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					          Strategic Brief Limited

                                     Strategic Brief
                                     Legal and Commercial Consultancy

           The provision of commercial consultancy to support your
           business through a period of transition, corporate development
           and to the realisation of ambition.

    Strategic Brief is a legal and regulatory consultancy that provides
    commercial support to enable companies to achieve their ambition.

    Sally Weatherall – Managing Director                                                                                Services
    Strategic Brief’s experience has been derived directly from working in                                  Premium     Mobile services, mobile
    the industry it supports.                                                                                   Rate    payments, interactivity in
                                                                                                           Regulation   media and broadcasting,
    Sally Weatherall, founder and Managing Director of Strategic Brief has                                              premium rate
    over fifteen years experience working in the technology and new media                                               telecommunications
    industry, including internet service providers, interactive mobile
    services, software developers and on-line agencies. She was previously
                                                                                                           Commercial Commercial contracting,
    managing director of WIN plc’s New Media division managing                                                        business development,
    premium rate services and broadcast media clients. Other roles include                                            regulatory compliance.
    International Director of UUNET Technologies Inc (now Verizon)
    and European Legal Director of the internet service provider PIPEX.

    She is adviser to (and former Chair of) the Association of Interactive                                             Corporate
    Media and Entertainment (AIME), a founding director of the Internet                                                communications
                                                                                                                       strategy, developing
    Watch Foundation and has participated in the work of various trade
                                                                                                                       relationships with
    associations.                                                                                                      regulators, industry trade
                                                                                                                       associations and
    A solicitor with an MBA from London Business School, and exclusive
    industry experience ensures Strategic Brief has a solid understanding of
    both regulatory requirements and commercial imperatives.

    In addition to commercial contracting and compliance advice Strategic
    Brief can support M&A activities, International development and the

    Strategic Brief Limited is a company registered under the laws of England and Wales Reg No. 04378733

     Strategic Brief Limited 2010
     Strategic Brief has several years experience working with the industry and regulators in an effort to achieve
     pragmatic and proportionate regulation and sound commercial strategies. Strategic Brief services support
     companies in navigating the myriad of regulations from PhonepayPlus, OFCOM, ASA, EU Commission,
     Information Commissioner, mobile network operators and industry trade associations.


       A selection of clients that have used Strategic Brief consultancy services include:
       Regenersis plc
       WIN plc – mobile data services and interactive media service provider
       Venista Holding GmbH & Co. KG
       PIPEX Communications – Internet Service Provider
       ComputerLinks UK – IT security and Internet Technology Solutions
       Cavell Group Consulting – Management Consultancy
       GridSure – Mobile and banking security software
       HouseWeb – on-line estate agency
       Maglio Media – Milan based media consultancy
       RAW Communications – Broadband Services provider
       Esteem Systems – IT managed Services provider

       Contact :
       mobile : +44(0) 7789 901066
       tel: +44(0)1494 773445

 Strategic Brief Limited 2010