The growing need for cycle shelters

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					With every house, every mall, every building that is constructed, the parking space
can not be ignored and is always incorporated in the blueprint phase. That’s why you
have underground parking lots at business centers, large parking space at plazas and
malls and garages at homes that provide a safe place for your car. However, a car does
not happen to be the only vehicle that people use. Cycles are also used by a good
number of people who choose to cycle their way to school or for work and they
require nice safe cycle shelters.
  Putting up a shelter will do a lot of good for people depending on their cycles for
transportation and travel. In order to do so, it becomes important to understand what
our cyclists are looking for in terms of their cycle storage.
  Numbers in research show that almost 9% of cycles were stolen when parked outside
an owner’s house or in a garden. Thus, they require a shelter that provides security
and a peace of mind. It was also shown that safe shelters encouraged students to cycle
their way to school, giving them the freedom and the exercise they need.
  Moreover, cycle stands that only hold a part of the wheel are not too popular with
cyclists. They believe this damages the rim of the wheel and the security is also only
limited. They would want shelters that treat their cycles with respect, just like a good
  Because using a cycle as a mode of transport is not at all taxing on the environment,
providing cycle shelters at major public places can encourage many people to cycle
their way, keeping both themselves and the environment healthy.
  What’s more, people owning cycles and riding them frequently need a shelter that
protects their cycles, not only from thieves but from the elements of nature like rain,
excessive direct sunlight, dust etc. If you are looking to install a shed for cycles then
you must evaluate the type of material used to construct it and whether it is in
accordance with the immediate environmental conditions of that particular place.
  For cycle shelters that suit your needs and budget, log on to
and provide what many cyclists are looking for badly.

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