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There are different procedures that patients may undergo to get rid of fat. Eating right
and exercising will always be the safest way to sculpt your body. The problem is,
there are different fat-prone areas that refuse to shape up no matter what we do.

Liposuction procedures have helped patients eliminate fat deposits in these areas. Fat
deposits are usually eliminated from the body by sucking them out through incisions.
Patients experience very minor side effects; but they get very good results. Much to
surgeons' and patients' delight, laser assisted liposuction technologies have been
invented to make the weight loss process easier and faster.

Laser Assisted Liposuction Basics
To remove unwanted fat, laser is used to heat and to melt dissolve fat cells. Fat is
much easier to suck out when it is in liquid form. Melted fat, which the suctioning
process fails to remove from the body are removed naturally from the body.

Smaller probes are used for laser assisted liposuction procedures than traditional lipo
surgeries. Possibilities of intense scarring are minimized and the time needed by the
patient to recover is shortened. Patients also experience a boost in their collagen
production, which creates the necessary enzyme that helps the skin remain tight and
flexible. More importantly, patients experience less pain when they undergo less
invasive liposuction because smaller incisions are needed.

Surgeons recommend two leading laser assisted liposuction options, Vaser
Liposuction and Zerona Liposuction, when patients choose to go though this less
invasive option. These two types give equally good results despite using slightly
different technologies.

Basic VASER Liposuction Procedure
 VASER Ultrasound Technology is used to liquefy the fat in this type of liposuction.
Nearby cells and tissues are left unaffected while the targeted fat particles are melted
off. Using a wetting solution, melted off fat is sucked out of the body faster. Surgeons
make use of a saline solution to remove sensation from the target area and to avoid
too unnecessary blood loss during the Vaser lipo surgery.

A Vaser lipo treatment is also better if you want to effectively contain fat loss to a
certain area. Only the areas specifically targeted by the procedure will show signs of
weight loss and toning. Minimal bruising and swelling are experienced by patients
because of this. Patients are only required to undergo two days of down time instead
of the usual one week recovery period.

Basic ZERONA Liposuction Procedure
A Zerona Lipo is another new laser assisted lipo procedure. A cool-laser technology is
used to break down the fat cells on stubborn areas in the body. Instead of being
sucked out of the body at the end of the procedure, liquefied fat is left to be eliminated
from the body naturally. Two weeks are required to complete the Zerona liposuction
procedure, which is made up of six forty-minute sessions. To speed up the elimination
process,patients are usually required by their doctors to increase their liquid intake.

Surgeons are quick to remind their patients that this procedure is beneficial only to
those who maintain an active way. Fat tissues are not completely eliminated but
merely emptied. If patients continue with their dormant lifestyles after the treatment,
they will quickly gain back the weight that they lost.

Miranda Cole is a beauty writer.

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