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The Britannica Quest by sdsdfqw21


									                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                             The Britannica Quest
                                   in conjunction with the launch of

          The New 2010 Encyclopaedia Britannica

                Encyclopaedia Britannica recruits Arnold Palmer and Tony Hawk

Golfer Arnold Palmer, skateboarder Tony Hawk and NASA space scientist Jack Lissauer are among the
4300 contributors to the latest 2010 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the iconic reference source that
has long graced schools, libraries and private homes all over the world. The result is thousands of articles
covered within 32 volumes, covering such diverse subjects as human genomes, the Balkan states, Raul
Castro, coronary heart bypass operations, global warming and Jacob Zuma.

              Who has the oldest printed Encyclopaedia Britannica in South Africa?

To celebrate the new edition, the publishers of Encyclopaedia Britannica have launched a nationwide search
for the oldest complete set still in private hands.

Britannica was first published in 1768 and is the oldest English-language encyclopedia still in print. In
celebration of this longevity, Britannica is interested to hear how the brand has featured in people’s lives and
is also calling for stories, experiences and photos.
“While we know that copies from the 1930s are still in existence, we don’t know if some of the rarer editions
from the 1800s and early twentieth century are still in private hands, so we are hoping this quest will uncover
hidden gems,” said Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Ian Grant.

The owner of the oldest complete set that Britannica finds will win a Limited Edition 2010 32-volume
Encyclopedia with a Renaissance binding (only 500 numbered copies available worldwide) worth R40 000!

In addition all registrants will be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win one year’s full access to
the massive database of Britannica Online worth over R500! Even if you don’t own a set, you can still
register to enter the prize draw or to tell your unique Britannica story.

                          To register please visit:
            Alternatively, send your name, contact details, print set publication year and/or story to
                            e-mail: or fax: 011 314 2984

                              The closing date for all entries is 28 February 2010

                            FOR ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT:
    Helen Holyoake on Tel (011) 462 2302, fax (086) 648 2375 or e-mail


About Britannica
The Encyclopædia Britannica is a home of writers, thinkers and philosophers, wits and teachers. Contributors since its
origin in 1768 have included such celebrated academics and authors as A.C Grayling, Peter Kellner, Paul de Sousa,
Gary Dickson, Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Leon Trotsky and Harry Houdini.

In 1994 the company developed Britannica Online, the first encyclopædia for the Internet, which made the entire text of
the printed Encyclopædia Britannica available online, as well as a Britannica DVD version. New initiatives for the Web
are continuously under way. Britannica Kids, just published, is the essential online homework helper for children aged
from 6 to 14.

About Jacklin Enterprises
Jacklin Enterprises is a Publishing Company specialising in trade distribution and continuity programmes in South Africa
and the UK. The company is owned by Mike Jacklin and his family and is managed by him and an experienced team of
qualified professionals in their field.

Jacklin Enterprises (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1997, but at the time already represented the culmination of almost 20
years experience in South African publishing, mail order continuity marketing and fulfilment.

Based on this solid foundation of experience, the company was granted the Southern African distribution rights for
Britannica publications in 2008. A wide selection of Britannica book sets, individual publications and children’s
publications are available from selected major booksellers or directly from Jacklin Enterprises.
Please contact us to receive a complete product catalogue:

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