The PGDM course of MVJ School- by djsgjg0045


									MVJ Business School offers full time PGDM programme (affiliated to AICTE). The
revolution in communications, information technology and ease in mobility have
changed the way of business altogether. The market is open and competition is fierce.
Organizations need to stay abreast of the latest strategies and techniques to survive
and grow and keeping all these factors in mind the PGDM course of MVJ Business
School is structured. It is aiming at fulfilling the vital needs of the students and in turn
is making them 鈥榖 usiness ready 鈥? The programme paves the way for a robust
corporate career and is indeed the key to management students 鈥?dreams.
  Admission Procedure and Eligibility criteria: - A candidate seeking admission to
MVJ Business School for PGDM is required to appear in the CAT/MAT/XAT/PGCET.
- Admission will be made on merit and result of CAT/MAT/XAT/PGCET. - A
candidate is required to register at MVJ Business School through a separate
application form, which is available from the campus. Last date for application: 1st
September 2010
  Classes start from: 10th September 2010
  Do come and join the ever-growing fraternity of the MVJ Business School and enjoy
opportunities to expand your self and Business.
  Career prospects for a PGDM candidate:
  AIM: Empowering students to optimize, expand and diversify their outlook towards
  The global economy being in constant need of revising its management techniques
and market structure there is no dearth of respectable jobs for management
professionals. There is huge demand worldwide for qualified professionals from
established institutes. Opportunities abound in various sectors and a proper PGDM
course from a proper institute helps in sparking off a robust corporate career.
  MVJ Business School makes the career prospect for its PGDM candidates much
more promising and appealing. With a totally different approach towards education
and inter-mixing of practical and theoretical learning, students here are encouraged to
undertake research works, perform various case-studies and to engage themselves in
stimulating seminars and conferences. High-tech equipments, upgraded class room
teaching tools and extremely proficient faculties make the PGDM course of MVJ
Business School stand out tall and unique among the rest.

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