The Introduction of the Dyson DC28 by djsgjg0045


									If you are already apart of the Dyson family, then the quality performance that Dyson
offers would be nothing you don’t already expect. Dyson has continuously captured
the market place with its new models and accessories. For example, the Dyson DC28
Animal is the ideal HEPA vacuum cleaner for a pet owner or a allergy sufferer that
would benefit from the maximum cleaning power in their homes. I would recommend
the Dyson DC28 for a large home or apartment that has wall-to-wall carpeting.
  Because the Dyson DC28 is equipped with a new actuator, is also designed for use
on smooth floor surfaces as well. The Dyson’s patented design enables the brush to
adjust and roll lower while lowering the cleaning head into the floor to enable a deep
clean action. A tighter seal has been enabled on smooth floors while you are in the act
of vacuuming.
  The Dyson DC28 comes equipped with a push button control you can adjust to clean
low, medium and high pile carpets or smooth flooring with user-friendly control. The
new Dyson model also has a new Air Muscle technology that increases the suction
performance without the weight increase of the vacuum head.
  Also, the new Dyson DC28 equipped with Air Muscle technology utilizes three
Dyson-designed components. To control the cleaner head, the pneumatic actuator is at
work. Another piece is powered by a cam to enable the vacuum head to remain at its
optimal performance for cleaning various lengths of carpet. Another important
component to the new Dyson model is high torque clutch. The high torque component
is designed to maintain a consistent speed rate of the brush and at the same time it
deep cleans even the dirtiest carpets.
  The three new added features simultaneously work together to make the DC28 the
most innovative vacuum cleaner in the cleaning industry. The other additional features
from the new Dyson model is as listed:
  Air muscle Technology, Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand, Mini Turbine Head
Attachment, Flat Out Head Attachment, Clean Exhaust Air, Ergonomic Design,
Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter, Motorized Brush Bar, Finger Tip Control, and a Five
Year Manufacture’s Warranty (on parts and labor).
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