Tenders awarded in September 2008

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					                                                  Tenders awarded in September 2008

No      Tender No    Description                                                       Tenderer & Reason             Date of award   Value of tender

     SCMB 08/09/08   The Supply and delivery of Maintenance for Hardware and Computerised Point of Sale (POS)                        Approximately
1                                                                                                                     01-09-2008
     509S/2007/08    Software to the City of Cape Town's receipting system   Systems (Pty) Ltd t/a HRK Cape                          R2,250.000.00

                     Enviromental Maintenance and upgrades of Data Centre,
     SCMB 09/09/08
2                    Server and Network rooms together with the Maintenance Dimension Data (Pty)Ltd                   01-09-2008     R 10,500,000.00
                     of existing centres

     SCMB 10/09/08   Provision of Professional Services: Conveyancing
3                                                                              Rowan and Pullen Inc.                  01-09-2008      R 958,035.00
     517C/2007/08    Attorneys for Wallacedene

     SCMB 11/09/08   Periodic Tender for trenchless rehabilitaion of Stormwater Peninsula Pipeline Services CC                       Approximately
4                                                                                                                     01-09-2008
     501Q/2007/08    Infrastructure.For 2 years                                 Tuboseal Services CC                                 R7,000,000.00

     SCMB 12/09/08   Protea Heights Water Supply: Construction of a 12 MI
5                                                                              Empa Structures CC                     01-09-2008     R 14,954,544.40
     507Q/2007/08    Reservoir (WR12/2008)
                                                                               Solukem and Mawethu CC
                                                                               Wilcox Catering (Pty)Ltd t/a Ndlovu
                                                                               Corporate Suppliers
                                                                               Imvusa Trading 1669 CC
     SCMB 21/09/08   Supply and Delivery of Refreshments for a period of two   Seabreeze Electrical and General                       Approximately
6                                                                                                                     08-09-2008
     545G/2007/08    years from date of commencement of contract.              Supplies CC                                            R800,000.00
                                                                               Mazana Trading CC
                                                                               Multilayer Trading 625 CC
                                                                               Sisiza Ukhanyo Trading 336 CC
                                                                               SFNC Labour Broking CC
                                                                               Execo Khokela Civil Engineering
     SCMB 22/09/08   Nonqubela Precinct-Phase 1/ Section 2: Upgrading of                                                             R2,180,880.31
7                                                                              Construction (Pty) Ltd                 08-09-2008
     502Q/2007/08    gravel roads, Khayelitsha                                                                                        R45,860.00
                                                                               Entech Consulting Engineers
     SCMB 23/09/08                                                             Execo Khokela Civil Engineering
8                    Fish Hoek Outfall Sewer Rehabilitation (Phase 1)                                                  08-09-2008   R 1,293,739.26
     513Q/2007/08                                                              Construction (Pty) Ltd

     SCMB 25/09/08   Purchase and removal of condemned/ damaged plastic                                                             Approximately
9                                                                              Phambile (Pty)Ltd                       08-09-2008
     539G/2007/08    litter and refuse bins. For 2 years.                                                                           R480,000.00

                     Increase in contract sum: Consulting fees for the
10   SCMB 27/09/08   Rehabilitation of the concrete retaining wall along the main Jakoet and Associates CC             08-09-2008   R 150,000.00
                     road from Dido Valley to Simon's Town
                                                                               Imvusa Trading
                     Request for Deviation: Horticultural maintenance in the   Andys Garden
11   SCMB 29/09/08   City Parks Northern Dstrict for the following areas:      Davids Tool Hire                        08-09-2008
                                                                                                                                    R 1,668,713.00
                     Killarney, Athlone, Gugulethu and Ndabeni                 Blou Terrein Dienste
                                                                               John Lindsay

                     Supply and Installation of Waterborne Sanitation in       R & R Adams Builders CC t/a R & R
     SCMB 41/09/08                                                                                                                  Approximately
12                   concrete structures (Elsewhere supplied) in informal      Adams Construction                      15-09-2008
     15Q/2008/09                                                                                                                    R9,000,000.00
                     Settlements. Fo 2 years.                                  Quetzel Trading 116 CC

