people I now could flatten,             the Taser,
you’ll miss the anchor,                        They taught me how to point a gun,          Ten million volts like a red hot laser,
You’ll be home soon, "ya big wanker”           I used it once nearly hit the sun,          I was struck on the back and on me bum,
                                                                                           They never gave me a chance to run,
 I saw a film about Australia,                 Ten weeks in Darwin was just great,
 They’re good people, they’ll never fail ya,   Cold beer and discos I didn’t hate,         And now I’m nearly fifty-five,
 The chicks on the beaches wear no clothes,    I like this town I will stay here,          I’m just glad to be alive,
‘Cept nail varnish on their toes,              With any luck for my whole career,          Tennant, Elliott, Gove and Groote,
                                                                                           They were all a bloody hoot,
In Brisbane town I soon landed,                The super said, “you must go”,
Soon a job I was handed,                       And don’t you flamin’ dare say no,          But the place I love is Alice Springs,
The foreman said, “are you a worker?”          A lovely village called Tennant Creek,      Every night it rocks and swings,
I’m from Ireland, I’m no shirker,              I am told it’s really neat,                 From Charles Creek to Todd Mall,
                                                                                           I suppose I’ve seen it all,
A year of dusty building sites,                You can stick it up your bum,
I’m sick and tired of climbing heights,        That place does not sound like fun,         The NT Police Force I am leavin’,
A map of Australia I did unfold,               I’ll scream and swear, I’ll tear me hair,   But don’t you cry and don’t be greavin’,
I found the Territory, a land of gold,         But please don’t send me there,             You’ll be alright me old cobber,
                                                                                           There’s always plenty more cannon
I headed north on me motor bike,               To the sergeants I'll be good,              fodder,
Cammooweel, I did not like,                    I never ever will be rude,
The Territory will be much better,             Just leave me up here in Darwin,            So if yez have a son, a daughter or a niece,
I wish me ma would write a letter,             I find this place rather charmin’,          Don’t let them join the NT Police,
                                                                                           You would have to be bloody barmy,
I signed upon the dotted line,                 Shut up you dopey fucker,                   Life would be easier if they joined
I knew that things would work out fine,        In Tennant Creek it will be much tougher,   the army.
I was going to be a copper,                    You’ll really learn to love this place,
Things got bad, I met Bert Hofer,              I’ll tell you now, it’s no disgrace,

15                                                                                                        Northern Territory Police News March 2009
policepay daily update

seeInG strUCtUrAL
ron DeLorD
Special Counsel Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT)

“This isn’t a cyclical downturn. The kinds of challenges we face aren’t the kind
 that can be ridden out. They’re structural challenges and they require new and
 farsighted solutions.”
Ron Gettelfinger President, United Auto Workers + Auto Workers Worried About More Givebacks

   n hindsight, every commentator        Many police union leaders argue          cities will continue to fund salaries,
    can now predict that the             that “the city cannot send our work      benefits and pensions unavailable to
    melt down in the automobile,         overseas.” The real work of the police   90% of the general public. The world
steel, and industrial sectors was        is providing security to its citizens.   has been changing for the police
inevitable. With unionised auto          Police unions seem to forget that the    profession in small increments
workers making more than $70             police are in the “Security Business,”   for at least 10-20 years, but now
an hour in wages and benefits            and not the “Police Business.” The       that change is coming at warp
competing inside the US against          search for less expensive methods        speed. The bottom line – the shift
non-unionised auto workers               of providing that “security” have        to private security, technology,
making $40 an hour, and more             started slowly and they are building     civilians and 2nd tier police is not
retired union auto workers drawing       momentum. The recession is forcing       cyclical. The days of continuing to
pensions and free health care than       governmental budget cuts, even to        demand salaries and benefits that
working unionized auto workers,          the often sacred police department.      far exceed what is being paid in the
well something had to give, and it       In addition, we are seeing an            private sector for similar skills and
did. There are lessons to be learnt      emerging taxpayer lobby wanting to       education are over. Public Policing
by police unions from this situation.    get rid of defined benefit pensions      is seeing structural challenges
   Today, many police unions can         and retiree health care for public       that require new and farsighted
rightfully brag that their members       employees. The public is being fed       solutions. Continuing a quasi-
are making record salaries and           the bad news by the media, but the       military work model that is more
receiving pensions and health            reality is that these are hard times,    than 200 years old and seeking
insurance, both for active and retired   and global market shifts have forced     recruits from Gen Y is a round peg
members, that far exceed what private    white collar workers out of many         and a square hole. The world is not
sector employees are making. In          good paying jobs. There are virtually    coming to an end, but for those who
fact, many officers make more than       no defined benefit pensions left in      do not prepare for the challenges,
other city employees with law degrees    the private sector, and active health    and adapt to the reality of the world,
and post graduate degrees. The old       care is expensive, and retiree health    they are going to see where the edge
argument that police officers and fire   insurance is often not available. And    of the world is at. Some are already
fighters assume greater risks is still   these private sector taxpayers are       there and simply do not know it.
true, but what is that really worth      funding the public employee benefits.        Comment From Ron York -
to the taxpaying public. If you argue       The auto workers continued to         I totally agree with this article by Ron
there should be no cost controls of      increase wages and benefits and          DeLord. Few people are brave enough
police and fire departments, then        ignored all of the warning signs         to speak the truth on such a sensitive
such an argument pales in the face of    that the world was changing. Many        issue. Ron is one of the few.
what taxpayers have decided to pay       police unions are assuming they can          Posted by POLICEPAY.NET, Inc.
US combat troops.                        ride out this cyclical downturn and      at 12/02/2008 04:30:00 PM

 Ron Delord was a patrol officer for the Beaumont Police Department (Texas) from 1969 to 1972. He served as a
 patrol officer and detective for the Mesquite Police Department (Texas) from 1972 to 1977. In 1977, Ron Delord
 was one of the founders of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) and was elected its
 first president. He served nine three-year terms. Ron Delord has a BA in Government, MA in Police Science and
 Administration and a JD. He has been a licensed attorney in Texas since 1987 and is the co-author of Police Power,
 Politics and Confrontation: A Guide for the Successful Police Labor Leader.

