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					 Stockport Partnership News

January 2008

In this issue                                                                 Page
Changes to Stockport Partnership Board                                         2

Work on a new Local Area Agreement underway                                    3

Funding News - more news from the Stockport Fund                               4
             - Grants Scheme encourages innovation in Public Health            4
             - Stockport’s a winner – Big Lottery fund awards for Stockport    5

Stockport Economic Alliance - New Chamber President for Stockport              6
                            - boost to increase employment                     6
                            - businesses in Stockport – what do they think?    6

Stockport Housing Partnership - new member of housing partnership              7
                              - new housing developments                       7

Safer Stockport Partnership – another first for Stockport                      8

SCVS welcomes new director                                                     9

LGBT History Month                                                             9

Open Days reveal appreciation for Stockport’s Heritage                        10

Debt Advice has moved                                                         10                                                    1
Changes to Stockport Partnership Board
          The Stockport Partnership Board brings together representatives from the
          private, public, voluntary and community sectors. The Board meets every
          two months to help to co-ordinate partnership working by providing direction
          to Stockport’s thematic partnerships.      It is responsible for agreeing
          Stockport’s Community Strategy and the Local Area Agreement. It speaks
          with a single voice for the borough, communicating with central government
          and statutory bodies.

          Elections to Stockport Partnership Board for public, private, voluntary and
          community representatives were originally held between 2003 and 2004 with
          an agreement that they would be reviewed in three years. In October 2006
          the Government published its white paper “Strong and Prosperous
          Communities.” This clarifies key issues in relation to partnership working and
          places new statutory duties on local authorities. The white paper emphasises
          the role and function of thematic partnerships. In Stockport there are six
          thematic partnerships. These are:

            •      Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership
            •      Safer Stockport Partnership
            •      Stockport Economic Alliance
            •      Stockport Health and Well-being Partnership
            •      Stockport Learning and Skills Partnership
            •      Stronger Communities Partnership

          In light of the local need to review arrangements coupled with the influence of
          the national white paper, it was decided to review the membership of
          Stockport Partnership Board. This review was completed in September 2007
          and so representation on Stockport Partnership Board is now made up of the
          following members:

                Leader, Stockport Council
                Chief Executive, Stockport Council
                Chief Executive, Stockport Primary Care Trust
                Divisional Commander, Stockport Division, Greater Manchester Police
                Director, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
                MOVES (Members of Voluntary Executives) representative
                Social housing sector representative
                Private sector representative
                Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership representative
                Safer Stockport Partnership representative
                Stockport Economic Alliance representative
                Stockport Health and Well-being Partnership representative
                Stockport Learning and Skills Partnership representative
                Stronger Communities Partnership representative

          A list of the names of Board representatives can be found on Page 11 of this
          issue of “Stockport Partnership News”. For more information about the
          Stockport Partnership Board, please ring the Council’s Policy Unit on 0161
          474 3174 or e-mail                                                        2
The Government has made significant changes to Local Area
Agreements (LAAs), which means that all local authorities with their
partners need to negotiate a new-style LAA in 2008.
So in December 2007, the Stockport Partnership submitted to the Government
Office its thoughts on the key challenges facing the Borough. These will then
form the basis for negotiations over indicators and targets with the Government
Office between now and June 2008.
The challenges are summarised below:

Key challenges in building
a more competitive economy in Stockport:
•   Relatively low growth trend in the local economy.
•   Addressing relatively high youth unemployment and number of young people
    who are not in employment, education or training.
•   Enabling local people to realise their employment potential within Stockport,
    in particular, retaining skilled people within the borough’s economy.
•   Significant proportion of the local population lacking basic skills.
•   Meeting the skills shortages identified at local and sub-regional levels.
•   Concentrations of worklessness in the more deprived areas.

Key challenges in creating
a socially inclusive community in Stockport:
•   Stark disparity between affluent and deprived parts of the borough means
    that tackling inequalities will continue to be a priority for Stockport’s Local
    Area Agreement.
•   Health inequalities - obesity, smoking, cancer mortality and circulatory
•   Rising impact of alcohol both on health and community safety.
•   Crime, fear of crime and perceptions of anti-social behaviour.