                                                                               Joint venture:
     SCMB 42/09/08
13                   Rehabilitation of portion of Sacks Circle                 Messrs Brink & Health Civils (Pty)Ltd   15-09-2008   R 8,408,446.07
                                                                               & P Mokwena Construction CC

     SCMB 43/09/08   Supply and Installation of Fire Hydrants and Water                                                             Approxiamtely
14                                                                             Messrs Harmonious Pools CC              15-09-2008
     24Q/2008/09     Connection in District 3 Khayelitsha : For 2 years                                                             R2,000,000.00
     SCMB 44/09/08                                                             Amandla GCF Construction CC t/a
15                   Construction of Seawinds Sport Complex                                                            15-09-2008   R 7,133,724.29
     488Q/2007/08                                                              Amandla Construction
                     Design, Supply, Delivery and Installation, Testing,
                     Commisioning and Upholding during the Trial Operation
     SCMB 45/09/08   period and the Defects Notification period of the
16                                                                               Huber Joint Venture                  15-09-2008   R 8,355,253.80
     491Q/2007/08    Mechanical Electrical and Control Equipment for the
                     upgrade of the Domestic and Industrial inlet works at the
                     Wesfleur Wastewater Treatment Works (WW3/2008)

                     Provision of Service Provider: Provision of Training for    Pricewaterhousecoopers Inc.
     SCMB 46/09/08
17                   Management Development Programme for the Revenue            Cape Peninsula University of         15-09-2008   R 1,999,500.00
                     Department: For 2 years                                     Technology Consortium

                     Development of Training Manuals: Debt Management,
     SCMB 47/09/08
18                   Deposits and Refunds, Deeds and Final Account and           Ducharme Consulting (Pty)Ltd         15-09-2008   R 1,254,000.00
                     Debtors Operation-Department of Revenue

                     Provision of Professional Services: Development and
     SCMB 48/09/08                                                               Enviromental Resource Management
19                   Implementation of an Enviromental Compliance Strategy                                            15-09-2008   R 1,295,000.00
     556S/2007/08                                                                Southern Africa (Pty)Ltd
                     for the City of Cape Town

                     Provision of Professional Services: Mannenber Infill-The
     SCMB 49/09/08                                                               Urban Vision and Regional Planners
20                   Downs Housing Project-Appointment of a Town Planner                                              15-09-2008   R 511,894.20
     485C/2007/08                                                                CC
                     and related specialist studies

                     Manufacture, Supply and Delivery of Polyethlene insulated
     SCMB 50/09/08                                                             F Luke t/a Supreme Electrical                       Approximately
21                   underground pilot cable for a period of 24 months from                                           15-09-2008
     1E/2008/09                                                                Supplies                                            R1,879.200.00
                     date of commencement of contract

                     Request for Deviation: Transport Management Centre
22   SCMB 53/09/08                                                               Franki Africa (Pty)Ltd               15-09-2008   R 3,765,420.00
                     (2010 WC Project) Preparatory Contract

                     Single Souce selection: ABC Project-Extension of
23   SCMB 54/09/08                                                               EOH Consulting (Pty)Ltd              15-09-2008   R 510,264.00
                     Contract Access Model

                                                                                 C'Est Gyms CC
     SCMB 61/09/08   Supply and Delivery of Refuse bags: Period of 2 years                                                         approximately
24                                                                               Barrier Packaging & Label CC         22-09-2008
     543G/2007/08    from date of commencement of contract                                                                         R 9,000,000.00
                                                                                 TT ANC Trading CC
                                                                                    Dombo Du Plessis and Partners
     SCMB 62/09/08   Provision of Professional Services: Relocation of existing
25                                                                                  (Africa) (Pty) Ltd t/a Dombo Du       22-09-2008   R 1,007,104.50
     31C/2008/09     Midblock Water Reticulation Network in Ruyterwacht
                                                                                    Plessis and Partners (Pty) Ltd
                     Design, Supply, Delivery and Installation, Testing,
                     Commisioning and Upholding during the Trial Operation
     SCMB 63/09/08   period and the Defects Notification period of a 400V,
26                                                                                  Cape West Electrical CC               22-09-2008   R 2,586,522.82
     386Q/2007/08    400KVA uninterrupted power supply together with 400 V,
                     550KVA standby alternator and diesel primemover for
                     Scientific Services, Athlone, Cape

