; The story of Tweet- Foursquare Facebook Founder Tells Bring It
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The story of Tweet- Foursquare Facebook Founder Tells Bring It


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									Dennis Crowley, founder of the Foursquare
Even before Facebook launched function of the location where on Thursday, many
assumed that the social network giant finally gave up the Foursquare end, it starts to
get lions share of attention and $20 million financing for its service locations. After
some analysts said that Facebook is Crush smaller companies(including two , which
used exact main). Most of the same argument, namely, that the sheer size of Facebook,
it would give the lions share of the market place by default. But Dennis Crowley,
founder of the Foursquare do not have that, judging from the stream of Twitter
Following the launch of Facebook.
Crowley(@dens on Twitter) says it expects to start the Facebook sites where
Foursquare benefit in the long term popularizing the idea of sharing location , saying,
I took 4SQ Twitter and; FB taught people how to share online. 4SQ live cause FB
teach the masses about the check. Then adds that Facebook teaching the world about
the checkins is a great thing for all, at this point. Crowley also later notes that
Thursday was the Foursquare is the greatest day in history in terms of the newly
registered user, although it may be due to positive story company in the New York

In response to a question from another user of Twitter, Crowley says it is still very
early in the space. Who ever thought someone would beat Yahoo in the search? Later,
the founder of the Foursquare who sold his previous location, the service called
Dodgeball, Google says it was , stressed during a nice and Latitude started thinking it
would destroy[sic Dodgeball heritage], adding that a strong product live.

Will Foursquare Google Yahoo Facebook? Maybe. Crowley Om said recently that the
company is close to launching several new features to the service, which will allow
for an even more attractive, and is likely to deepen the gap with a new offer Facebook.
Crowley also offers humorous references to his 86-year-old grandmother, who says
about it and said: Hi. I want to know whether to Face-book is like yours. It sounds
like Four-Squared, but without fun.
At least one investor is already public in the corner of the Foursquare are: Chris
Dixon, an angel investor and co-founder Hunch.com, said in a message on Twitter
will be interesting to see as the game LBS. my bet(and investment) is strongly of the
4sq. sharpness and great design wins.
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Via: The story of Tweet: Foursquare Facebook Founder Tells Bring It
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