17                                                                                              Northern Territory Police News March 2009
stan fensom

FAreweLL to
stAn Fensom
On 6 February 2009 Stan Fensom walked out of the door of the Darwin City
Police Office for the last time as a serving member of the NT Police.

       tan joined in late February    parked. Generally speaking no one     a number of spears from a senior
       of 1979 so his service was     below the rank of Senior Sergeant     relative of the deceased man who
       just short of thirty years.    was ever seen in the vicinity of      wanted payback.
Much of that was in the CIB before    the trolley.                             Stan said that Tony had his
that body as it was known and            Shortly after this unauthorised    attention elsewhere as he struggled
understood was broken up into         use of said biscuit he was called     with the old man to get the spears
various disparate investigative       into the office of the late Bob       from him, but that when the spears
units. More about that later.         Jackson, a huge bear of a man and     of another twenty or so seekers of
   Stan joined the NT cops because    a Chief Inspector. He informed        summary justice started to rattle
after doing six years in the Army     Stan that Groote Eylandt was          both of them thought, as they say
in 3RAR he decided that it offered    looking for a good man and that       in the classics, that their number
him an opportunity to come to the     Stan was it. Stan thought that        was up.
NT, where he had spent some time      he was being railroaded for his          Fortunately, reinforcements
on Army exercises in 1976. He had     temerity in helping himself to        arrived and they safely extricated
loved the place and as he said to     the Scotch Finger. Jackson denied     themselves along with the
me when I spoke to him about it,      this and simply told Stan to go       prisoners. Some things never seem
he added: “Well, it was also the      away and put in an application for    to change and those moments of
best paid at the time, and while      transfer. Stan told Mr Jackson that   extreme danger would have been
that wasn’t the main reason it was
enough to sway me”.
   So Stan along with other
luminaries commenced his
training of 16 weeks in the old
Cavenagh Street Police Training
Centre. His instructors were John
Hancock, Dave Barrett, Barrie
Smith and JDD Thompson.
   After recruit training, Stan was
posted to Casuarina Police Station
and spent about six months there
before going into Darwin Station.
From there he was “transferred” to
Groote Eylandt. Stan reckons that
the transfer happened thus:
   There used to be a tea trolley
presided over by dear Mona. Stan,
always a believer in the Australian
egalitarian idea, foolishly thought   he was happy that when he had the     faced by most if not all cops who
that meant everyone could help        biscuit that it was only a Scotch     served at Groote. Not for nothing
themselves to the offerings,          Finger, had it been an Iced Vovo he   was it always known as the land of
usually a cuppa and various types     was sure that he would have been      the whistling spears.
of biscuits. He apparently, and       given Finke.                             Stan served there with Ian
this is Stan’s version remember,         Stan spent about 12 months         Bradford and then John Hancock
grabbed a Scotch Finger and           on the tropical paradise of Groote    as the boss and along with Tony
scoffed it. This, once again          and in reminiscing about his          Barton (who we think served there
according to Stan, caused outrage     service he recounted that in          for something like six years) Noddy
among the habitués of the             arresting two men for murder          Iddon and Steve Sims as troops he
corridor where the tray was always    he and Tony Barton had to take        enjoyed the moments of the rare

19                                                                                      Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                          stan fensom

           beauty of the place as well as the       told the joke that led to the name.   millions of dollars of property
           camping and fishing.                     It goes something like this:          crime. Stan was always at the
              After coming back to Darwin,             There was an Indian Chief who      forefront of these investigations
           Stan worked in GDs, on the               was approached by his young son       and had a well-developed retinue
           famous “A” Watch, oops,                  inquiring as to how tribe members     of reliable gigs whose identities he
           infamous “A” Watch, led by Geoff         were given their names.               guarded with the ferocity of a dog
          “Gobby” Shervill. Some of the                The Chief said: “Well, when        with a bone. Of course, that was
           others were Stan’s great mate Jon        your sister was born, I came out      in the early days when it was a bit
          “Cuffs” Hayes, Steve Wallace, Bob         from the tepee and saw a deer         of a matter of pride among Ds as
          “Blobby” Allen, Jimmy Lindsay,            running by, that is how she got       to how many and how reliable the
           a young Rob Farmer and the               the name “Running Deer”. When         fizz was.
           incomparable Kerry “Nanna”               your brother was born, I came            Now along with other dinosaurs,
           Kent, who tried, without much            out of the tepee and saw a solitary   I understand that a far better
           success it must be admitted, to          wolf off in the distance and that     system has been developed
           add a little class to the rest of the    is why he is named “Lone Wolf”.       where they are all registered and
           Wild Bunch.                              What has made you ask me these        managed by another specialist
              It must have been at about this       questions “Two Dogs *******”?.        unit. Oh well, I guess that is
           time that Stan saw the movie                As I said, poor jokes were         progress. Of course, in Stan’s
           Blazing Saddles for the first time.      definitely a Fensom forte.            heyday it was an absolute
           Stan fell in love with the movie, the       Stan also relieved out at Port     anathema. You’d give up your
           characters in it and the dialogue.       Keats with the late Alan Price and    girlfriend before you gave up a gig.
           He must have seen the film               later at Pine Creek with Fluffy          Under the present
           absolutely dozens of times, because      Williams, both great coppers and      Commissioner’s regime, it was
           he could, and often did, to the          from whom Stan learnt a lot.          decided that the Detectives would
           chagrin of his workmates, reprise           In 1984, Stan was given a run      be “regionalised” and whether
           the movie in its entirety.               in the Criminal Investigation         that was the actual terminology
              From memory I think this is           Branch, and for the next 25 years     used or it was something else, that
           about the same period in Stan’s          he was a permanent fixture as a       was what effectively happened.
           career that he earned the sobriquet      Detective. Initially investigating    This caused great consternation
           of “Two Dogs”. I think, Geoff            what he termed ‘kiddy breaks’,        among many Detectives. Rightly
           named him that because among             he progressed on to general CIB       or wrongly they, or many of them,
           some of Stan’s other annoying            work and during this period           felt that something that they had
           habits, like the movie rendition         he and his colleagues did some        striven for and then carried out for
           and the ad nauseam singing of every      outstanding work. There is no         many years was being taken away
           Slim Dusty song ever produced,           doubt that during the period that     from them.
           telling poor jokes was definitely a      Stan was in the Branch and its           At about this time the
           Fensom strength.                         later derivatives that he and his     Commissioner happened to arrive
              It wasn’t until recently that I was   close workmates cleared up many       at the back of the PMC near the