Key challenges in improving
the quality of Stockport’s environment:
•   Housing affordability; enabling young people and their families to set up
•   Availability of sufficient social housing to meet increasing demands.
•   A significant ‘carbon footprint’ arising from domestic energy use.
•   Improving key aspects of localised environmental quality.
•   Addressing the competing demands on land for both housing and economic

If you’d like more information about Stockport’s Local Area Agreement, please
contact the Corporate Policy Team on 3174 or visit the Stockport Partnership
website (                                                       3
Funding News
                More news from the Stockport Fund
               “Helping local people do extraordinary things”
Nick Massey came to the November meeting of Stockport Partnership Board to tell members
about the Stockport Fund. We reported the fund’s first birthday in the last issue of this
newsletter and we told you about the groups who have been successful in their applications
for funding.
Nick works for the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester. In addition to managing
and allocating funding, the Community Foundation aims to increase the Fund’s capital by
25%. The Council and the local Primary Care Trust have helped to kick start the Stockport
Fund by transferring money to be used as part of the Stockport Fund for the benefit of local
communities and local projects. Nick drew attention to the importance of Stockport’s
voluntary and community sector in delivering services – especially in more deprived
An increase in the Fund’s capital obviously means an increase in the delivery of services and
for this reason Nick and the Community Foundation are trying to reach the target of a 25%
increase. The Stockport Fund provides a real opportunity for businesses, professional
organisations and individuals to support the people of our local community by making
If you would like to hear more, to offer a donation or to apply for funding please contact the
Community Foundation at: Beswick House, Beswick Row, Manchester M4 4LE
Tel: 0161 214 0940 email:

Grants scheme encourages innovation in Public Health
A new round of the Health Innovations Fund (HIF) small          To be successful, schemes will
grants scheme started in December with applications             have to focus clearly on at least
welcome from front line teams or recognised voluntary           one of the following public health
groups who are proposing projects that will address one         priorities:
or more of Stockport’s joint public health priorities.           • the major killers (in particular
Within the past two years the Council, Stockport PCT,               cancer and heart disease)
the NHS Foundation Trust at Stepping Hill Hospital and           • smoking / second-hand
Stockport Community and Voluntary Service (SCVS)                    smoke
have agreed some shared public health priorities for             • obesity
Stockport and this new round of the HIF small grants             • alcohol
scheme is using these priorities as the basis of its             • mental well-being
funding criteria.                                                • sexual health
                                                                 • health inequalities
Bids of up to a total of £5,000 will be available for           Other important factors will be
funding commencing in April 2008 and can be for a               whether the project contributes
one-off allocation or for up to three years.                    to health improvement; if it is
                                                                innovative or makes new
Application forms along with further details about the          provision and whether the
scheme are now available on the Health Innovations              application provides evidence of
Fund webpage at:                                                the local need for the project. l
  The deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday 30 January 2008                                                                  4

The Big Lottery has      announced the Sustrans’ Connect2
project is the winner    of the £50million People’s Millions
competition. As part     of the Connect2 project, Stockport,
along with three other   schemes in Greater Manchester, will
now scoop over £4.3      million to develop local walking and
cycling schemes.

In Stockport, the Council and partners have been working with local people on a proposal to
build a bridge over the River Goyt which would provide a traffic-free route for pedestrians,
cyclists and horse riders, linking the local communities of Marple, Romiley and Offerton. You
can find out more about the scheme in Stockport by visiting


Stockport has been awarded £584,000 from the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) to
improve children's play facilities and activities in the borough. The funding,
spread over the three years from 2008-2011, is aimed at children aged 13 and
under. The bid was jointly submitted by Stockport Council, Stockport Homes,
Stockport East and High Peak Cerebral Palsy Society (Stockport CP) and other
agencies who are part members of Stockport’s Play Partnership. After talking to
1,200 children and young people around Stockport, about where and how they
prefer to play and what issues stop them from playing, the Play Partnership
developed five projects which the lottery funding will provide:

