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					Installation Accessories
We carry everything you’ll need to
                                                              Stop Paying for TV Now
install the antenna and will be glad               
to give you free advice on the best                          46 Baldwin St. Brooklin
way to mount, aim and connect it for
optimum reception. We also provide
professional installation as well in
case you don’t like heights.
               Tripod 2’ $40
                      3’ $60
                                     Channel Master
                      5’ $75
                                     Rotor $125
                     10’ $100
 Coax Cable Rg-6
 100ft. $25 or .35 cents/ft.

                                                                          Wanting to cut back on your monthly bills.......
                                                                          like: cable, satellite, telephone, cell phone, internet,
                                                                          newspaper and magazine subscriptions, the new HST.
                                                                          When will the madness stop? Why not dump your
                                                                          cable and save $50-$100 monthly. Did you know that
                                    Chimney Mount $25                     there are 27 FREE & LEGAL Digital High Definition
A Frame Eaves Mount $45                                                   TV channels being broadcast in and around the GTA.
                                                                          The picture quality is AMAZING and definitely better
                           Tripod Mast 5’ $25                             than Satellite or Cable TV. Digital free off air channels
                                     10’ $40                              are generally not compressed like satellite or cable
                                                                          which degrades the image. The result is a video quality
                                                                          like you've never seen before. So enjoy the improved
                                                                          quality and just imagine how much you'll save over
                                 Telescoping Mast 20’ $100                time. If you plan on watching tv for the next 5 years
Wall Mount 4” $25                                 40’ $175                even basic cable will cost you $3,000 + tax. Put that in
         12” $40                                  50’ $200                your pocket and start saving now..... Most people even
            Distribution Amp                                              if they have 100 channels generally watch only 5 or 6
                                    J-Pole 21”= $20                       favourites anyway. So 20+ channels the odd movie
            one way $39.99
                                     $39”= $39                            rental, a date with your gal at the movies once in a
            two way $49.99                                                while, life is good and you're saving tons of cash.
            four way $59.99
                                    Splitter 2 way $6                            905-655-3661
 $100         Under Eaves mount $45 3 way $10, 4 way $12                      Skyview Electronics
25 Digital High Definition + 2 Analog TV Channels that our store receives at
Skyview Electronics 46 Baldwin Street Brooklin, Ontario 905-655-3661
2-1         NBC Buffalo (WGRZ-DT)        
2-2         NBC Buffalo Universal Sports 
2-3         NBC Buffalo Retro Television Network           2110 $75
4-1         CBS-Buffalo (WIBV-DT)        
                                                                                                 7287 Eight Bay
5-1         CBC-Toronto (CBLT-DT)                                            Multidirectional $99
7-1         ABC-Buffalo (WKBW-DT)        
9-1         CTV-Toronto (CFTO-DT)        
11-1        CHCH-DT-Hamilton             
17-1        PBS-Buffalo (WNED-DT)        
17-2        PBS-Buffalo PB-SD            
17-3        PBS-Buffalo Think Bright Kids           2086 Four
19 analoq   TVO-Toronto (CICA)                       Bay $50
22 analoq   CBC-Oshawa (CHEX-2)                                              2092 Amplified
23-1        The CW-Buffalo (WNLO-DT)                                       Four Bay $60
25-1        CBC-French-Toronto (CBLFT-DT)
26-1        TCT-Jamestown (WNYB-DT)                   Balcony
29-1        Fox-Buffalo (WUTV-HD)                 Antenna $99
36-1        Crossroads-Toronto (CITS-DT)                                            $150
41-1        Global-Toronto (CIII-DT)                              Motor Home Antenna
                                                                                                 Roof Top Amplified
44-1        Omni-Toronto (CJMT-DT)       
49-1        My TV-Buffalo (WNYO-DT)       7000 Digital to
51-1        ION-Buffalo (WPXJ-DT)         Analoque Converter.
                                                                         if your older tv only
51-2        QUBO-Buffalo (WPXJ-DT)        has an analoque
51-3        ION-Life-Buffalo (WPXJ-DT     tuner $99               5000 Digital ATSC
                                                                                                 TV Tuner. If your
57-1        Citytv-Toronto (CITYTV-DT)                                   newer High Def TV
64-1        OMNI-1-Toronto (CFMT-DT)                Ask about Long         or computer monitor
                                                                          Range Cottage          doesn’t have a digital
66-1        Sun TV-Toronto (CKXT-DT)                                  ATSC TV Tuner $199
                                                                          Antennas $125

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