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                 20
stan fensom

smokers’ mango tree, where Stan,      I always assumed that his point          out of some crooks whom we were
Matt Sodoli and I were all having     was most reasonably made, as they        jointly interested in, Stan from a
a durry. Seeing the Commissioner      always undoubtedly were.                 property point of view and me from
approaching, we all ambled back          One day in the carpark                a druggies aspect.
to the door and got there at about    of the Mitchell Centre, the                 It was at about this time that
the same time as the Boss. He, very   Commissioner was in his vehicle          the Commander's rank epaulettes
unwisely in my view, asked “How       and about to drive out from the          had changed from that of Colonel
are things going”.                    carpark; it was about three in           to that of a Brigadier. I don’t
                                                                               know why that was the case,
                                                                               but it seemed to have happened
I think it says something about our job                                        almost overnight, unlike the
that a certain amount of irreverence is                                        tortuous time we had fought to
                                                                               get the ten-year service medal
encountered and that there are some                                            established. But as usual I digress.
                                                                               In any event, a certain recently
characters that can carry it off. Stan was                                     promoted Commander and from
                                                                               my perspective at least (him
definitely one of those rare few.                                              being in charge of Detectives),
                                                                               was strangely attired in his
   I looked at Matt Sodoli, he         the afternoon. Fensom saw the           Commanders uniform and for
looked at me and we both               Commissioner about to leave and         want of better words, was parading
groaned. Because dear Stan like        theatrically tapped his watch.          around the near-deserted CIB
the case of the biscuit from the       The Commissioner wound the              muster room.
sacred tray those many years           window down and Fensom said:               Seeing us, he made a beeline
before, took the offered liberty      “Taking an early mark, are we”. The      toward us and haughtily, with
of telling the Commissioner            Commissioner said: “No, I have got      the head thrown back, sneeringly
exactly what he thought of the         to go to a meeting”. Fensom replied:    asked why Stan wasn’t out on the
impending reorganisation of the       “Yeah, that is what I tell Matt Sodoli   road doing what he was paid to do.
CIB. Well, that is taking a bit        when I want to sneak away early.”       Stan replied: “Come here General”,
of licence, insofar as what the        I think it says something about         which the Commander obligingly
actual conversation was, because       our job that a certain amount of        did. Fensom pointed out to George
Matt Sodoli and I did a Harold         irreverence is encountered and that     the total absence of keys on the
Holt, when we saw Stan’s finger        there are some characters that can      vehicle board, and asked did the
start to waggle up and down in         carry it off. Stan was definitely one   Commander want him to use his
reinforcement of his obviously         of those rare few.                      own expletive vehicle, or expect
strongly held views of the                I can recall once I was down in      him to expletive walk between jobs.
Commissioner’s proposal. Stan          the old Task Force Surf office with     And that now that the Commander
didn’t get another transfer so         Stan. We were discussing a tip          was a General, perhaps he could do

21                                                                                         Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                          stan fensom

           something about securing more          Pappy Dawes was able to attend to       Vince Kelly said in his address to
           cars for the hardworking demons?       see Stan ride off into the sunset.      the gathering that Stan was an old
              The Commander didn’t slink             The Commissioner spoke               style Detective. He sure was and a
           away, but his departure did not        glowingly of Stan’s time in the job     damn good one at that. They don’t
           have the same, shall we say swagger    and said that he was fortunate          make them like that any more
           as did his approach. I guess he        that he hadn’t worked with Stan as      and, as Stan said, it was a great
           was thinking something along the       that meant that Fensom couldn’t         ride (there is that bloody cowboy
           lines of “Some people……………….”.         tell any tales about him. He’ll         theme again).
           Perhaps only Stan could have got       also probably be grateful that             Stan will be sorely missed as
           away with such ego-deflating an        when he next asks someone how           he and Jane and his daughter
           exercise. I think he did because       things are going he will get a more     Laura are leaving the NT and
           his delivery was always so             measured response.                      going back to Young where Stan
           spontaneous and was the essential
           Fensom. What you saw, was what
           you got.                               The Commissioner spoke glowingly of
              There are countless stories about   Stan’s time in the job and said that he was
           Stan, some true, some untrue and
           some greatly exaggerated and then      fortunate that he hadn’t worked with Stan
           some grossly understated.
              Like perhaps most people who
                                                  as that meant that Fensom couldn’t tell
           have served at the front line for so   any tales about him. He’ll also probably be
           long and worked so hard as Stan
           did, there were the odd vicissitudes
                                                  grateful that when he next asks someone
           of life that Stan encountered on his   how things are going he will get a more
           journey. But whatever he faced he
           got up, dusted himself down and        measured response.
           got on with it.
              His farewell was on his final           Stan recounted a couple of          has a hundred acres. He is going
           day in the job and was held out         stories, one in particular about       to build a house on that block
           at the Fisheries shed, organised        his great workmate Pete Stowers        and reckons he is going to go
           by Graeme Wheeler, who with the         and the recovery of a pearl. It was    fishing quite a lot. Just what
           great assistance of his troops and      typical Fensom, told with relish       he hopes to catch down there
           the Cypriot marvel George from          and recounted in vivid detail          one can only speculate about,
           the workshop, put on a top show         as to the occurrence, with the         but Fenno reckons it is not a
           for the many people who turned up       expressions and style of the various   problem. Mind you Stan has
           to say well done to Stan.               players down pat. It had everyone      always been an optimist, he would
              One of the great moments             in attendance in stitches.             have to be, being a mad keen
           was that Stan’s great Army mate        – Gowan Carter                          Parramatta supporter.

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                22

report on HoUsInG
IssUes AnD proGress
In the December issue of NT Police News the Field Officer, Owen Blackwell,
highlighted ongoing concerns about Police Housing, particularly on Groote
Eylandt. As a result of that and a number of other regional visits undertaken
by Association officials our Association undertook to obtain a status report
of the remote area housing upgrade program.

            embers should be          The timetable was as follows:          been a number of reports to the
            aware that the remote     2007/2008                              tribunal since the timetable was
            area housing upgrade      Adelaide River, Daly River, Jabiru,    agreed and a number of upgrades
 program has been undertaken          Wadeye, Pine Creek, Mataranka,         have been completed.
 largely due to a dispute initiated   Maranboy, Ti Tree, Papunya,               At the time of writing, your
 by our Association in the Police     Yuendumu, and Yulara                   Association has been advised that
 Arbitral Tribunal in 2006. The       2008/2009                              residences at Yuendumu, Papunya,
 dispute stemming from the 2005       Alyangula, Nhulunbuy, Batchelor,       Ti Tree, and Yulara remain
 Housing Agreement in which           Oenpelli, Ngukurr, Ali Curung,         outstanding from the 2007/2008
 the Commissioner undertook to        and Harts Range                        financial year. These works will
 upgrade police supplied housing      2009/2010                              commence on 16 February starting
 to the agreed GEH standard in a      Pirlangimpi, Maningrida,               in Yuendumu and should be
 reasonable time.                     Kalkaringi, Lajamanu, Borroloola,      complete by June 2009.
    The Tribunal in August 2006       Avon Downs, and Hermannsburg              Currently the upgrades
 agreed with our Association that        The upgrade program is              programmed for 2008/2009
“reasonable time does not mean        being managed by Territory             should be complete by the end of
 an indefinite period, however its    Housing, however, due to               the 2009 calendar year, however it
 meaning needs to be relevant to      issues that arose prior to the         is hoped many of these residences
 the particular circumstances it      dispute Territory Housing              will be finished in the 2008/2009
 seeks to address”. The Tribunal      has outsourced the scoping of          financial year as scheduled.
 directed the parties to prepare      works required, the actual work           The upgrades programmed
 a timetable for the upgrade          itself, and the supervision of the     for 2009/2010 should proceed as
 program. The other major benefit     successful contractors.                scheduled. Work has commenced
 of this decision was an immediate       This has led to some delays         already to tender for the scoping.
 improvement in the standard of       due to government procurement             The one other major area
 housing members were provided        rules, however it places Territory     outstanding is the Alice Springs
 within the major centres.            Housing at arms length from            Barracks. This issue has presented
                                                                             many unique and challenging
This has led to some delays due to government                                problems in relation to land
                                                                             ownership and sacred site issues.
procurement rules, however it places Territory                               The department will be required to
Housing at arms length from the project.                                     report some progress in this area to
                                                                             the Police Arbitral Tribunal in the
Difficulties have also arisen attracting trades                              first quarter of 2009.
people and contractors due to the now                                           While your Association remains
                                                                             concerned about delays, many have
formerly buoyant economy and mining boom.                                    been beyond the control of the
                                                                             Commissioner or Territory Housing.
   A timetable was subsequently       the project. Difficulties have also    We also urge you to cooperate
established to upgrade all            arisen attracting trades people and    with any reasonable requests
remote area housing. Due to the       contractors due to the now formerly    the appointed contractors make
size of this project the upgrade      buoyant economy and mining boom.       during the scoping process. We will
program had to be staged over            There have also been specific       continue to monitor the program
three financial years starting        problems that have caused further      and urge you to contact the Field
in 2007/2008 with completion          delays at Alyangula, Yulara, Jabiru,   Officer, Owen Blackwell, with any
scheduled for June 2010.              and Timber Creek. There have           problem, concerns or queries.

