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books that made us…

          laugh                                                                                          cry
Milena Agus                                    Madeleine Hamilton                             Muriel Barbery                                Khaled Hosseini
THe HouSe in Via Manno                         ouR giRLS: auSSie Pin-uPS                      THe eLegance of THe HedgeHog                  a THouSand SPLendid SunS
Delightful read about a slightly mad           of THe 40S and 50S                             Set in a grand Parisian apartment building,   Captures important historical and
woman. Not as grim as so many                  A pocket-size gem of a book.                   this novel digs beneath the facade. Have a    contemporary themes in a way that will
books lately.                                                                                 tissue handy for the ending...                make your heart ache again and again.
                                               Nick Hornby
Alan Bennett                                   JuLieT, naked                                  Emily Brontë                                  Siri Hustvedt
THe uncoMMon ReadeR                            Really entertaining, great dialogue,           WuTHeRing HeigHTS                             WHaT i LoVed
The Queen stumbles upon a mobile               very easy to read.                             They are called classics for a reason.        A clever, beautifully written novel. Part
library at the back of Buckingham Palace.                                                                                                   thriller, part love story, it centres around
Thus begins a journey into the pleasures       Wally Lamb                                     Peter Cameron                                 the New York art scene – I loved it.
of reading – much to the dismay of her         WiSHin’ and HoPin’                             SoMedaY THiS Pain WiLL be
many advisers. Wonderful book full of          A nostalgic depiction of a boy growing up      uSefuL To You                                 MJ Hyland
humour. I hope she has read it.                in the 60s: his cousin is Annette Funicello,   A completely enthralling book. Highly         THiS iS HoW
                                               his mother’s signature dish is Shepherd’s      recommended for those who aren’t afraid       An ugly, unbearably sad topic,
Carrie Fisher                                  Pie Italiano…                                  to read about the darker sides of life.       but beautifully written.
WiSHfuL dRinking
A heartfelt memoir.                            Vicki Myron                                    Dave Eggers                                   Rohinton Mistry
                                               deWeY: THe SMaLL ToWn LibRaRY                  WHaT iS THe WHaT: THe                         a fine baLance
Alex George                                    caT WHo ToucHed THe WoRLd                      auTobiogRaPHY of VaLenTino                    The main characters are beautiful; I loved
LoVe You MadLY                                 A cruel act, but a beautiful outcome.          acHak deng: a noVeL                           them. Brought me to tears several times.
At times hilarious, other times sad to                                                        A great read... Simple, well-written,         One of the best books I’ve read. Ever.
the point of heartbreaking, and totally        Madeleine St John                              eye-opening.
relative to the current ‘clunky’ disposition   THe WoMen in bLack                                                                           Haruki Murakami
in which men often find themselves in          Light, funny and thoughtful; a delightful      Xiaolu Guo                                    SPuTnik SWeeTHeaRT
relationships.                                 book about the women who work at a posh        THe conciSe cHineSe-engLiSH                   All at once beautiful, fantastically real
                                               Sydney department store in the 1950s.                                                        and pushing the boundaries of how we
                                                                                              dicTionaRY foR LoVeRS
                                                                                                                                            perceive human desire and relationships.
                                                                                              The ending left me feeling after-effects
                                                                                              for days.

          contemplate a life change
Alejandro Jodorowsky
THe SPiRiTuaL JouRneY of
                                               Vendela Vida
                                               LeT THe noRTHeRn LigHTS                                  hungry
aLeJandRo JodoRoWSkY:                          eRaSe YouR naMe                                Australian Women’s Weekly                     Jane Grigson
THe cReaToR of eL ToPo                         I have just been to Finland and this           THe counTRY TabLe: cLaSSic                    food WiTH THe faMouS
Made me want to hug the author                 made me want to go back ASAP.                  ReciPeS fRoM a counTRY kiTcHen                Ten “famous” people who ate a lot of
and sit on his lap.                                                                           I’m not a cook, but this book has got me      butter, salt, cream and sugar, and enjoyed
                                                                                              cooking. Great Australian classics, every     themselves… A beautifully written book.
Ruth Reichl (ed)                                                                              one a winner.
ReMeMbRance of THingS                                                                                                                       Donna Hay
PaRiS: 60 YeaRS of WRiTing                                                                    Chitrita Banerji                              no TiMe To cook
fRoM gouRMeT                                                                                  eaTing india                                  Gave me a new approach to grocery
Here is Paris with its inimitable pursuit                                                     Shows how geography, history, race            shopping!
of the art of fine living… A delightful book                                                  and religion have conspired to give us
in every way.                                                                                 the delicious food one finds in India.
books that made us…

