; Will the colour of my driveway fade
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Will the colour of my driveway fade


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									Will the colour of my driveway fade?
As concrete products are dyed for the effect of a natural product, with
any coloured product susceptible to our weather conditions, no
manufacturer can guarantee the a colour will hold through the life of
the bricks. However, this will not effect the overall performance of the

Will weeds grow up through the bricks?
If laid correctly a patio or driveway should not endure growth from
below the surface. However, if the driveway is not properly maintained
i.e. swept and kept generally clean from spilt materials (grass
clippings, soil) growth shall occur within the brick joint. To avoid this
occurrence a preventative measure is to spray or brush in a
weed/moss killing product during the pollination season.

I seal my driveway or patio?
Sealing any concrete product/natural stone is always recommended
but in some cases is not always necessary. If you are going to seal
your patio/ driveway, you should try to seal it as soon as possible,
after a driveway or patio is completed. It is easier to clean and remove
stains from a sealed driveway or patio and most solvent or water
based sealant will enhance the performance of any product.

What is the best way to clean my driveway or patio?
The recommended way to clean any driveway or patio is by using a
light garden hose and a stiff yard brush to remove debris and stains. If
persistent staining remains power hosing is the next alternative,
however, we do not recommend you use a power hose frequently as it
can remove jointing sand and disturb pointing on natural stone slabs.
When dry always replace lost jointing sand to ensure optimum
performance of a driveway.

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