The many Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette by djsgjg0045


									The electronic cigarette is a small device created to look like a regular cigarette and
provide a realistic smoking experience. However, instead of being filled with tobacco,
it features a battery, an atomizing device, and an inhaler. The battery is often
rechargeable, and one charge lasts around two to three days depending on usage. The
atomizing device is heated by the battery, turning the liquid nicotine into vapour. This
vapour is then inhaled through the inhaler. The liquid nicotine is contained at one end
of the inhaler. When it runs out, all one has to do is replace that section of the
electronic cigarette with a fresh cartridge. Each cartridge holds the same amount of
nicotine as 15 standard cigarettes.
  The many benefits of the electronic cigarette are almost too numerous to count. The
primary benefit of the electronic cigarette is that it contains no harmful substances.
There are no tar or toxic carcinogens. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 harmful
chemicals, including ammonia, acetone, formaldehyde, pesticides, lead, carbon
monoxide, and arsenic. None of these chemicals are found in the electronic cigarette.
  For many smokers, smoking is a social activity that can be enjoyed with their friends.
However, non-smokers don’t always enjoy being around their friends when they
smoke because of the issues created through passive smoking. The electronic cigarette
removes this issue completely.
  There are also monetary benefits to using an electronic cigarette. It has been
estimated that a smoker who regularly smokes ten cigarettes a day can save up to
£770 a year. For those who smoke up to 40 a day, that number grows to more than
£3,200 a year. That is quite the substantial savings. Because it features no tobacco,
the electronic cigarette is not subject to any tobacco tax.
  Smoking has been banned in a number of public areas due to concern over
second-hand smoke. The electronic cigarette is not affected by this ban due to its lack
of tobacco and other dangerous chemicals. The legality of the electronic cigarette is
not at the moment in question and many pub owners are more than happy to allow
their patrons to use this device. This allows users to get their nicotine craving in
public areas where they otherwise would not be allowed to smoke. A number of
different pubs and clubs have begun allowing the use of electronic cigarettes on their
property. These locations offer a great way for smokers and non-smokers alike to
socialize and enjoy a night out without smokers needing to step outside or
non-smokers feeling ill.
  Terry Metcalfe writes on behalf of Intellicig specialists in the Evolution electronic
cigarette and e-liquid range.

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