          stay up all night                                                                                 miss the tram stop
Lin Anderson                                   Joyce Carol Oates                                   Isaac Asimov                                    Philip Kerr
eaSY kiLL                                      beaSTS                                              foundaTion                                      if THe dead RiSe noT
Top-notch Scottish crime.                      A young, impressionable college girl falls          A classic of science-fiction, this story is     Kerr’s graphic descriptions of pre-WW2
                                               in love with her older, demonic lecturer.           famous for a reason.                            Berlin are insightful and eye-opening.
Greig Beck                                     This short novel has a quiet power that
beneaTH THe daRk ice                           stays with you.                                     John Burdett                                    Justine Larbalestier
A rollicking, rip-roaring yarn.                                                                    bangkok SeRieS                                  LiaR
                                               Kim Stanley Robinson                                The adventures of the only incorrupt            Not at all the book you think you’re
Thomas Glavnic                                 THe YeaRS of Rice and SaLT                          Buddhist cop in Thailand. My mother             reading when you pick it up.
nigHT WoRk                                     Supposing most of Europe’s population               loved these books despite being a prude!!
Interesting take on the last man on            had been wiped out by the Black Death…                                                              Katherine Neville
earth scenario.                                                                                    Chris Cleave                                    THe fiRe
                                               Peter Temple                                        THe oTHeR Hand                                  Sequel to ‘The Eight’, ‘The Fire’ continues
Steig Larsson                                  TRuTH                                               Funny, tragic, horrifying.... What would        the amazing story of the history of chess
THe giRL WiTH THe dRagon                       Violence, murder, love, corruption,                 you have done on the beach in Africa in         and significant world events.
TaTToo                                         honour and deceit. And truth.                       the same situation?
Spent a long train trip captivated by it.
                                               Colm Tóibín                                         Gillian Flynn
                                               bRookLYn                                            SHaRP obJecTS
                                               Tóibín’s quiet intensity brings the past to life.   A psycho-thriller that really takes you on
                                                                                                   a ride and doesn’t let you off until the end.

          appreciate great writing                                                                           tell others to read it
Peter Bakowski                                 Paul Theroux                                        Sophie Calle                                    Marisha Pessl
beneaTH ouR aRMouR                             gHoST TRain To THe eaSTeRn                          Take caRe of YouRSeLf                           SPeciaL ToPicS in caLaMiTY
Peter’s poetry is immediate, engaging and      STaR: on THe TRackS of THe                          After much pondering of a real break-up         PHYSicS
human – all the things poetry should be.       gReaT RaiLWaY bazaaR                                letter, Calle enlists the services of over      Full of literary references that draw you
                                               People, culture, geography, politics and            100 women to analyse it and offer their         into the life of teenager, Blue, a smart girl
Michael Chabon                                 religion, in all their misery and tragedy:          respective professional opinions…               dragged from college town to college
THe finaL SoLuTion                             a feast of gutsy travel.                                                                            town by her roaming academic father…
Interesting characters, evocative                                                                  Steven Carroll
descriptions and amusingly clever              Padma Viswanathan                                   THe LoST Life                                   Curtis Sittenfeld
illustrations – a truly fabulous read.         THe ToSS of a LeMon                                 Steven Carroll’s works creep up on you          aMeRican Wife
                                               Really well written and very absorbing,             – just as you are pleasantly meandering         I had to check if the author was male or
Helen Garner                                   I got lost in this book.                            along, he ups the stakes.                       female, and phew, it was a female... the
THe SPaRe RooM
                                                                                                                                                   perspective on relationships was so much
Garner’s words convey the great conundrums     Tim Winton                                          Anne Fadiman                                    from a female’s point of view.
of life everyday, in a setting and landscape   bReaTH                                              aT LaRge and aT SMaLL:
so rooted in Melbourne urbanity.               Wonderful evocation of rite of passage.                                                             John Steinbeck
                                                                                                   faMiLiaR eSSaYS
                                                                                                   Makes you realise how entertaining              eaST of eden
                                                                                                   a good essay can be.                            An epic American saga. Steinbeck at his best.
books that made us…