* Five new play areas: three in Offerton - Stansbury Place, Sledale Close and Half
  Moon Lane - plus one in Hollywood Park in Edgeley, and on the Walnut Tree
  Estate in Cheadle Heath;
* Free holiday playschemes across Stockport every school holiday covering half
  terms, Easter, Whitsun and the summer holidays.
* Free play activities - 12 sessions per week for 50 weeks a year - for children
  aged four and over in 14 play deprived areas of the borough, provided by the
  Council and Stockport Homes;
* Support for up to 36 children with a range of disabilities aged between 5-13
  years to attend mainstream playschemes, provided by Stockport CP;
* Support the development of play opportunities for children and young people
  living within Stockport Homes' temporary accommodation.

.   News from the Stockport Economic Alliance .

                      New Chamber President                                                           5
Cheadle Hulme businesswoman Julie Finch has taken over as president of Stockport Local
Chamber Council. Julie replaces David Hopkins OBE, Chairman of ADS Worldwide, who has
served as president for the past two years. She said: “It is an honour and a privilege to take
over as president. I am passionate about being the voice of local businesses. One of the key
objectives for my term of office is to ensure that issues raised by Stockport members are
taken up by Greater Manchester Chamber as a whole. I want to build on the Chamber’s
relationship with Stockport Council and Stockport College. I also want to encourage members
to benefit from their membership and increase the number of members we have.”
Julie is Managing Director of software development company Axon Birch Ltd. Based in
Cheadle Hulme, the firm specialises in providing databases, bespoke web applications and e-
commerce solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Boost to increase employment
Stockport Council is taking a proactive approach to reduce worklessness, particularly in areas
of high unemployment in Stockport.
    • Through partnership with Stockport Homes, GM Procure, Work Solutions, Stockport
       College and Jobcentre Plus, out-of-work residents in priority areas can take part in
       construction training, including 6-month work placements – once trained, participants
       are encouraged to use their newly acquired skills working for Stockport Homes or other
       developers involved in the Town Centre regeneration.
    • There are up to 60 places between now and the end of March 2008 on ‘employability’
       courses for workless residents. The course includes confidence building, interview
       techniques and job search techniques.
    • A work placement project is being developed to encourage incapacity benefit claimants
       to learn and develop skills and confidence to find work

Businesses in Stockport – What do they think?
Stockport Economic Alliance, in partnership with Stockport Council wants to hear from local
businesses to find out what they think of Stockport as a business location and what can be done
to make it even better in the future.
A spokesperson for the Alliance said, “Although Stockport is already established as a successful
and thriving business location, we are aware that like many other areas, the local business
community continues to face challenges and issues. We are committed to helping to address
these issues and ensure that local companies continue to be successful and reach their full
potential in Stockport.”
Stockport Economic Alliance is guided by the Economic Development Strategy and it is vital that
this continues to reflect the experiences and views of local Stockport businesses. The business
survey provides the ideal opportunity to understand what issues are affecting businesses in
So if you are working with any Stockport business then please make them aware of the Annual
Business Survey. The Survey only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is available to complete
online at                                                              6

New member of Stockport Housing Partnership
The eleven hundred tenants of the Manchester City Council “overspill” estates in Marple,
Bredbury, Bramhall, Cheadle and Heald Green have voted to have their properties
transferred to Mossbank, a subsidiary of Mosscare Housing. The transfer, which will take
place next spring, will enable Mosscare to begin a major programme of modernisation of the
properties which will bring them up to the Decent Homes Standard. Mosscare will now be
joining the Stockport Housing Partnership, bringing the membership up to six Registered
Social Landlords, Stockport Homes Ltd and the Council. The Housing Corporation remains
an associate of the Partnership.