23                                                                                       Northern Territory Police News March 2009
squad 97

sqUAD 97 GrADUAtes
             Squad 97
             in February.
             The 24
             will take up
             duties in the
             Alice Springs,
             Tennant Creek
             and Darwin
             Award winners were:
             Rod Evans Memorial Trophy –
             Joanna Darby
             Glen Huitson Trophy –
             Nicholas Bencsevich
             The Commissioners Trophy –
             Andrew Kren
             Physical Training Trophy –
             Shannon Harvey

25                     Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                greg lade

           GreG LADe
           Detective Sergeant Greg Lade retired from the Northern Territory Police Force
           on 1 January 2009 after nearly 33 years. Greg joined the force on 13 September
           1976. A presentation was made to Greg by NTPA president Vince Kelly on 7
           February 2009.

                   TPA President, Vince
                   Kelly, spoke of the high
                    regard Greg is held in
           across the NT as a criminal
           investigator and the role he has
           played in developing many young
           investigators both as a mentor,
           supervisor, and instructor.
              Throughout his career, Greg
           worked in Alice Springs for 10
           years including time in CIB,
           Hermannsburg, Yuendumu,
           Warrego, Groote Eylandt,
           Katherine, Fisheries, Prosecutions
           and CIB Darwin.

           Greg acknowledged
           the important role
           of the NTPA in the
           Police Force. Greg
           was “chuffed” with
           his presentation
           saying that it was
           one of the best gifts
           he had received in
           some time.
              Greg was involved in many
           serious cases in the NT including
           the murders at O T Downs, the
           Thai prostitute murders and
           the murder of Phillip Crews at
           Jabiru. Greg reflected on a mostly
           enjoyable career in the NT Police
           and the good friends he had made
           along the way. Greg acknowledged
           the important role of the NTPA in
           the Police Force. Greg was “chuffed”
           with his presentation saying that
           it was one of the best gifts he had
           received in some time.
               Greg and wife Anne will
           eventually be sailing their 38 foot
           yacht to Yeppoon, Qld where they
           intend to settle.

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                               26

CArtoonIst                                                                                                 peter C
tALks to GoD                                                                                               PFES Senior Chaplain
                                                                                                           Employee Support

Leunig the cartoonist has compiled a small book with
some of his writings entitled “When I Talk to You – a
cartoonist talks to God”, published by Harper Collins.

          ne says this:                 are all different, so deal with the    refocus, be positive about who
          “Dear God,                    various events differently. However    you are and understand that
          We struggle, we grow          we may react, we all go through        the role of the Police Officer is
weary, we grow tired. We are            some level of stress.                  to keep the community safe,
exhausted, we are distressed,               We can get on the negative         despite the stresses and strains
we despair. We give up, we fall         bandwagon or we can rise above it      that are almost a constant for
down, we let go. We cry. We are         and look on the positive side which    many members.
empty, we grow calm, we are ready.      will lift us up (I admit this can be       Each one has to be responsible
We wait quietly.                        difficult, but it’s not impossible).   in how they deal with issues;
   A small shy truth arrives. Arrives   It reminds me of the song; “Always     it’s not entirely someone
from without and within. Arrives        look on the bright side” from the      else’s problem.
and is born. Simple, steady, clear.     Life of Brian.                         Maybe I can suggest some ways to
Like a mirror, like a ball, like a          I heard a saying once that went    deal with the stresses that come:
flame. Like rain in summer. A           something like this:                   •	 Eat	healthy	and	regular	meals
precious truth arrives and is born          “Two men looked out from           •	 Exercise	regularly
within us. Within our emptiness.        prison bars; one saw mud while the     •	 Avoid	drugs	and	excessive	use	
   We accept it, we observe it, we      other saw stars”.                           of alcohol
absorb it. We surrender to our bare         It depends on how we want to       •	 Talk	about	the	event	to	those	
truth. We are nourished, we are         see things, we can remain negative          you feel comfortable with.
changed. We are blessed. We rise up.    or we can be positive.                 Despite the pressures and stresses
   For this we give thanks.                 Leunig commences with the          that Police Officers encounter,
   Amen.”                               negative, weary, tired, exhausted,     know that you are doing a
It made me think of the stressful       distressed, we fall down etc. He       magnificent job in the communities
conditions Police face from time        then goes on about feeling empty,      you have been appointed to –
to time, some more than others          and I think he is suggesting we        to serve and protect.
perhaps. As human beings we             need to sit quietly, take time out,        Keep up the good work.

nortHern terrItory                      Chaplain Peter Wright (Darwin) is      Chaplain Denis von Blanckensee
                                        the Senior Chaplain for the PFES,      (Alice Springs) is the part-time
poLICe, FIre &                          covering the Northern and Central      Chaplain in the Southern Region.
emerGenCy servICe                       Regions. Contact: 8995 5425 or         Contact: 8951 5168 or 0423 926 925
CHApLAIns                               0407 797 197

                        pLeAse sUpport tHe
                         ADvertIsers wHo
                      sUpport yoUr mAGAzIne
27                                                                                         Northern Territory Police News March 2009
nt	worksafe

nt worksAFe
ConsULts on
workpLACe HeALtH
AnD sAFety IssUes
The Workplace Health and Safety Act 2007 provides for extra worker
involvement in issues that affect their health and safety in the workplace.
It allows for more consultation and representation rights to address the
challenges of their work environment.

