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					Its official, Justin Bieber is currently roughly 3% of Twitter. The Guardian states that
the teen pop sensation is mentioned sixty times a second, and three of every one
hundred tweets can easily be tracked back to him. A sixteen year old kid has mastered
Twitter while thousands of businesses battle everyday just to keep their Twitter
accounts from turning on them. Even specialists in website design sometimes have
difficulty with Twitter.

Needless to say Justin Bieber's global superstar reputation and army of pre-teen and
teenage, female fans might have something to do with his enormous tweeting success.
Still, he has created an very successful method for making use of Twitter to enhance
his brand. Businesses ought to think about doing the same.

The initial task for a brand looking to leverage Twitter is to figure out if the sort of
individuals who Tweet, are the kind of people the brand is attempting to engage with.
Jitterbug, a business that markets cellular phones to the elderly, is not going to get
much benefit from Twitter.

The way brands create their Twitter personalities is also an important strategic choice.
Some businesses display an impersonal image, and don't reveal who is behind their
feed. Others choose to have certain individuals stand for the brand, whether these are
staff or just enthusiastic people in the Twitter online community. Brands that utilize
the latter method usually present an impersonal Twitter feed in addition .

A common mistake that brands make is taking a persona too far. Similar to how a
mediocre actor might over perform a character as a way of compensating for a lack of
depth and comprehension, a company may flood followers with trite and boring
promotional messages instead of providing genuine information. To create a
enthusiastic group of followers, companies ought to tweet information that is
worthwhile and entertaining, not merely spam the Twitter community with undesired

As an example, if a business was trying to market the key words "web design
London", the best method would be to tweet entertaining content that is related to web
design. Annoying followers with limitless advertisements will only convince them to
follow someone else.

The overall goal of increasing the strength of a brand by means of Twitter must be
attained via hundreds of micro engagements with other Twitter members.
Consequently companies on Twitter need to decide in what way these engagements
should be constructed. A common method is to use Tweets as means of pushing
relevant content or publishing certain information.

One more method is to use the social networking site to develop connections with
customers and communicate in general with the Twitter community. Additionally
Twitter can be s potent listening device that gives businesses access to the insights of
the more experienced. Generally speaking, the best strategy is to have only one
engagement approach per feed, as Twitter users appear to respond more positively to
specialized feeds.

Of course, the previously mentioned advice will not take a brand to Justin Bieber
levels. It will, however, prevent beginningers on Twitter from destroying their
popularity and brand personality before competitors get a chance.

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