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					Organic Search Engine Ranking means natural top 10 search engine ranking in YAHOO! Google - for
some Search Terms or Keywords. ORGANIC Search Engine optimization does not need any payment to
search engines for ranking, no sponsored ad, no pay per click or PPC . Are you struggling to get a NATURAL or
ORGANIC Search Engine Ranking in Google YAHOO! MSN ? Contact Us - SEO here

How the SEO is done ? - We track your competitor websites in Google YAHOO! Search Engine Result Pages
( SERPs). Then we provide a better ranking by beating them. The SEO consultancy is done by Manual Link
Building, Manual Keyword Track & Manual META Generation and On Page Site Content Changes,... and many
more SEO consultancy procedures. Web Directory and Search Engine Directory submission is done by
SEO tools and through websites.

          SEO Consultancy Service - Beat your competitor websites
                  #1 ranking in Google YAHOO! MSN

Keyword Based SEO consultants : Our SEO service will associate your website or webpage with a set of
search terms, search phrases or keywords. This is known as KEYWORD based SEO Consultancy.
Firstly we shall track how important your keyword is ? What is the frequency of searching of those
keywords        in    Internet  Search    Engines.   Read    more    in  SEO     Keyword    Analysis

What is the target of a SEO : When the search terms associated with your site will be searched in Google
Yahoo MSN Lycos Altavista for web searching , then your website will get a TOP 10 RANKING in the search
engine result pages (SERP) .
             What is the benefit of our SEO Consultancy Service ? What you will get ??

      Our SEO Consultants will help you to get Top 10 Search Engine Ranking in Google
      Our Link Building Service will provide you many quality back links or inbound links pointing to your site
       which is mainly liable for TOP RANKING in Google.
      Our SEO Consultants will Increase Google PageRank PR value from PR 0 to PR 4 or PR 5 or
       PR6 from PR 0. Maximum PR value is 10. YAHOO! Google has PR 8 to 10. PR 4 , 5 is good.
      On Page SEO - Make your web pages search engine friendly so that they quickly get a ranking in
       search engines. SEO Consultants will check the keyword density in your site.
      SEO - Keyword Analysis and Keyword Research
      Directory submission - OFF Page SEO
You don't know anything about SEO !!! Ok learn SEO today - free tutorial on SEO techniques SEO

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