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					Global financial crisis on China's import and export of traditional Chinese medicine
has been fully reflected in the first quarter of statistical data: According to Customs
statistics, in the first quarter, China's import and export volume of Chinese medicinal
products to 4.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 8.7%, slower than 10.3 percentage points over
the same period last year. Of these, 130 million U.S. dollars of imports, up 42.5%;
exports 300 million U.S. dollars, down 1.5% - the first negative growth in exports
over the years.

The first quarter of 2009, each month, Chinese exports to volatile products, the chain
down then up. February Chinese product exports, decreased by 23% to March,
exports of Chinese medicine products chain greatly increased 40.6%. This shows that,
as the country introduced a series of economic stimulus policies, a good signal to the
export situation has begun to appear.

Chinese crude drugs

Exports fell significantly

A quarter of China's total import and export volume of Chinese medicine and slices of
5.4 million tons, down 24.8%, import and export amounted to 130 million U.S.
dollars, down 13.2%. Among them, the export volume of 4.4 million tons, down
24.9%; exports amounted to 100 million U.S. dollars, down 22.6%. Export volume
and export value declined sharply, but the average prices rose slightly.

Chinese crude drugs on the South Korean exports fell the most obvious decline in
both number and value of 48% year on year. The main reason is China Chinese crude
drugs Korea increased sulfur dioxide, heavy metals residue limits, to some extent,
restricted the application of such products exported to Korea. However, a quarter of
Chinese crude drugs in China in Taiwan and China's exports to Germany with good
financial results, an increase of respectively 26.9% and 40.7%.

Plant Extract

Export amount ranks first in exports of Chinese medicine

A quarter of the import and export volume of plant extract 1.3 million tons, up 24.7%,
import and export amounted to 190 million U.S. dollars, up 41.5%. Among them, the
export of 8,371 tons, down 5.07%; exports amounted to 140 million U.S. dollars, up
20.7%. Chinese plant extracts export accounted for 46.7% of the total exports, export
growth of Chinese medicinal products is a major driving force.

Plant extracts, the largest increase in export value is the natural pigment products.
Bulk single product in the first quarter of stevia export value increased remarkably.
Pure plant extracts with low exports and export prices are up slightly, these products
are used for food additive industry. Plant extracts high purity price increase
significantly over the previous year, but exports fell more, indicating the area of
health care products for the plant extracts has decreased.

Export markets, in the first quarter performance is the most prominent Indian market,
2008 came in the export market of plant extracts the eighth, the first quarter of this
year rose to third place. The main products exported to India are natural pigments,
spices and other crude plant extracts, widely used in food areas.

A quarter of the two largest export market performance of Japan and the U.S. different.
Increase exports to Japanese market, exports decline in the average export price fell
by 22.7%; the U.S. market is in contrast to higher export growth, exports fell
significantly, exports to the U.S. average price rose significantly, an increase of
111.5% . Since Japan imports of plant extracts in China except for health care
products, the large part of Chinese herbs as raw materials. U.S. imports of plant
extracts is mainly to use as food additives, low added value, the proportion of exports
of such products to the United States gradually reduced.

Chinese patent medicine

Further increase the trade deficit

The first quarter of this year, import and export amounted to 65.29 million U.S.
dollars of proprietary Chinese medicines, down 11.6%, export prices declined by
20.7%. Among them, the exports 28,050,000 U.S. dollars, down 11.2%; imports
amounted to 37.24 million U.S. dollars, down 11.9%. Trade deficit reached 9.19
million U.S. dollars.

Asia is still the main export market of proprietary Chinese medicines, Chinese patent
medicines accounted for 72.2% of global exports. Proprietary Chinese exports decline
is the biggest Japanese market, exports fell by 11.7%; increase is the largest South
Korean market, exports increased 580.8 percent year on year. South Korean exports to
the extraordinary growth in March this year, mainly due to a trading company Anguo
made two trade turnover reached 90 million, accounting for a quarter of a proprietary
Chinese medicine in China exported to Korea 90% of the total. Such an increase of
non-continuity, and do not represent significant growth in demand for the Korean

Health Products

Strong growth in exports

In the first quarter, China's health products reached 46.66 million U.S. dollars, up
26.7%. Exports 22,820,000 U.S. dollars, up 29.5%; imports amounted to 23.84
million U.S. dollars, up by 24.2%. Trade deficit of 102 million.

Health care products main export markets are Japan, the United States, Canada,
France, Germany, quarter [FS: PAGE] are substantial growth year on year degree. As
the United States and Europe has become a mature consumer market in health
products and health products relatively cheap in China, so China's exports of health
products in general less affected by the financial crisis.


Chinese export situation will gradually getting better and better

Although exports of traditional Chinese medicine there was a slight decline in the first
quarter of this year, but the analysis of all major types of goods can predict the second
quarter, the export situation of Chinese medicinal products will be gradually getting

First, the Chinese crude drugs in the first quarter although the number and value of
exports has declined, but there actually was an average price growth momentum. In
addition, Chinese crude drugs ring in March rose by 49.4%, warming trends have
been seen. In response to foreign technical trade barriers, China Medical Insurance
Association has been active with the South Korean Pharmaceutical Association, input
and output communication between agencies to ensure that trade facilitation; the same
time they also begin to develop our exports of Chinese crude drugs industry standards
to reduce technical trade barriers limit.

Second, the plant extracts will remain the main driving force stimulating the export of
Chinese medicine, plant extracts from the use of analysis, the overall demand for
stability in the global market. Plant extracts the financial crisis prompted the change
in market segmentation, India and Mexico as a new plant extracts market, huge
demand for food additives in the field will greatly promote the export of plant extracts.
Japan, U.S., EU and other developed countries and regional markets over the import
of plant extracts used in Chinese herbs, or health care products in the field, the
characteristics of its rigid requirements the financial crisis will not change greatly.

Thirdly, the current Chinese patent medicines in the proportion of Chinese exports
less exports declined slightly will not affect the overall export situation of Chinese
medicine. The main export markets proprietary Chinese medicine in Asia, to seize the
Asian markets, focusing on developing the Southeast Asian market, Quality brand,
will make proprietary Chinese exports is beginning to pick.

Fourth, health care products market is the most potential market. Export of data
analysis, health care products before and after the financial crisis does not appear
significant export market fluctuations, has been in a stable growth.
In summary, the estimated annual import and export of Chinese products in general
growth momentum will be maintained.
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