     SCMB 66/09/08                                                                  N2 Consultants CC t/a N2
27                   Alterations and Additions to the Ikhwezi Clininc                                                     22-09-2008   R 1,949,093.42
     6Q/2008/09                                                                     Construction

     SCMB 73/09/08                                                                                                                     Approximately
28                   Supply and Installation of valves in District 3, Khayeltisha   PDR Construction CC                   29-09-2008
     25Q/2008/09                                                                                                                       R2,000,000.00

     SCMB 74/09/08   Building of 1177 top structures in various phases of the
29                                                                                  Mellon Housing Initiative             29-09-2008   R 82,232,282.00
     55Q/2008/09     Wallacedene Housing Project, Kraaifontein, Cape Town

     SCMB 75/09/08                                                                  Peter Solomans (Pty)Ltd t/a Jetvac
30                   Plumstead Sewer Rehabilitation (Phase 1)                                                             29-09-2008   R 2,577,390.65
     244Q/2007/08                                                                   South Africa

                     Supply, Delivery and Installation of new venetian and
     SCMB 77/09/08   vertical blinds and maintenance of existing venetian and     ABDA Building & Interior Projects t/a                Approximately
31                                                                                                                        29-09-2008
     479E/2007/08    vertical blinds required for a period of 24 months from date ABDA Projects                                        R2,000,000.00
                     of commencement of contract
                     Provision of Professional Services: Claremont CBD
                                                                                    Dombo Du Plessis and Partners
     SCMB 78/09/08   Upgrading of Main Road between Stanhope and
32                                                                                  (Africa) (Pty) Ltd t/a Dombo Du       29-09-2008    R 704,673.90
     7C/2008/09      Campground/ Protea Road and the development of
                                                                                    Plessis and Partners (Pty) Ltd
                     Provision of Professional Services: Visserhoek Leachate
     SCMB 79/09/08
33                   Treatment works extention: Civil, Mechanical and          Jeffares and Green (Pty)Ltd         29-09-2008   R 5,049,163.91
                     Electrical Engineering Design and Implementation

                     Request for Deviation: Festive Illuminations Program/                                                       Approximately
34   SCMB 83/09/08                                                             Candilite Cables CC                 29-09-2008
                     Fabrication of set pieces: Adderley Street                                                                  R 221,334.60

                     Request for Deviation: Syntell License Agreement:                                                          Approximately
35   SCMB 84/09/08                                                             Syntell Networks (Pty) Ltd          29-09-2008
                     Tygerberg District                                                                                         R 1,132,131.20
                     Request for Deviation: Syntell License Agreement: Cape                                                      Approximately
36   SCMB 86/09/08                                                             Syntell Networks (Pty) Ltd          29-09-2008
                     town District                                                                                               R256,354.50
     SCMB 88/09/08   Increase in Contract Sum: Authority to purchase
37                                                                             Amasondo Fleet Services )pty) Ltd   29-09-2008    R 367.100.00
     UC126/2004      replacement tyres
                                                                             Civils 2000 CC                                     R1,600,000.00
     SCMB 89/09/08   Increase in Contract Sum: Construction of Claremont Bus Messrs Arcus Gibb                                   R90,600.00
38                                                                                                                 29-09-2008
     163Q/2006/07    Terminus-Civil & Electrical Works                       Messrs NM & Associates                              R127,000.00
                                                                             Sithembili Consulting                               R56,200,00

                     Increase in Contract Sum: Transport Management Centre
39   SCMB 90/09/08   (TMC) Goodwood-2010 World Cup Project: Increase in    ASTII Consortium                        29-09-2008   R 14,592,000.00
                     Professional Service Fees: AstII Consortium