The Makings of a Perfect Hen Party by djsgjg0045


									There are many of us who are aware of a stag party. So do you know all about a hen
party? Well a marriage takes a man and a woman. And when the bridegroom and his
male friends celebrate a stag party also known as the bachelor party the bride and her
female friends get to celebrate a hen party. A hen party as it is popularly called in the
United Kingdom is meant to be a celebration of the remaining days and hours of the
maidenhood of a bride to be. It is believed that the word 鈥榟 en 鈥?has been derived
from the word 鈥榟 enna 鈥?which is the name of a type of leaf that is found in the
Indian subcontinent and widely used to decorate the hands and feet of the brides there.
The henna leaves are considered to be an auspicious part of Indian weddings and the
word is also partly used for western wedding hen parties that is also known as
bachelorette parties in many other countries because weddings are always auspicious
in every part of the world. Hen Do Activities There are several things that a group of
young ladies can embark on to make their hen party one of the most memorable ones
they have had so far. Travel 鈥?You and your friends can plan a weekend trip to a
place out of your city and even the country. There are several cities within proximity
that you can visit for a hen weekend trip. If you are in the UK you can choose from
among the following cities. Dublin Barcelona Benidorm Madrid Stockholm These are
only some of the names out of the many options that are there of cities across Europe
and other continents. There are several comprehensive packages that take care of all
your party arrangements along with a range of exciting activities planned for the
weekend of fun. In a place like Benidorm weekend can also mean a lot of fun by the
beach with water sports and cruises along with everything else. Spa Break - There is
nothing more important than to look in the best of your health and looks for your or
even your best friend 鈥檚 wedding. Give yourselves a much needed spa break from
the hectic schedules of the daily grind. If you opt for a spa break Europe can give your
group some of the best comprehensive spa hen weekend packages to some of its most
dazzling ad beautiful cities and locales. A spa weekend at any of these places can give
you the following advantages. Therapeutic massage Stress relief and relaxation
therapies Steam and sauna baths Thermal baths (in some locations only) Salon
treatments of facials, manicure and pedicure among other things
  The idea and purpose of a hen weekend party is to enjoy the last few hours and days
of your maidenhood. So take your friends and enjoy as you visit some of the most
interesting and beautiful places of the world.

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