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					The Village Safe Haven
12 Downing Street, Buccleuch, Sandton • PO Box 490, Buccleuch 2066
Telephone : 011 802 1461 • Cell : 084 519 3159 •

The Villager: April 2009.                                  FUND RAISING ACTVITIES
By Wendy Ruiter
                                                           9 May 2009: Beading Workshop
Greetings all,                                             Contact Brigette on 011 804 2180.
                                                           The cost is R150 (includes beads and
News from The Village is that Harry van der                refreshments) and it is at 9am at The
Loo has returned as chairman and we are                    Village Safe Haven in Buccleuch.
delighted to welcome him and Phoebe                        All proceeds will go to The Village.
back. Thanks to Pastor Mike Roscoe and
his team for all their hard work over the past             23 May 2009: Open Day Tea
three years.                                               This will be an opportunity to see The
                                                           Village and meet the parents, the carers
Susan gets an average of 3 calls a day                     and the kids.
about children that require placement in                   Invitations and details will follow.
facilities like The Village, be it as a place of
safety or as a permanent home. We are full                 DATABASE UPDATE
to overflowing and our greatest wish is to be              We are in the process of putting together a
able to build another home.                                FRIENDS OF THE VILLAGE database. In
                                                           order to do this we need to be sure that we
An example is little baby Anam who came                    include everyone who has an interest in
to The Village 2 weeks ago (aged 4 weeks).                 The Village.
She was starving and dehydrated and her
little body was covered in bruises from                    Please      reply      per     email       to
extensive beatings by her father. There was       as to whether we can
nowhere for her to go and thanks to the                    keep you on the database, whether you
care at The Village her bruises are now                    would like to be removed or whether you
healing and her tummy is full. Humanity can                know anyone else who would like to be
be a very cruel place…..                                   added. Please also include brief information
                                                           on your involvement/link with The Village.
The other kids are all well and happy, they
continue to be a blessing and remind us of                 PROJECTS
why we choose to be involved in The                        The Village still provides on average 26 000
Village.                                                   meals a month to individuals and other
                                                           homes in need.
There are many wonderful donors and
supporters of The Village and our thanks go                WE NEED TO BUILD !!!!
out to you all.
                                                           Based on the desperate need to house
Recently, The Monday Club donated a                        more children, we require finance to build
wonderful playhouse, which is to be used                   another home, to renovate the existing
as a TV room/lounge and play area for all                  home (paint and upgrade and kitchen
the kids as the two big boys have moved                    revamp) and to continue to run the homes
into their new “digs”, where the old TV room               on an ongoing basis.
was previously.
                                          THE VILLAGE SAFE HAVEN
                            Incorporated under Section 21 • Reg No. 2002/004749/08
The Village Safe Haven
12 Downing Street, Buccleuch, Sandton • PO Box 490, Buccleuch 2066
Telephone : 011 802 1461 • Cell : 084 519 3159 •

    • Finances - this can be in the form of
       monthly pledges your pledge is your                DETAILS OF THE CHILDREN
    • Desktop Computer                                     NAME          GENDER     AGE      CLOTHES     SHOE
    • Winter clothing for children                         Anam          F          6 wks    0-3/3-6     0-1
(Please have a clean out of your kids                                                        12-18
cupboards – I am happy to collect).                        Mirriam       F          6 mths   mths                  2
                                                                                    12       18-24
    • Bakkie with Canopy                                   Lerato        M          mths     mths                  3
    • Reading and maths programmes for                                              24                   5
       children                                            Abigail       F          mths     2-3 yrs     (petit)
    • Walk In Freezer (not very large one)                                          36
                                                           Naledi        F          mths     3-4 yrs               6
    • 2 x Tumble dryers                                                             36
    • Gas Stove Industrial Hob                             Kamvalethu    F          mths     3-4 yrs     7 (big)
    • Upgrading of all children’s bedrooms                                          36
       soft’s and beds                                     Xolile        M          mths     3-4 yrs     7 (big)
    • Respite for carers/holiday for kids                  Thanyani      M          mths     3-4 yrs               7
                                                           Angel         F          5 yrs    6-7 yrs           12
              Monthly Needs                                                                              12
Foods:                                                     Anele         F          6 yrs    5-6 yrs     (petit)
Meat, Tinned meat and fish, Soup Powder,                   Thuli         F          10 yrs   11-12 yrs             3
Bread or Bread Vouchers, Tinned foods,
                                                           Nokuthula     F          10 yrs   12-13 yrs             3
Tomato Sauce, Pasta, Mayonnaise, Peanut
Butter, Cheese Spread, Marmite, Juice,                     Thulani       M          10 yrs   10-11 yrs             3
Yoghurt, Long Life Milk, Margarine, Fresh                  Ngcinani      M          11 yrs   12-13 yrs             5
Juice, Cheese, Eggs etc. Any other non
perishable items will be welcomed. Mealie                 Please       look      at    the     website
Meal, Jungle Oats, Mabele, Cereals Rice,         or email Susan
Samp, Dry Beans, Lentils etc.                             at      or    myself
                                                 / 083 633 3466.
Toiletries, Meds and Cleaning Materials:
Toilet Paper, Bath Soap, Toothpaste,                      Please continue to pray for the Village
Plaster, Savlon, Dettol Cream, Germoline,                 family.
Chamberlains Colic Remedy, Panado
Syrup, Cotton Wool, Gauze etc. Toiletries                 ABSA Sandton Branch Code: 631005
i.e. Creams, Soaps, Shampoo’s, Hair Oils                  Account Number: 4060896952
and Moisturisers etc. All home cleaning                   Please provide your name/company as a
materials                                                 reference (if you would like to) as well as
                                                          highlight if it is for a specific function e.g.
Basics:                                                   Building, community projects, etc.
Clothing and bedding/blankets.

Baby Needs:
Baby Toiletries i.e. Creams, Shampoo’s,
Soaps etc. Baby Juice, Baby Cereal, Nan
1 & 2 Formula, Nappies (All sizes) – Baby
Clothing and Bedding.
                                         THE VILLAGE SAFE HAVEN
                           Incorporated under Section 21 • Reg No. 2002/004749/08

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