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									Through the ages of time the question constantly surfaces, do I have to be born a
leader or can I be taught? Well, it's never been proven that you have to be born a with
a "leadership" gene, although many leaders do have alike genes.
  Leadership at Any Age
  While learning how to be a leader is not age discriminate, it does help to start
learning as early as possible. At an early age it's a good idea to try to put a child in a
generic leadership role, something like leading a class down the hallway to lunch.
This type of generic leadership role is a great opportunity for the shy child to be
exposed to leadership.
  Steps to Leadership:
 ?Know your current status as a leader- Ask your current team what they think about
your leadership style. Tell them why you are asking and how their honest feedback
can help you in helping them.
 ?Be available- Your team will have opportunities at work and home, be available to
lend an ear. Don't interrupt, and be sincere in the feedback you give. Don't try to solve
their problems unless they are asking for solutions.
 ?Positive Communication- You are looked upon to be the positive person in the
group. As leaders we are always give the opportunity to deliver information. How you
deliver this information has a huge impact on how the team accepts the information.
Find the silver lining of a situation or information before you deliver to the team.
 ?Leads by Example- Never ask a team member to do something you aren't willing to
do yourself. If you see something falling apart, be willing to jump in and help. This
shows your team that you feel you are not better than they are.
 ?Delegate Your Responsibilities- This somewhat ties into another article I wrote,
"Leadership and how to keep good people" People always want to feel like they are
moving forward, who says it feel good to go backwards? As you share some of your
responsibilities it shows your team members you trust them and rely on their abilities.
 ?Develop the team- Work with your team on a daily basis if possible, focus on
building their skills, and show them they have the ability to do so much more.
Remember success attracts success. When your team members are successful, the
team is successful, and you are successful.
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