                     realise i am not alone                                                               ponder deep thoughts
Allan Antliff (ed)                            Banafshe Serov                                     JG Ballard                                      Cormac McCarthy
onLY a beginning: an                          undeR STaRLeSS SkY:                                THe dRougHT                                     THe Road
anaRcHiST anTHoLogY                           a faMiLY’S eScaPe fRoM iRan                        A distilled portrait of the drying up of the    So descriptively written, I’m sure the film
We are all indebted to Antliff for            Every line of the book was a flashback             human soul.                                     could only disappoint me.
compiling this extraordinary collection.      of my life.
                                                                                                 Kate Atkinson                                   Hilary Mantel
Raymond Carver                                Elizabeth Strout                                   beHind THe SceneS aT THe                        beYond bLack
caTHedRaL                                     oLiVe kiTTeRidge                                   MuSeuM                                          Bleak, funny and scary all at the same
                                              At the end of this book, I loved Olive; at         Ruby Lennox’s life is told in non-sequential    time. I just couldn’t put it down – but I
WiLL You PLeaSe be QuieT
                                              the beginning, I thought she was awful.            flashback. She even announces her own           will read it again, and I know I will like it
PLeaSe?                                                                                                                                          even more.
                                              Elizabeth Strout manages to put into               conception – “I exist!”
Nothing much happens to the subjects
                                              words feelings or thoughts that I experience
of Carver’s fiction, which is precisely why                                                      Richard Flanagan                                Yoko Ogawa
                                              but have never been able to articulate.
they are so harrowing: nothingness is a                                                                                                          THe HouSekeePeR and THe
daunting presence to overcome.                Valerie Wilmer                                     Genius… Flanagan writes with                    PRofeSSoR
Lucette Lagnado                               aS SeRiouS aS YouR Life:                           extraordinary skill and passion about that      Showed me the poetry and elegance
THe Man in THe WHiTe SHaRkSkin                JoHn coLTRane and beYond                           ache inside us all to love and to be loved…     of numbers.
                                              ‘The music they played was a natural
SuiT: MY faMiLY’S exoduS fRoM                                                                    Ernest Hemingway                                Frederick Pohl & CM Kornbluth
                                              happiness of love, so rare I cannot explain it…’
oLd caiRo To THe neW WoRLd                                                                       foR WHoM THe beLL ToLLS                         THe SPace MeRcHanTS
Resonated for me as the child of migrants.                                                       Read it, if you haven’t already. If you have,   Eerily prophetic indictment of the
                                                                                                 it might be time to read it again…              advertising industry and its logical
Martin Millar                                                                                                                                    endpoint.
SuzY, Led zePPeLin and Me                                                                        Homer
Funny, poignant, sad, shocking.                                                                  THe iLiad                                       Craig Robertson
Really spoke to me about the human                                                               One of the greatest epics of all time,          buckLeY’S HoPe
condition: how life takes turns you don’t                                                        and a fantastic read.                           What a story… And now I know where
want it to but often turns out ok.                                                                                                               the phrase came from…
                                                                                                 Barbara Kingsolver
                                                                                                 THe Lacuna                                      Colm Tóibín
                                                                                                 Frida Kahlo is often portrayed as a             THe bLackWaTeR LigHTSHiP
                                                                                                 “victim”. It’s such a pleasure to read a        I liked it even more than his latest novel,
                                                                                                 fiction account of her life where she is        ‘Brooklyn’.
          neglect responsibilities                                                               as funny, vibrant, strong and passionate
                                                                                                 as she most likely was in real life.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez                        Haruki Murakami
                                                                                                 Krissy Kneen
LoVe in THe TiMe of cHoLeRa                   a WiLd SHeeP cHaSe
A lifetime of obsessive and unrequited        Written with such great depth and                  affecTion
love, secret lives, and steamy South          realism, it’s hard to separate the                 Both sympathetic and hilarious, it would
America. Don’t be daunted by the              experience of these characters from                be hard not to like the author; she is
‘classic’ label, it’s unputdownable.          ‘real’ life.                                       likable because she is an outsider.

Stephanie Meyer
My secret shame: teenage vampires!!
Who wouldn’t love it? I read the whole
series in a week on the beach.

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