The Immune System by djsgjg0045


									To learn how to improve and stimulate their natural immune system, we know that
they are immune system and its role in our body. Simply put, our immune system is a
sophisticated system designed to protect our body from attack by viruses, such as
fungi, bacteria and malignant cells. It is constantly monitoring our bodies and
wherever you see any abnormalities, launches its army of white blood cells to destroy
the enemy or an infection in the area and carried out their work with remarkable
  As you know, the human body has an ability to heal many wounds and infections on
their own immune system help your body to fight infections. All human beings like
you and I owe our survival to this really great system that protected us, long before
there were drugs, antibiotics, hygiene, and so on.
  As you know, every organ immune system in our body is subjected to unbalanced, so
the same with the immune system when working with less capacity than normal.
Compromised immune system also opens the door to invasion from all organisms that
take advantage of these gaps for entry into the human body. There are many types of
diseases associated with compromised immune systems, such as autoimmune diseases,
which are those in which our immune system tries to fight the infection and ends at
the same time the struggle and the infection invades and attacks normal body tissues.
  Some autoimmune diseases are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple
sclerosis, Hashimoto's syndrome, lupus, etc. According to a recent study, there is a
link between autoimmune diseases and increased stress due to time is the maximum
time for the immune system and the attack by these diseases. The system of the host
immune defense system works is the thymus gland. Recent research has shown that
the thymus gland is strongly influenced by emotional states and an intense negative
emotional state reduces its capacity by up to 50 percent and that is why people
develop diseases when under stress.
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