The Nokia C6 combines touch technology with a full QWERTY keyboard by djsgjg0045


									April 2010 marked the announcement of the Nokia C6, and come August it was on the
shelves. The C6 is fully loaded with web connectivity, social networking, a camera
and a slide out QWERTY keyboard for optimized messaging. Nokia have thrown in
GPS, FM radio and access to the Ovi Store for good measure along with a built-in
multimedia player and an expandable memory. The key element to selling a mobile
phone is its looks at first glance. The C6 is definitely of Nokia’s design; even without
the badge this is obvious. The 3.2 inch TFT screen can recreate over 16million colours
within a 360 x 640 pixel resolution, the resistive technology provides touch control
while an orientation sensor allows the UI to follow the phones movements. The
dimensions of the phone are 113 x 53 x 16.8mm and it only weighs 150g, so it is very
pocket friendly and fits quite snug in the palm of your hand. Nokia have installed the
Symbian S60 OS package which allows the C6 to run quite smoothly while
integrating basic social networking into the experience. The interface is a familiar
sight, as seen on previous Nokia smartphones. A home screen packed with info and
shortcuts is standard while full customization enables users to alter the home screen to
fit there lifestyle. With coverage for 2G (GSM) and 3G (HSDPA) networks the C6
will comfortably manage all of your online activities while built-in Wi Fi provides
super fast speeds when close to a wireless hotspot like a coffee shop or an airport. The
browser covers full HTML while allowing bookmarks to be saved. The in browser
controls are intuitive and flipping the phone to landscape opens up a wide screen view.
The browser is also Flash Lite v3.1 compatible which means it covers basic flash
media. The Nokia C6 comes with a selection of messaging features which incorporate
e-mail and social networking for a broader messaging experience, basic POP e-mail,
Push e-mail, IM, SMS and MMS are all in there and a universal inbox can be setup to
save opening multiple applications. Nokia have stuck with the mainstream microSD
slot for memory upgrades up the 16GB, microUSB and Bluetooth make up the phones
hardware connectivity. Nokia have added a document viewer which covers most
Microsoft documents. The C6 is equipped with a primary and secondary camera
system; the primary camera has a 5MP lens and can shoot stills in 2592 x 1944 pixels
and it comes with LED flash and AF. The camera can shoot VGA videos at roughly
30fps while the secondary camera will take QVGA portrait photos and cover video
calls. The video player will comfortably playback a selection of formats while the
music player will handle a range of audio formats. For a company which have been a
major player in the mobile technology field for over a decade, Nokia have started to
lag lately. However with the C6, Nokia seem to have found a foot hold in the market
to drag them name back into the mouths of the masses.
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