New Housing Developments
Considerable progress is now being made on some
key regeneration projects being undertaken by
Partnership members. Equity Housing Group are on
site at the Royal Oak Brewery. Several of the
existing buildings are being demolished to make way
for a combined new build and conversion project
which will produce over fifty flats for shared
ownership. Further down Hillgate, “Johnnie” Johnson
Housing Trust are redeveloping the former Salvation
Army Citadel. The finished scheme will comprise
thirteen flats, also for sale on a shared ownership
basis. One of the flats is being specifically designed
for a wheelchair user.

                                                                 The Citadel – Hillgate
                                                         (“Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust)

                                        Northern Counties Housing Association are now
                                        completing the final phases of the historic Mealhouse
                                        Brow / Rostron Brow project. The total site comprises
                                        40 flats (for both rent and shared ownership) and
                                        twelve shops. The scheme has been one of the most
                                        complex developments ever undertaken in Stockport
                                        and has taken many years to complete. The project
                                        has already won a number of architectural and
                                        regeneration awards and when completed will
                                        undoubtedly win more. Its completion will mark a key
                                        stage in the long term plan for the re-population and
    Mealhouse Brow /Market Place        regeneration of our medieval town centre.
    (Northern Counties Housing
           Association)                                                         7
News from the Safer Stockport Partnership.

                                                 Another First for
                                              as Police move in with
                                                    Fire Service

                                          Police officers in Stockport are
                                          moving closer to the communities
                                          they serve with the introduction of
                                          a new police post at Whitehill Fire
                                          Station in Reddish.

The move is part of neighbourhood policing, which aims to provide a better
service to the local people by locating officers in the areas they serve. This post
is unique as it is the first time a Fire Station has been used as a police post in
Greater Manchester.

The new set-up, which is part of the Stockport Community Pride campaign, was
introduced as a result of the close working between the Fire and Police services
and the Council, and will house one police constable and four Police Community
Support Officers (PCSOs).

Chief Inspector Craig Thompson from Greater Manchester Police, said: “This new
location puts our officers in the heart of the community and will enable quicker
access to the areas they cover. We are committed to providing an efficient and
effective service for local residents and this is another step forward in helping us
to achieve this.”

Councillor Dave Goddard, Leader of Stockport Council, said: “Once again
Stockport is paving the way across Greater Manchester in giving residents what
they want. Our residents want to see the Police working within local communities
and partners working together. We now have this with this splendid Police base
at Whitehill Fire Station. This is a fantastic contribution to Stockport Community

Steve Fisher, Stockport Borough Commander for Greater Manchester Fire and
Rescue Service, said: “This is another excellent example of close partnership
working that will ultimately benefit the public.”

Stockport Community Pride is a Council programme supported by the Stockport
Express, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
Service, Stockport Homes, Stockport Community and Voluntary Service and the
Stockport Economic Alliance.                                                    8
                      SCVS welcomes new Director!
Pat McGough is the new Director of Stockport Community and Voluntary Service (SCVS). Pat
has just returned to the area after 18 years living in East Clare in Ireland. Pat has 27 years
experience in the Voluntary and Community Sector including working as a Community
Development Worker in North Manchester and in Ireland, working for Manchester Community
Transport and for U.M.I.S.T as a Community Action Worker. Prior to moving to Stockport, Pat
was the Co-ordinator of East Clare Community Support – a rural community development project
working with people with disabilities, older people, carers, isolated people, asylum seekers &

                           LGBT History Month
  February is again LGBT History Month and Stockport is celebrating for the third year
  running by putting on a series of events throughout the Month. ‘History Month’
  celebrates the lives and achievements of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-sexual
  (LGBT) community and provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the
  histories of local LGBT people.

  Guest speakers during the month will include Antony Smith, older LGB Development
  Worker Age Concern England, a Conversation with Jack Gilbert of Proud Heritage
  Trust and Paul Patrick Co-ordinator of National LGBT History Month.

  Events during the month will include:
  • The OLGBT N.W. Network launch of their Moving Forward Training Pack aimed at
     professionals and agencies working with older LGBT people
  • a presentation by ‘the BASE’ themed around the Holocaust
  • readings and poetry in Stockport Central Library
  • Coming Out in History - a talk at Staircase House
  • walks with the PLUS group,
  • quiz nights and karaoke – something for everyone.

