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					Bowling can be a great way to get together with your friends. You can bond over food
one night while trying to score, beat each other at bowling, or simply seeing how well
you can knock the pins down. Bowling can also be a good activity for a children’s
party. If you are looking for a good bowling time or a great place to hold a party, then
look no further than the Strike Bowling Bar at the Mandarin Centre in Chatswood.
  The Strike Bowling Bar features high tech bowling lanes for tenpin bowling
enthusiasts. If you want to have a private party, the bar also has private lanes so that
you don’t have to worry about being interrupted while you are with family and friends.
If you want more activities besides bowling, the Strike Bowling bar also has laser tag,
karaoke, and other games. This way, you can have fun no matter who you are with.
  The Strike Bowling Bar also has its own cocktail bar, so that any party that you have
will be more fun. This makes the place a great hangout for anyone who wants to go
beyond clubbing or dancing on a weekend night. Bowling will not only provide you
some exercise, but awaken your competitive spirit as well. Now isn’t that a fun,
wholesome way to have a party?
  The Strike Bowling Bar can accommodate as many as six hundred people, so
whether you’re gathering your entire clan or just a few friends, you can certainly have
a great time! With cocktails, its own DJ, a lounge area, and pool tables, you will have
fun everywhere you turn the minute you enter the Strike Bowling Bar.
  For more information, visit the Strike Bowling Bar on the 4th level of the Mandarin
Centre in Chatswood. You can make reservations for functions, or you can simply
drop in with a few friends and enjoy the ambience that only the Strike Bowling Bar
can offer.
  Make a strike more fun at the Strike Bowling Bar, in the Mandarin Centre,
Chatswood. With both public and private bowling lanes, as well as a cocktail bar, you
can be sure to have fun with your friends. For more updates regarding similar
launches and events please like our Mandarin Centre FaceBook page.