The HTC Desire Z is a dedicated messaging device

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					Released alongside the Desire HD, the Desire Z is a spin-off of one of 2010’s best
Android smartphones; the Desire. HTC have delighted fans by slapping a full
QWERTY keyboard on to the back of the touch screen handset. The HTC Desire Z is
loaded with messaging features and has been packed with tons of online connectivity.
The basic design of the phone is based on the Desire; however a slide out QWERTY
keyboard is the key difference. HTC have provided the Desire Z with a 3.7 inch
capacitive touch screen which utilises the multi-touch input method. The screen can
produce over 16 million colours in a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The keyboard is very
well made and as the slide mechanism takes the keyboard away from the phone before
finally settling flush with the chassis, HTC have been able to raise the individual keys
for more accurate typing. The HTC Sense UI works beautifully over the Android 2.2
OS (Froyo). The Desire Z is loaded up with the same seven-screen interface which
can be pinched for a full overview, and features like FriendStream have been inherited
from its successful predecessor the Desire. The spunky 800MHz processor handles
the media heavy applications comfortably while multi-tasking is tackled with ease. As
standard the HTC Desire Z uses its 3G network coverage for an internet connection,
however for a faster connection, Wi Fi can be used to pick up a connection from
nearby WLAN hotspots. HTC have throw in an accelerometer so the UI can be
switched to landscape which opens up access to the keyboard, it is also the ideal way
to surf the web, as pages are displayed in a widescreen format. It is now considered
mainstream for a smartphone to integrate your social networks into your contacts list,
and the Desire Z does just that. FriendStream can be given its own home screen to
work from and streams information like status updates and tweets from Facebook and
Twitter into one easy to use application. The Desire Z is also equipped to handle
multiple e-mail inboxes and IM clients with all the mainstream e-mail and IM account
providers being compatible. The camera is a 5MP effort which is capable of filming in
720p HD, stills are captured in high resolution and all of your work can be uploaded
to the web directly from the camera menu. The video player is able to playback a wide
range of file types and the WVGA screen delivers gorgeous on-screen imagery every
time. The device is pre-loaded with an enhanced music player which can also play a
large selection of formats and with support from a superb on-board speaker system
and a 3.5mm jack the sound quality is of a high standard. The phones memory can be
expanded via microSD card and access to online stores allows users to download
tunes on the go. HTC have provided satellite navigation in the form of HTC
Footprints and Google which are supported by A-GPS. The HTC Desire Z has been
loaded with quite a few Google goodies, but the best of all is the uncensored access to
the Android Market which has an ever-growing population of applications which
deliver there services in all areas of day-to-day life. HTC are having a mighty good
year; with the release of the Legend, and then the Desire, and now the dual release of
the Desire HD and the topic of today’s article; the HTC Desire Z. The Taiwanese firm
have a fine selection of phones in there Android stable, with all impressing in there
own way, but most importantly they are all competing at the knife edge of smartphone
  Check out the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z at

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