The HTC Legend is a very good smartphone

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					Sculpted from a single sheet of aluminium, the HTC Legend has become a style icon.
The advanced Android smartphone has all the trimmings too; digital camera, web
browser, GPS and social network integration. Yes, there are better performers out
there but you will struggle to find a phone which looks this good. It looks good and
performs like a champion, what more do you want. A truly glorious 3.2 inch
AMOLED screen highlights the face of the phone while a single optical navigation
button sits central below. The shiny casing frames the vibrant HVGA (320 x 480 pixel
resolution) display wonderfully and a slight curve to the chassis makes the device
very comfortable to handle. The screen is capacitive which means it utilises the
multi-touch input method and an accelerometer allows the UI to be used in landscape
mode which opens up an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The Android platform is
coated in the highly capable HTC Sense software which provides advanced SNS
integration (social network-phonebook synch) and great a great all round user
experience. As standard the HTC Legend comes with numerous Google apps which
are scattered throughout the interface. But access to the Android Market is the real
party trick, with this access comes unlimited exposure to thousands of downloadable
applications which range covers practically any task you can think of. Hooked up with
3G network coverage and Wi Fi the Legend is very well connected and web browsing
is a generally pleasant experience. Swiping your way through web pages, pinching
and spreading for zoom and receptive scrolling tools allow users to comfortably
navigate the worldwide web from the palm of there hand. The HTC Legend is loaded
with messaging support; you get plenty of options with e-mail, SMS, MMS and
Instant Messaging where you will find compatibility for all the biggest names
including Google and Hotmail. The Multimedia player has support for audio and
video playback while support for FM radio is also standard protocol. A 3.5mm audio
jack lets users plug in almost any headphones and the phone is also boasting
Bluetooth for wireless hardware communications. Another important selling factor is
the phones memory expandability where up to 32GB can be added via microSD card.
HTC have equipped there stylish Legend phone with a 5MP digital camera which
comes complete with auto focus and flash, you can choose to geo-tag or upload your
images to the web with YouTube of Facebook. Videos look gorgeous, and you can
capture still of video imagery in widescreen. The phones navigation features include
Google Maps and HTC Footprints; both are supported by the phones in-built A-GPS
receiver. Here we have a phone which has been loaded with tons of high tech
specifications straight of the shelf; the HTC Legend is at the higher end of the
spectrum where smartphone functionality is concerned. The best thing about this
phone however is that it not only functions perfectly as a phone, a messaging tool, a
web browser and a multimedia device, but it is the ideal phone for the fashion
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