        onsultation is such an        is the ability for workers to form    workplace health and safety
        important aspect of the       workgroups and elect a Health and     matters is covered in Sections
        new Act that NT WorkSafe      Safety Representative to represent    49 to 54 of the Act, and guidance
has developed a new information       the workgroup.                        on appointment, powers and
bulletin section on the website          The HSR role is to represent the   conditions is provided in called         health and safety concerns of the     NT WorkSafe information
Series 18 – Consultation to assist    workers to the employer, not to act   bulletin 18.01.06.
workers and employers in utilising    as a safety officer.
this mechanism to achieve                 Sections 33 to 44 of the Act      tHe roLe oF
safer and healthier outcomes in       covers the constitution of work       nt worksAFe
the workplace.                        groups, the election, functions       In workpLACe
                                      and powers of health and safety       HeALtH AnD sAFety
obJeCts oF tHe                        representatives, and the employers’   ConsULtAtIon
ACt In reLAtIon                       obligations to HSRs. NT               Under Part 4 of the Act –
to ConsULtAtIon                       WorkSafe information bulletins        Consultation and worker
AnD worker                            18.01.03 to 18.01.05 provide          representation, NT WorkSafe
representAtIon                        extra guidance.                       plays a supportive and, where
Part 4 of the Act is intended to          For more information on the       necessary, determining role in
ensure that relevant information      formation of workgroups and           the consultative process between
about occupational health             health and safety representatives,    employers and workers on
and safety is shared between          please contact NT WorkSafe HSR        safety issues. For example, NT
employers and workers and that        advisor Mark Koppen on toll free      WorkSafe may upon request assist
workers are given the opportunity     call 1800 019 115.                    in resolving the constitution
to express their views on, and to                                           of a workgroup. NT WorkSafe
contribute to, the resolution of      AUtHorIseD UnIon                      may take any action it considers
occupational health and safety        oH&s representAtIves                  appropriate to resolve questions in
issues at their workplace. The        (AUoHsr)                              issue and may itself decide how the
views of workers must be valued       The new Act also allows for the       workgroup is to be constituted and
and taken into account by             provision of training and right-      establish the workgroup.
the employer.                         of-entry for occupational health         Similarly, NT WorkSafe oversees
   Section 30 of the Act describes    and safety related purposes for       the appointment, and may, on
the employer’s duty to consult, and   authorised union representatives.     application by an authorised
Section 32 outlines the duty of       It reflects the government’s belief   OH&S representative or an
workers in regard to consultation.    that unions have a positive role to   employer, determine a dispute
                                      play in supporting employees and      about the exercise of powers by
workGroUps AnD                        employers in resolving workplace      an AUOHSR.
HeALtH AnD sAFety                     health and safety issues and             Please contact NT WorkSafe
representAtIves (Hsr)                 creating a co-operative and more      toll-free on 1800 019 115 or visit
One way the consultative              proactive culture when it comes to    the website
arrangement between employer          risk prevention.                      for more information on health
and worker has been strengthened         AUOHSR participation in            and safety issues.

29                                                                                      Northern Territory Police News March 2009
australian financial advisers

wHAt Goes Down…?
pAUL bettI

             ith the constant reports         number of strategic planning issues             The more specific and clear you can
             of doom and gloom                including volatility, superannuation,           make your investment goals, the
             dominating the media,            tax, asset allocation, banking and              more likely you are to achieve them.
it’s not surprising that many                 debt management, as well as risk
investors are feeling apprehensive.           management and insurance options.               wHAt sHoULD yoU
    In times like these, one of                  Financial advisers have expert               Invest In?
the most important things to                  knowledge across all of these                   Once you have worked out what
remember is that market volatility            issues and it’s this knowledge                  you want from your money, you
is completely normal. There are               that is essential in developing an              need to find the most appropriate
always going to be ups and downs              investment strategy to help you                 investments – like shares, property,
when it comes to investing. In fact,          reach your goals. Keep in mind                  bonds and cash – to help you
seasoned investors accept this                however, that every investment                  achieve your goals.
volatility in the short term as a             strategy no matter how carefully                   Your financial adviser can help
trade-off for long-term returns.              structured, is vulnerable to the                you determine the mix to meet
    Reality is, market volatility is          effects of change. Developing a                 your needs.
inevitable, the trick is getting the          financial plan with your adviser
right investment strategy in place            that focuses on realistic long-term             How sHoULD
to ensure a balance of risk and               investment goals is a sensible                  yoU Invest?
return that is right for each investor.       way to decrease any effect market               Choosing an appropriate
    So how do you go about                    volatility may have on you reaching             investment structure (or vehicle)
developing the right investment               those goals.                                    is vital to the success of your
strategy – one that will be able to              Even if you have a good                      investment strategy. Your financial
weather the ups and downs of the              relationship with a financial                   adviser can help you find the
market? Some investors have had               adviser, it is often hard to ignore             simplest and most reliable way to
success with the do-it-yourself               all the media hype when financial               implement your financial plan.
approach to their investments, often          markets show substantial                        This is one of the most important
with no real strategy or objectives           movements – up or down. In                      things an adviser can do.
in mind. However, these investors             times of volatility, some investors                Before you make any investment
are often the ones caught in the              are tempted to change their                     decisions, make sure you
rain without an umbrella when the             investments in the hope of either               understand the implications of
financial weather changes suddenly.           benefiting from abnormal gains                  that investment, including how
    If you are really serious about           or protecting themselves from                   it will be taxed, what (if any)
developing a sound investment                 abnormal losses. Before you make                income it will provide and how it
strategy to help achieve your                 any decisions about changing your               could affect other investments you
financial goals, an open, ongoing             investments, it’s a good idea to ask            might hold.
relationship with a financial                 yourself three basic questions.                    A sound financial plan is built
adviser is vital.                                                                             around these basics and these
    An adviser can provide you                wHAt Are yoU                                    basics don’t change even if the
with all sorts of expert insights             InvestInG For?                                  markets do. Asking yourself these
into financial planning and help              •	 Make	sure	you’re	clear	about	                three key questions in times of
you achieve long-term investment                 why you’re investing                         market volatility will help you to
goals. When developing a financial            •	 What	do	you	want	to	achieve	                 avoid making any rash investment
plan, it is important to look at your            with your money and when do                  decisions based on short-lived
goals and priorities in light of a               you want to achieve it?                      media frenzies.

  PDA Financial Planning Pty Ltd T/A Australian Financial Advisers is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited T/A
  MLC Financial Planning an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No:. 230692) Registered Office at 105-153 Miller Street North
  Sydney NSW 2060.
  This advice may not be suitable to you because it contains general advice that has not been tailored to your personal circumstances.
  Please seek personal financial advice prior to acting on this information.