  For further details please contact:
Jane Bailey at Age Concern Stockport 0161 480 1211.                                                           9
       Open Days reveal appreciation for Stockport’s

 Stockport took part in England’s Heritage Open Days (HOD), the largest voluntary cultural
 event to celebrate England’s fantastic architecture and culture. During the event, properties
 that are usually closed to the public, or normally charge for admission, opened their doors free
 of charge during four days in September. Building on the success of previous years, 2007
 saw a substantial increase in attendance, with 11 new sites and community groups joining the
 Stockport marketing campaign.

                  So what did people think of the Open Days?
 “It has encouraged me to visit and think                    “As a relative newcomer,
   about places which I usually take for                     I now feel I belong here”
                        Almost all visitors agreed that attending Heritage
   “I never realised    Open Days made them “appreciate our shared            “I didn't realise
  there is such a “It   heritage”, “feel an increased pride in the               how many
   has encouraged       borough” and “feel more part of the local             beautiful things
    me to visit and     community”. Almost 1 in 5 of those attending               steeped
 think about places     Heritage Open Days had never visited heritage         in history there
                        attractions before but left with a more positive     were in Stockport.
                        attitude to heritage. And finally, there was an          It's great!”
                        increase of almost a third in the number of
                        visitors from outside the Borough

             “It has encouraged me to                      “Reddish is full of
            visit and think about places                       heritage –
              which I usually take for                   a day that makes you
                      granted”                          make time to share it with
                                                              your family”

                              ‘Debt Advice’ has moved

The Stockport Law Centre’s Debt                     Still the same, friendly, free and
Advisers have now moved to ‘Stockport               independent debt advice service for
Advice’ based at      Ponsonby House,               people who are struggling to balance
Lacy Street (behind the Town Hall).                 the bills

 Phone: 0161 474 3093
 Minicom: 0161 474 3093
 Fax: 0161 474 3095
 SMS Text: 07624 805624         email:                                                              10
Stockport Partnership Contact Details
Stockport Partnership is administered by the Policy Unit at the Council. You can contact us
as follows:

The Secretary to the Stockport Partnership is:
   • Louise Richardson, Head of Policy & Scrutiny, Stockport Council Tel: 0161 474 3011
   • email:

If you need any information about this newsletter, Stockport Partnership or membership of the
Board, please contact us:
    • Corporate Policy Team, Tel: 0161 474 3174
    • email
    • textphone: 0161 474 3128
    • write to us at: Policy Unit, Stockport Council, Town Hall, Stockport SK1 3XE

Members of Stockport Partnership Board

Cllr Dave Goddard (Chair) Leader, Stockport Council

John Schultz               Chief Executive, Stockport Council

Richard Popplewell         Chief Executive, Stockport Primary Care Trust

Neil Wain                  Divisional Commander, Stockport Division, Gtr Manchester Police

Jane Ball                  Director, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Pat McGough                Director, Stockport Community & Voluntary Service
                           (representing MOVES – Members of Voluntary Executives)

Jim Lunney                 Chief Executive, Johnnie Johnson Housing Association
                           (representing social housing sector)

Paul Kirkham               Local Policy Manager, Chamber of Commerce
                           (representing the private sector)

Andrew Webb                Corporate Director, Children & Young People, Stockport Council
                           (representing Children & Young People’s Strategic Partnership)

Steve Fisher               Borough Commander, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
                           (representing Safer Stockport Partnership)

Malcolm Adams              Head of Public Affairs, BAE Systems
                           (representing Stockport Economic Alliance)

Pending                    Representing Stockport Health and Well-being Partnership

Peter Roberts              Principal, Stockport College
                           (representing Stockport Learning & Skills Partnership)

David Kirwan               Community Representative
                           (representing Stronger Communities Partnership)                                                               11
If you would like this booklet in large print, on audio tape or in Braille
                     please ring 0161 474 3174.

                  COLLEAGUES PLEASE RING 0161 474 3174                                         12