The Infertility Cure For Women - 5 Natural Aids to Fertility

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					It is quintessential to find a suitable infertility cure as in recent years; infertility has
grown in both men and women due to various factors like life style, food; intake of
certain drugs etc. This is an issue with people all across the world.
  To give birth to a child is the dream of every woman. Every woman wants to hold
her bundle of joy in her arms. Nevertheless, thanks to progress in science and
technology, today there are cures for infertility. However, the conventional medical
cures are expensive and have tremendous side-effects. Natural holistic cures have not
only been found to be more reliable, but have no side-effects and are far less
expensive. They also tend to place the patient in the best health of their lives.
  Here are 5 practices that can help you to conceive:
  1) Intake of folic acid:
  This vitamin is an effective infertility cure. For a long time it was recognized to stop
health issues such as spina bifida in the baby, however today it is also known to help
conception as well. As per a recent research, women who consume right amount of
folic acid everyday had 40% lower likelihood of complexity in producing eggs.
Deficiency in producing eggs is one of the main causes of female infertility.
  Women who wish to be pregnant are advised to consume 0.4mg of folic acid daily
by doctors. So, regular consumption of folic acid is a good infertility cure.
  2) Increase the consumption of whole grains:
  It is advisable to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates like whole grain
breads which are excellent to improve fertility. You can also increase the consumption
of other complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice and stone-ground
cornmeal.However, it is crucial to refrain from the consumption of refined
carbohydrates like white bread as they increase the sugar and insulin levels in your
blood. It is good to have 5-7 servings of whole grains on a daily basis to increase your
chances of becoming pregnant. Eating whole grains can be termed as a very tasty,
healthy and inexpensive infertility cure.
  3) Observe the basal body temperature:
  Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature achieved by the body while
sleeping or at rest. The process of ovulation causes a rise in the basal body
temperature of women. The increase in the temperature is the indication that the body
is in the process of releasing an egg. By meticulously monitoring the rise in the basal
body temperature one can effectively determine the ovulation day.
  In order, to make this process successful, you must make a chart of your body
temperatures. Regularly check your body temperature in the morning and make a note
of it.It is advisable to record the temperature of your body as soon as you awaken.
You have to observe the variation in the body temperature after ovulation. It is crucial
to maintain the record as well as go for an ovulation test to determine the most fertile
point every month.
  4) Refrain from certain medications:
  Keep away from medications such as aspirin, Motrin or similar drugs which cause
the blockage of the prostaglandin hormone which helps in easy conception. Avoiding
certain drugs that cause infertility in women is also an extremely helpful infertility
 5) Increase the intake of Vegetable oils:
 Augment the consumption of liquid vegetable oils and refrain the use of cottonseed
oil. Naturally occurring vegetable oils that are rich in Vitamin E work as the best
infertility cure for women.
 Get ready to welcome your little wonder into this beautiful world. These simple yet
powerful practices are easy to follow. It is not easy to find the infertility cure that
works the best for you but combining 2-3 of the above cures for infertility will help in
bringing the little angel to earth!
 This small sample of Holistic infertility cures are a part of a much larger study of
infertility that has been researched for over 15 years. The outcome of this work has
resulted in thousands of women all over the world finally being able to conceive
children naturally even though the conventional medical community has deemed them
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