31                                                                                                           Northern Territory Police News March 2009

nIssAn ADDs DIeseL
torqUe to X-trAIL AppeAL
A new torqued-up diesel from Nissan Australia is set to expand its reach in the Compact
SUV market, by aiming new variants of the popular X-TRAIL at active lifestyles.

            hile Nissan is renowned for       of the most versatile and capable           MODE 4x4-i are Uphill Start Support
            its powerful, high-torque         compact 4WD’s on the market.                (USS) and Downhill Drive support (DDS).
            diesel engines in the Patrol         “Importantly the new turbo diesel            DDS is engaged manually when
and Pathfinder families, the X-TRAIL          will attract new customers with             the system is in LOCK mode and
SUV has been petrol-only to date.             its combination of performance,             uses the anti-lock brakes to maintain
    The new second generation X-TRAIL         refinement and economy. We expect           a controlled descent speed of about
secured the prestigious Australia’s Best      fully 40 per cent of X-TRAIL sales will     8km/h. With the system looking
Cars award for the ‘Best Recreational         be of the diesel variant.                   after the vehicle speed, the driver can
4WD’ from the country’s auto clubs in             Familiar X-TRAIL innovations            concentrate on taking the safest path.
December 2007.                                include cup holders at either end of the        DDS works if the X-TRAIL is
    The Nissan X-TRAIL ST also won            instrument panel that are able to heat      driving downhill in first gear, but also
the Best 4WD under $40,000 award in           or cool drinks, enhanced now by two         when reversing down a descent.
the Drive Car of the Year awards in 2007.     similarly heated or cooled cup holders          USS operates automatically both on
    Now there is the choice of a diesel       for the rear-seat passengers as well.       and off-road. It comes into play when
engine, developed in association with             Standard in all new X-TRAIL             the X-TRAIL starts off from rest in
Nissan’s alliance partner Renault.            models are a trip computer, exterior        any gear on an incline of 10 per cent
    This highly refined, state-of-the-art     temperature gauge, cruise control,          or more, and prevents the vehicle from
2.0-litre four-cylinder powerplant delivers   height-adjustable driver’s seat, air        rolling backwards for the second or so
smooth, responsive performance when           conditioning, power windows, keyless        it takes the driver’s foot to go from the
mated to a six-speed automatic, and high-     entry, 12-volt cargo area power outlet,     brake to the throttle. USS also works
torque, overtaking power when mated to        cargo area tie-down hooks and roof rails.   when reversing up a hill.
the six-speed manual transmission.                Petrol driven versions of the Nissan        The new generation X-TRAIL is
    To make the diesel-powered X-TRAIL        X-TRAIL are available with an optional      marginally bigger all round.
dCi as attractive to all categories of        stepless CVT automatic transmission             It is in the luggage area that the new
outdoors-oriented customers it will be        that not only improves driveability in      X-TRAIL really shows its versatility.
available in two grades, TS and TL.           all situations but also helps reduce        Not only is the luggage area much
    Fuel efficiency and exhaust               fuel consumption.                           larger than before, it also has an
emissions are laudable with the 127kW             The petrol engine consumes 9.5          innovative drawer unit that slides away
engine consuming only 7.4 litres of fuel      l/100km in six-speed manual guise           under a false floor where valuable items
per 100km.                                    and the optional continuously variable      can be kept out of sight.
    The new diesel X-TRAIL dCi TS             automatic transmission (CVT) reduces            This has allowed an increase of close
and TL variants have front, side and          this to 9.3 l/100km. For a more sporty      to 50 per cent in luggage accommodation.
curtain airbags, stability control (ESP),     drive, the CVT system offers a manual           With the seats folded and the
ABS brakes, seat-belt pretensioners and       override. Operated via the central gear     double floor in place, there is a flat
Nissan’s intelligent ALL MODE 4x4-i           stick, six set ratios can be accessed       loading bay, which can extend all the
system which incorporates Hill Start          manually by nudging the lever forward       way to the rear of the front seats and
and Hill Descent control.                     or back, motorcycle style.                  the rear seat squabs can be removed
    Further standard features include             ALL MODE 4x4-i is exceptionally easy    completely to create extra load space.
17-inch alloy wheels, power windows           to operate. Controlled via a large two-         The drawer unit has removable
and mirrors, air-conditioning, cruise         position, three-mode rotary knob situated   partition walls that can be positioned
control, a six-stack CD player, front fog     behind the gear lever on the centre         as required to section off areas in
lights and chrome door handles.               console, the system allows the driver to    which smaller items can be placed
    For the TL model, the specification       choose between front-wheel drive or fully   without fear of them rolling around.
list includes power adjustable heated         automatic four-wheel drive: the ‘AUTO’          Alongside the drawer is an
leather seats, climate control air-           setting is the default mode, while the      additional compartment, big enough
conditioning and a panoramic sunroof.         third ‘LOCK’ setting is for use off-road.   to hold two briefcases or a suit carrier.
    The Nissan X-TRAIL dCi TS diesel              ALL MODE 4x4-i includes a                   All models come with air
is priced from $36,990 for the six-speed      predictive mode, which anticipates the      conditioning, electric power steering,
manual model, and $38,990 for the six-        risk of wheel spin based on throttle        keyless entry, electric windows front
speed automatic.                              position and engine torque, and             and rear, electrically adjustable
    The premium X-TRAIL dCi TL                transfers torque to the rear before the     door mirrors and a trip computer
diesel is priced from $39,990 for the         front wheels start to lose grip. Four-      with average speed, average fuel
six-speed manual version and $41,990          wheel drive systems on most other           consumption, fuel range and running
for the six-speed automatic.                  compact SUVs do not have the benefit of     time and a full-sized spare wheel.
   “We believe it will reinforce              ALL MODE 4x4-i’s predictive capability.         A large sunroof with automatic
X-TRAIL’s reputation as being one                 Two further features of the new ALL     closing is standard on Ti and TL models.

33                                                                                                      Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                               meal	break

           meAL breAk
           Goundrey g presents Shiraz Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc Semillon.

