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           From:              Edna Samudio <edna.samudio@utp.ac.pa>
           To:                <JPAMidTermReview@ntia.doc.gov>
           Date:              Fri, Feb 15, 2008 4:34 PM
           Subject:           Re: Midterm Review

           I would like to support ICANN’s submission to the NTIA with regard to
           the Midterm Review of its Joint Project Agreement. In particular:

           - ICANN is meeting its responsibilities under the JPA;

           - The JPA and the seven Memorandums of Understanding before it have,
           over nine years, helped ICANN to become a stable organization;

           - ICANN has become more operationally efficient and has increased
           stakeholder participation;

           - As an organization ICANN can and should always do more and that must
           always be the case to keep pace with Internet developments;

           - The ICANN Board believes that the JPA should be concluded;

           - The ICANN model of multi-stakeholder participation has been developed
           for over nine years; and

           - We now need to finalize that model and enshrine it by the time the
           JPA concludes in September 2009. This will finally deliver on the
           original promise proposed nine years ago on an Internet addressing
           system that is coordinated not controlled.

           Yours sincerely,

           Edna Samudio de Jaen
           Manager & Technical Contact ccTLD .pa
           NIC-Panama                    www.nic.pa
           PANNet                      www.pannet.pa
           Universidad Tecnologica de Panama     www.utp.ac.pa

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