The largest flea market in Amsterdam

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					If you are on your way through Amsterdam, you definitely don’t want to miss its
famous flea markets. Except the pleasure of bargaining and finding real treasures at
affordable prices, flea markets offer the opportunity of meeting with tradition and
culture. By wandering through the city’s market places, you discover a side of
Amsterdam that you can’t find in a museum - a living part. You see its cultural
heritage live, not merely observing it through a window. And the trader in you will not
leave unsatisfied either!
  Before making your way in a flea market, the no. 1 rule you should always stick to is
take care of your possessions. This doesn’t involve just Amsterdam, but every market
in the world, as it could shelter pickpockets, small time thieves and crooks. If you
keep that in mind, everything’s cool and your haggle can begin. From everlasting,
bargaining has defined markets and is an activity enjoyed by both buyer and
shopkeeper. Who wouldn’t enjoy a real treasure hunt?
  In Amsterdam, most of the markets are located well within the city and you find
them open Monday to Saturday. You can find here almost anything that passes your
mind, speaking of shopping of course, from goods of daily use, organic food, to
flowers, books, clothes and even art pieces. As visiting all Amsterdam’s flea markets
is impossible, especially if you’re in a short transit, you should visit Waterlooplein,
the most famous one.
  Waterlooplein Flea Market, located on Waterlooplein, 1011 PG, at the top of
Nieuwmarkt is Open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  The oldest and biggest flea market in the city, Waterlooplein flows with possibilities
for all kind of people. If you’re in for some great bargaining, there’s a wide range of
interesting things to choose from, like antique pieces of furniture, posters, spray paints,
cool T-shirts and all kind of traditional objects from different countries. I’m sure this
sounds like fun and adventure. However, if this isn’t adventurous enough for you,
dare getting a tattoo here! Told you can find almost anything here.
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