           2005                                               Vintage
                                                              2005                          2007
           GoUnDrey G                                         Growing Areas                 GoUnDrey G
           sHIrAz                                             Western Australia
           vIoGnIer                                           Grape Variety
                                                              Shiraz, Viognier
           bACkGroUnD                                         Winemaker
           InFormAtIon                                        Peter Dillon
           G – is the astronomy symbol for                                                  bACkGroUnD
           yellow star                             Food Suggestion:                         InFormAtIon
           G – for the Great Southern region,      Enjoy with crumbed veal loin             G – is the astronomy symbol for
           home of Goundrey                        chops with steamed potatoes and a        yellow star
           G – for Goundrey and great wine         garden fresh green salad.                G – for the Great Southern region,
                                                                                            home of Goundrey
           tAstInG notes                           Alcohol       pH             Acidity     G – for Goundrey and great wine
           Deep garnet red with purple hue,        14.4%         3.46        6.07 g/litre
           this wine displays hints of apricot                                              tAstInG notes
           and almond kernel on the nose,                                                   Bright and luscious pale green
           coupled with exciting and intense                                                in colour, with wonderfully clear
           aromas of blackberry spice.                                                      rim, this wine displays nuances of
              The round, juicy palate follows                                               tropical blackcurrant, passionfruit
           on from the exciting bouquet with                                                and gooseberry, with hints of
           characters of raspberry, blackberry                                              freshly squeezed lime.
           and spicy black pepper. Also similar                                                The palate brings together the
           are the secondary flavours of                                                    blackcurrant and passionfruit of
           apricot and almond kernel, which                                                 the bouquet, and combines them
           linger, and are complemented by                                                  with crunchy herbaceous notes of
           fine, velvety tannins.                                                           lantana and lime sherbert.
                                                                                               The wine has a tight, crisp acid
           wInemAker’s notes                                 Vintage                        structure, complemented by a
           The combination of Shiraz and                     2007                           textured and layered mouthfeel,
           Viognier is a method that has evolved                                            and refreshing finish.
           from blends initiated in the Rhone                Growing Areas
           Valley, France. Surprisingly, the                 Western Australia              wInemAker’s notes
           combination of the red Shiraz grapes                                             The Spring and Summer period
           and white Viognier grapes does not                Grape Variety                  was warmer and drier than usual
           dilute the wine in any way. In fact,              Sauvignon Blanc,               for WA. The Sauvignon Blanc
           the colour of the wine is intensified             Semillon                       held up remarkably well under
           and becomes a more intense and                                                   these conditions, proving to be
           dark red-purple, through a process                Winemaker                      a highlight of the vintage. The
           called co-pigmentation. Similarly,                Peter Dillon                   warmth of the season saw a steady
           the tannin structure of the wine                                                 ripening of flavour and natural
           becomes remarkably altered, with a                                               sugar in the berries, such that the
           very fine and mouthcoating structure    Food Suggestion:
                                                                                            grapes were able to be picked at
           to accompany the juicy fruit. The       Enjoy as an aperitif on its own, or
                                                                                            optimum ripeness. The Semillon,
           two varieties complement each other     accompany it with a green paw paw
                                                                                            from Margaret River, was also
           to make an exciting and different       and rare beef Vietnamese salad.
                                                                                            a highlight, yielding beautifully
           wine for the Goundrey portfolio, and                                             textured wines.
           well befits the inaugural red in the    Alcohol       pH             Acidity
           Goundrey G range.                       13.4%         3.23         6.4 g/litre

Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                    34
transfers & promotions

trAnsFers & promotIons
                                                                Mitchell S M      12 November2008
                                                                Roberts D J       12/11/2008

(InCLUDInG provIsIonAL)                                         Robson G D        12 November2008

Name              From                   To                     Streeter B J      12 November2008

Carter D J        ACPO 1/C               Senior ACPO            Watts A P         12 November2008

Dash P            Sergeant               Senior Sergeant        Westerhuis N J    12 November2008

Freshwater K      Auxiliary 1/C          Senior Auxiliary       Wheaton K J       12 November2008

Jackson W M       Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant               Yates L J         12 November2008

Joy C B           Constable 1/C          Senior Constable       Yow C A           12 November2008

King M R          Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
MacCarthy K L
Martin R F
                  Constable 1/C
                  Senior Constable 1/C
                                         Senior Constable
Norris T W        ACPO                   ACPO 1/C
                                                                Atkinson N J      12/01/2009
Paolucci P A      Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Campbell M J      12/01/2009
Read M            Constable 1/C          Senior Constable 1/C
                                                                Clancy D L        12/01/2009
Rothe J C         Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Cooper J I T      12/01/2009
Sanderson C P     Senior Constable       Senior Constable 1/C
                                                                Curran K M        12/01/2009
Wells K M         Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Flink B E         12/01/2009
                                                                Flitton L J F     12/01/2009

promotIons                                                      Gigney L
                                                                Glover A E
(ConFIrmAtIon)                                                  Green J S         12/01/2009
Dash P            Sergeant               Senior Sergeant
                                                                Noll M            12/01/2009
Hebb M J          Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Ryan M-A          12/01/2009
Hovland L A       Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Shaw D A          12/01/2009
Martin R F        Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
                                                                Slack-Smith S E   12/01/2009
Muldoon B         Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant

Paolucci P A      Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
Rossiter B R      Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant
Short R N S       Senior Constable 1/C   Sergeant               Name              From                              To
                                                                Akers M P         Constable Major Crime Section     Constable Drug Enforcement

AppoIntments                                                    Allitt V N J      Constable GD Darwin
                                                                                                                    Constable Special Operations
(ConstAbLe)                                                                                                         Section Drug & Organised
Bolger G S        05/01/2009
                                                                Anderson W L      Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin
Canning S L       04/12/2008
                                                                Archer J S        Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin
Mordue J E        04/12/2008
                                                                Atherton L J      Auxiliary PI                      Auxiliary Firearms Policy &
Read M            26/12/2008
                                                                                                                    Recording Unit
Simpson T W       05/01/2009
                                                                Baldwin A J       Constable Tennant Creek           Constable DVPU Darwin
Watson T M        05/01/2009
                                                                Beecham A R       Constable Strategic Services      Constable Drug Enforcement
                                                                                  Division                          Section

ConFIrmAtIon                                                    Bentley J J       Sergeant GD Darwin                Sergeant Special Operations
                                                                                                                    Section Drug & Organised
                                                                                                                    Crime Division

oF AppoIntments                                                 Berger S M
                                                                Blair T L
                                                                                  Trainee Constable PFES College
                                                                                  Trainee Constable PFES College
                                                                                                                    Constable GD Darwin
                                                                                                                    Constable Katherine
                                                                Bland M G         Constable GD Darwin               Constable Darwin
Bates T D         12 November2008
                                                                                                                    Investigation Unit
Berry S M         12 November2008
                                                                Bolgar S A        Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin
Ferry N J         12 November2008
                                                                Bolger G S        Constable Alice Springs           Constable Alice Springs
Fleming M A       12 November2008                                                 Operational Service Division
Gaze D A          12 November2008                               Cramp T J A       Constable GD Darwin               City Safe & Licensing Patrol
Halon G L         04/09/2008                                                                                        Unit

Hoppe S           12 November2008                               Bouma S           Constable Northern Traffic        Constable Airport Uniform
                                                                                  Operations Unit                   Police UI
Hosking B         12 November2008
                                                                Brown C           Constable Alice Springs           Constable Yulara
Houseman G J      12/11/2008
                                                                Carbone J L       Constable Special Operations      Constable Drug Enforcement
Joy C B           30/10/2008                                                      Section                           Section
Kapusciarek N Y   12 November2008                               Chalmers N J      Constable Maranboy                Constable Airport Uniform
Kings S J         30/10/2008                                                                                        Police UI
Lukins E K        12 November2008                               Chilpen S         Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin
Lush C R          12 November2008                               Chisholm D        Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin
MacCarthy K L     30/10/2008                                    Chisholm D L      Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin
McDonald J L      12 November2008                               Collinson J A     Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin
Metcalfe M        12 November2008                               Crea D            Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin

