The New Generations Of Digital Cameras by djsgjg0045


									With the advent of modern scientific tools, life has become highly sophisticated.
There has been a significant evolution in the technology and the lifestyles of the
human beings. One of the fine examples of evolution is the advent and craze for
digital cameras. A digital camera is equipped with an electronic photosensitive sensor.
The photographs are stored digitally in the in-built memory of the camera and can be
directly uploaded on a computer for viewing and printing. There is no need for buying
films or getting them processed with these modern gadgets.
  The craze for using the cameras can be traced back to the 16th century. Man has
used the cameras to capture the history or larger-than-life-events. As the science has
expanded in this ever-shrinking world, the expansion of camera technology has soared
to new heights. From the normal camera, the world has stepped into the era of digital
cameras. These cameras have brought in a complete revolution in the camera industry.
  The features of digital camera are so unique and advanced, that handling the camera
has become a child's play. Before you go and buy your digital camera, you should
know some basic information on these modern weapons. You must pick the right
camera to capture your precious moments.
  How a Digital Camera Works
  The basic difference between a digital camera and normal camera is that a normal
camera uses a film to store the photographic images, while a digital camera uses an
in-built memory to store the photographs in digital format. The lens of the digital
camera focuses the light directly on to a semiconductor device. This device records
the light electronically. The computer then breaks and stores this electronic data into
digital data, which gets stored in the memory of the camera and can be transferred on
to a computer.
  Charge Coupled Device (CCD) is employed as the image sensors in the digital
cameras. These charge coupled devices are responsible for converting the light into
electronic forms. The CCD is made up of light sensitive diodes which accumulate
electrons when hit by a beam of light. The prominently used CCDs are the triple CCD
cameras. The product of these cameras is superb as the three CCDs react separately to
the three basic colors such as red, blue and green. The end result is fantastic. These
electronic symbols are then stored as digital data in the digital camera.
  Buying a Digital Camera
  The modern market is booming with various types of digital cameras. Digital
cameras vary in function and most of all their mega pixel quality. If you plan to buy a
digital camera, prior information about digital cameras would be an added advantage.
  First of all you should figure out your need for buying a digital camera. The need for
a digital camera helps you narrow your search for the best camera, suited to your
requirements. You might want to buy a digital camera for posting photographs on the
net, using photos for professional graphics work, to get a better-quality photographs
and much more.
  Next thing you should determine is the resolution you require in a digital camera.
There are broadly 5 classifications of resolutions for digital cameras. These
resolutions are expressed as mega-pixels. The higher the resolution of a camera, the
better quality photograph it will produce. There are cameras available with 6 and 7
mega-pixels however, anything above 4 mega-pixels will produce really great photos.
 Now buying a digital camera should be easy!
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