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									                                                                                          NUTRITION & EXERCISE 2

          A Healthy Lifestyle for Nutrition and Exercise

          odern life is great in many ways, but                   • Favor healthier oils: olive oil and vegeta-
          the advances and conveniences have                        ble oils are best, butter is okay in mod-
          brought health hazards with them.                         eration. Avoid soft margarine, which has
Three of the modern life health hazards are our                     harmful components called trans-fats and
food choices, eating habits, and exercise habits. We                partially-hydrogenated oils.
need to be aware of these and adjust for them.                    • Include foods with fiber—a lack of fiber
    Here are our suggestions—but they are offered                   leads to constipation (less than one bowel
to you with a proviso. You all know as well as we                   movement a day) and stomach aches.
do that when it comes to nutrition and exercise, the                Bran cereals are good for fiber, as are
recommendations keep changing! First you hear                       fresh fruits and vegetables.
low fat, and then you hear low carbs. First you hear              • Buy very little junk food. Remember, if
exercise three times a week, then you hear five                     you buy it, someone will eat it.
times a week. Even the hallowed “food pyramid” is                 • Avoid adding salt to your food. Salt in the
under attack. What is a body to believe?                            diet can make high blood pressure worse.
                   So, we have tried to provide
               common sense advice not likely to              Food Habits
                  be subject to change.                            We learn our habits from a very young age,
                                                              so the actions of parents are important here.
                     Food Choices                                 • Let appetite be your guide. A child should
                         Because of modern food                      eat when hungry, and stop when pretty
                    processes, people are no longer                  full—not stuffed to the gills!
                  in danger of starving, food is rela-            • Try to eat at fairly regular times, and try to
              tively inexpensive, and we hardly have                 have the family eat together. It is best not
         to work at all to collect and prepare foods.                to eat in front of the TV, and a good idea to
But modern food processing also concentrates                         be conscious of what you are eating while
calories, which makes it easy for us to get too much                 you eat it. This minimizes eating uncon-
too fast. We can also get too much fat, too many                     sciously, which can lead to overeating.
carbohydrates. too much salt, and not enough fiber.               • Most people adjust well to about three
How can we cope with these dangers?                                  meals a day, and a couple of snacks (with
     • Include healthy foods regularly in the                        healthy food).
        family’s diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables                • Try to make your meals pretty much the
        generally fit this category. Protein foods                   same size. This is better than having one
        are also good: meats, fish, dairy, and tofu.                 really big meal. When you do that, the
     • Avoid foods that are heavy in fats and                        body tends to hold on to more of the calo-
        calories. French fries, candies, etc.                        ries as fat.
     • Avoid foods that are heavy in sugar                        • Avoid food fights with kids—no one wins
        (sugar is a carbohydrate that is absorbed                    these. If they won’t eat, it’s okay, they
        very speedily into the bloodstream). Sodas                   won’t starve. If they demand junk food,
        and juices are full of sugar. Take it easy                   you’re okay if there is none in the house.
        on pasta and breads; the carbs in these                   • Eat until you are just full, not stuffed.
        turn into sugar quickly. (Too much sugar                     But don’t deprive kids of food if they are
        brings out the body’s insulin, a hormone                     hungry, even if it is off hours. Don’t let
        that drives sugar into cells, which is turned                yourself get too hungry; don’t let yourself
        into fat, and which makes us hungry again                    get too full.
        pretty quickly.)                                                                         (Continues on back)

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                                                                                   NUTRITION & EXERCISE 2

    • Avoid fast food restaurants—maybe once                  bikes, running after each other, playing
      a week at most. They offer too many                     games. Telling kids that this is “good,”
      carbs, too much fat, and too many calo-                 goes a long way.
      ries. Fast food qualifies as a bad habit.            • Sign up for sports. PE at school is not
                                                              enough! Every child should have a couple
Exercise and Activity                                         of activities that they really like. Some will
     People used to have no choice—they                       be team sports, some individual; some
walked and carried a lot. Nowadays we sit and                 will be competitive, some not. But it is the
ride a lot. If we are to keep our bodies healthy,             very rare person who cannot find anything
we need to build exercise into our lives                      that they like to do physically.
consciously.                                               • Encourage aerobic exercise. What is aero-
    • Set a good example. Be conscious of your                bic exercise? If you are huffing and puffing
        own exercise habits, and build them into              and your heart is racing as you do it, that’s
        your daily life. Kids learn from us. The              aerobic. They need to get the heart rate
        family that exercises together stays healthy          up to really benefit.
        together.                                          • Scheduled activities keep you committed.
    • Walk up one flight of stairs and down two               It is so easy to say, I’ll do that treadmill
        flights, instead of taking the elevator.              later. But it is harder to avoid an appoint-
    • Limit TV time. Not because TV is so harm-               ment with teammates or friends.
        ful (that’s disputable), but because we             These are all general guidelines that we
        don’t move at all when we watch TV—            hope you find helpful. We Bayside clinicians are
        except maybe to reach over for a soda....      here to help you personally, so don’t hesitate to
    • Encourage activities at home—riding              discuss all this with us at our visits. Good luck!

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