35                                                                                                             Northern Territory Police News March 2009
                                                                                                                           transfers & promotions

           Cussens M A          Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin                  McLelland B A     ACPO Katherine                     ACPO Indigenous Policing
           Dapson G B A         Constable GD Darwin               Constable Northern Traffic                                                           Development Division
                                                                  Operations                      Meyer T E         Senior Sergeant OIC Police         Senior Sergeant Territory
           Dash P               Sergeant Alice Springs            Senior Sergeant Alice Springs                     Recruitment Section                Communications Section

           Downie S R           Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin             Molloy B P        Constable Regional Investigations Constable Field Intelligence
                                                                                                                    (Alice Springs)                   Officers Unit
           Elsegood F P         Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin
                                                                                                  Riesenweber D F   Constable GD Darwin                Constable Ngukurr
           Gall A I             Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin
                                                                                                  O’Neill W J       Sergeant GD Darwin                 Sergeant Summary
           Gargan M A           Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin                                                                       Prosecutions Section
           Gebadi A             ACPO Warrowi Themis Station       ACPO Ramingining Themis         Paolucci P A      Constable Ethical & Professional   Sergeant Complaints Division
                                                                  Station                                           Standards Command                  Ethical & Professional
           Gebadi A             Trainee ACPO                      Warruwi Themis Police                                                                Standards Command
                                                                  Station                         Petrovic I        Constable Alice Springs            Constable Avon Downs
           George N R           Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin             Pocock M R        Trainee ACPO                       ACPO GD Darwin
           Godden R C           Sergeant GD Darwin                Sergeant City Safe &            Pollard C H       Trainee ACPO                       ACPO GD Darwin
                                                                  Licensing Patrol Unit
                                                                                                  Raabe S J         Trainee Constable PFES College     Constable GD Darwin
           Gray-Spence J E      Constable GD Darwin               City Safe & Licensing Patrol
                                                                  Unit                            Rothe J C         Constable Airport Uniform Police Sergeant Youth Diversion Unit

           Guelpi L C           Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin             Sattler E L       Constable Airport Uniform Police Constable Crime Scene
                                                                                                                                                     Investigation Unit
           Harrington J C       Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin                                                                Alice Springs
           Hart J K             Constable Driver Training Unit    Brevet Sergeant Galiwinku       Sayers L J        Constable GD Darwin                Constable Darwin Scene of
           Higgins B J          Constable GD Darwin               Constable Gunbalunya                                                                 Crime Officers
           Higgins P L          Constable GD Darwin               Constable Katherine             Schremmer J J     Constable GD Darwin                Constable Nhulunbuy
           Hollingsworth S M    Constable Regional Investigations Section Alice Springs           Scott W P         Constable GD Darwin                Constable Major Crime
                                                                  Constable Katherine                                                                  Division
           Huddleston M         Trainee ACPO                      Ngukurr Police Station          Seden K           Trainee ACPO                       ACPO GD Darwin
           Irwin M              Constable Katherine               Constable GD Darwin             Simner T L        Trainee ACPO                       ACPO GD Darwin
           Jackson W M          Constable Territory Response      Sergeant Territory Response     Simpson T W       Constable Alice Springs            Service Division
                                Section                           Section                                           Operational                        Constable Alice Springs
           Jeffrey R J          Senior Sergeant Marine &          Senior Sergeant Airport         Watson T M        Constable Tennant Creek & Barkly Constable Tennant Creek
                                Fisheries Division                Uniform Police                                    Operational Service Division
           Martin V A           Sergeant Crime & Specialist       Sergeant PI                     Slape D A         Constable Tennant Creek Station    Constable Tennant Creek
                                Support Command                                                                                                        Operational Service Division
           Hardy A R            Constable PI                      Constable Alice Springs         Sullivan G J      Senior Sergeant GD Darwin          Senior Sergeant PI
           Johnsson G V T       Sergeant Ntaria                   Sergeant Borroloola             Turner L J        Trainee ACPO                       ACPO Nyirripi Themis Police
           Kanyilmaz D          Constable GD Darwin               Constable Nhulunbuy                                                                  Station

           Kapusciarek N Y      Constable Katherine               Constable GD Darwin             Unwin M J         Constable Katherine                Constable Galiwinku

           Keelan D M           Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin                  Vine B            Trainee Constable PFES College     Constable GD Darwin

           King K M             Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Katherine               Warrior G G       Trainee ACPO                       ACPO GD Darwin
           King M R             Constable Territory Response      Sergeant Territory Response     Wells K M         Constable Drug Enforcement         Sergeant Child Abuse
                                Section                           Section                                           Section                            Taskforce (Northern)
           Larsen-Smith T       Constable GD Darwin               Constable Major Crime

           Laycock J            Constable Ali Curung
                                                                  Constable Airport Uniform       resIGnAtIons For
                                                                                                  tHe pUrpose oF
                                                                  Police UI
           Lee T M              Constable Regional Investigations Constable Substance Abuse
                                Section Alice Springs             Intelligence Desk
           Logan K A
           Lunney M A J
                                Constable GD Darwin
                                Constable GD Darwin
                                                                  Constable Galiwinku
                                                                  Brevet Sergeant Timber Creek
                                                                                                  Name              Rank                               Date of Resignation
           Lyndon C J           Sergeant GD Darwin                Sergeant Airport Uniform
                                                                                                  Lade G I          Detective Sergeant                 02 January 2009
                                                                  Police UI
                                                                                                  Smith A J L       Sergeant                           26 December 2008
           MacKeown J L         Constable GD Darwin               Constable Palmerston
           Marshall A A
           Martin E
                                Constable Katherine
                                ACPO Gunbalunya
                                                                  Constable PI
                                                                  ACPO Maranboy
                                                                                                  Name              Rank                               Date of Resignation
           Martin R F           Constable Alice Springs           Sergeant Instructional Unit
                                                                  Foundation Studies              Canning S L       Constable                          03/12/2008
           Martins A A          Trainee ACPO                      ACPO GD Darwin                  Guest N J         Sergeant                           14/11/2008
           Masters N M          ACPO Tennant Creek                ACPO Alice Springs              Lade G I          Detective Sergeant                 01/01/2009
           McKenzie C A         Trainee Constable PFES College    Constable GD Darwin

                                          pLeAse sUpport tHe
                                           ADvertIsers wHo
                                        sUpport yoUr mAGAzIne
Northern Territory Police News March 2009                                                                                                                                          36

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