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The In's _ Out's of Orlando Vacation Rentals by djsgjg0045


									There are approximately 20,000 vacation rental homes, apartments and condos in the
Orlando area. With so many vacation rental properties available it can be hard to
know which is the right option for you and your family so this article will attempt to
break it down and make your choice easier.
  Before you decide to rent a condo, apartment or vacation home you 鈥檒 l need to
research such things as location, amenities, size of property and of course, couple that
with what you intend to do when you arrive in town. Location is extremely important
to your plans so you need to ensure you have selected the right area to be able to get
to everything you want to see and do. If you are visiting the main theme parks then
you 鈥檒 l need to stay in Kissimmee which is the closest destination for vacation
rentals in the Disney, Sea World and Universal Orlando areas. If you are planning to
visit for some of the great shopping or fabulous dining then you 鈥檒 l need to be
close to Interstate 4 which allows for fast and quick travelling from the Kissimmee
area to the Florida Mall, Mall of Millennia, Dr. Phillips and Winter Park areas. So let
鈥檚 now break the accommodation choices into three areas: 1) Condo's Condo's are
typically 400 to 800 sq. ft in size and are typically made up of a small living area, a
bedroom and a tiny kitchen. Usually your condo will be mixed in with many other
units of a similar nature and for some people that can be very overwhelming. Condo
鈥檚 are usually the cheaper way to go if you are on a really tight budget but peace,
quiet and a tranquil environment can be sacrificed. 2) Apartment / Townhouse
Apartment 鈥檚, otherwise known as townhouses, can vary in size but most range
from 500 sq ft upwards to 2,000 sq ft for the larger units. Apartments are very similar
to condos in as much as they are usually found in three story or higher blocks of
buildings and again this can feel overwhelming to those who are used to having plenty
of space around them. Again, privacy can be an issue but they do offer a little more
space than a condominium unit. Each apartment will have a separate living area,
separate medium sized kitchen and separate bedrooms. Most apartments range from
one to three bedrooms and are usually moderately priced. 3) Vacation Homes Vacation
homes are the way to go if you value space, peace and quiet and the ultimate in luxury.
Common myth is that they are expensive but there really are some great deals around
and if you enjoy having spacious floor plans of 1500 sq ft upwards to over 4,000 sq ft
of space available to you then this is the only way to go. Vacation homes have at least
one lounge or living area (some have two or three such areas), large screen TV 鈥檚,
internet access, full sized kitchen, a laundry, a garage and a private heated swimming
pool. Most vacation homes are also equipped with all modern appliances, home
furnishings, DVD/CD players, entertainment centers, video game consoles,
screened-in lanais and patios. Each type of vacation rental property offers amenities
that are sure to make your stay in Orlando more pleasurable and you should check
each rental community to find out if they have some of the nicer extras such as
clubhouse access, hiking and biking trails, communal pools, golf courses, tennis and
basketball courts, gyms and shuttle transportation to area theme parks as not all rental
communities have what you may be looking for. So now you have the information
you need to decide. Ultimately it 鈥檚 up to you what you want and need to ensure
the perfect stay. Choose well! 漏 2010 For more information about vacation homes,
call 407 870 1600 *** The articles on this website are made freely available to all
members of the media and the press. The only condition is that credit be given to
Nigel G. Worrall as author of the articles. About Nigel G. Worrall: Nigel Worrall is
President / CEO of Florida Leisure Vacation Homes & Total Real Estate Solutions. He
is regularly sought by the media as a vacation home and real estate expert and has
featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS. He has also featured in The Wall Street Journal,
USA Today, New York Times, Newsweek, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post,
Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal and several other publications. Nigel is
also the best selling author of 鈥淏 ig Ideas For Your Business 鈥?(Advantage Media)
Nigel serves many clients around the world as a Realtor 庐, Real Estate Broker, Real
Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Trainer.
  Florida Leisure Vacation Homes is the leading vacation home company in the
Orlando, Fla. 鈥?Disney area, offering 3-7 bedroom private vacation homes near to
all the Orlando area attractions. Each home has it 鈥檚 own fully equipped kitchen,
3-7 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, laundry, 2 car garage and best of all, private
swimming pool.

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