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                                  2303 E. Burnside • Portland, OR 97214

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chiropractic and massage

Summer 2008                       Celebrating OUR Rebirth!
                                  Backs on Burnside Open House
Gail Karvonen, D.C.
Managing Chiropractic             Thanks to all of you for your patience       Many guests were treated to mini-mas-
Physician                         and understanding through our transi-       sage sessions during the event. Several of
                                  tion period, temporary relocation and       the staff gave presentations and demon-
Megumi Moskowitz, D.C.            building remodel. The clinic has a new      strations on craniosacral massage, supple-
Chiropractic Physician            address: 2303 East Burnside, and a new      ments, exercise ball techniques, self-care
                                  name: BACKS ON BURNSIDE. (We                and stretching for common aches and
                                  resisted the temptation to call ourselves   pains, and there were question and answer
Denice Gordon
                                  “Backs OFF Broadway.”) Our phone            sessions with the chiropractors.
Office Manager
                                  number is the same: 503-287-7733.
Vicki Hammond                                                                 If you haven’t visited us yet, please call us
Office Assistant                  To celebrate our rising from the ashes,     at 503-287-7733 for a chiropractic ap-
Jennifer Newton                   (most of you know about the fire in the     pointment, wellness check-up or massage.
Office Assistant                  2100 building in January 2007) our re-
Cydney Wilkes, LMT, CA            born clinic had an open house on May
Massage Therapist                 1st. Patients came out to show their
Chiropractic Assistant            support and we were welcomed to the
Romy Schuller, LMT, CA            neighborhood by new faces.
Massage Therapist
Chiropractic Assistant            We advertised gift bags for the first 25
Tina Cameli, LMT                  guests and before the event there was a
Massage Therapist                 line out the door! They were all gone in
                                  less than 10 minutes.
Emily Flansburgh, LMT
Massage Therapist
                                  Drs. Gail Karvonen and Megumi               Backs on Burnside clinic staff and
                                  Moskowitz, along with the entire Backs      Dr. Karvonen’s two daughters welcomed
Conditions Treated                on Burnside staff, were available to        patients to the May 1st open house.
• Back pain (upper or lower)      give tours of the beautiful new space
• Car accident-related injuries   and get to know some of our patients
• Headaches                       better. Dr. Karvonen’s twins, Claire and
• Hip/Knee/Ankle                  Tessa Alexander, also welcomed guests
• Neck pain                       and helped everyone enjoy the festivi-
• Jaw pain                        ties. (Was it really more than 11 years
• Repetitive motion syndromes     ago when photos of them as newborns
• Shoulder/Arm /Hand
                                  appeared in the clinic’s newsletter?)
• Sprain/Strain
                                  Everyone shared fresh, healthy food
• Tendinitis
                                  and the clinic gave out prizes. Our
• Tingling/extremity numbness
                                  guests were thrilled to win free chiro-
• Wellness care                   practic care, hour-long massages and        Patients Orville Nilsen and his wife fill out
• Work-related injuries           orthopedic supplies.                        forms for a drawing at the clinic’s open
Keep Summer Fun                                                                        Staff Updates
with a Massage                                                                         Several new massage therapists have joined
                                                                                       our treatment team and we’ve had a new addi-
When the rains taper off and sunny skies return, Portland                              tion to our front desk. Please welcome Emily
can feel like heaven on earth in the summer. The outdoors                              and Jennifer.
beckons us to pump up our bike tires and dig up the gar-
den, or lace up our hiking boots and set off on a trail. It’s                          Emily Flansburgh, LMT, received her mas-
all great fun, but in our excitement to enjoy ourselves, we                            sage therapy degree from East West College of
sometimes overdo it.                                                                   Healing Arts in Portland in 2003 and started
                                                                         practicing the following year. She also has a bachelor’s de-
Even simple things like carrying a heavily loaded picnic
                                                                         gree in exercise physiology from Nebraska Wesleyan Uni-
basket can put a strain on our backs. One of the best ways
                                                                         versity and is a runner who has worked in specialty running
to keep those tired or overused muscles from becoming in-
                                                                         retail for over five years. Emily is accomplished in trigger
jured is to have a massage. And if you do sustain an injury,
                                                                         point therapy and has worked with athletes doing injury
a massage, coupled with chiropractic care, can help heal
                                                                         prevention and care.
those injured muscles and joints.
Like massage, summer vacations, too, are wonderful stress                Many of you have already met Jennifer Newton. She’s
relievers. However, many people find that when they return               part of the front desk office staff and started in September.
to their jobs, work (especially email) has piled up. Ironi-              Originally from Massachusetts, she recently graduated
cally, you may feel just as stressed as before you left. How             from Portland State University with a bachelor of science
can you relieve some of this stress? Simply schedule a re-               degree in psychology. She plays on a kickball league, is a
laxing massage for the week you come back.                               huge Red Sox fan, and enjoys hiking and exploring Oregon.

Here are just a few ways massage can rejuvenate your body                Christine White, LMT, who has been doing massages and
and spirit and prevent injury during the summer:                         chiropractic assisting work at the clinic since February
• Alleviates low back pain and improves range of motion.                 2006 is relocating to her hometown of Chicago with her
• Exercises and stretches weak, tight or atrophied muscles.              husband and daughter. Her energetic spirit, attention to ath-
• Helps athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from,             letic injury and deep tissue massage will be missed. We
  strenuous workouts.                                                    wish her well on her new journey and her next marathon
• Increases joint flexibility.                                           which follows her recent Boston marathon finish!
• Promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and
  stretch marks.
• Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital                             Massage Reduces Job Stress
  organs, improving circulation.                                           Massaged adults showed enhanced alertness and lower anxi-
• Relaxes and softens injured, tired, and overused muscles.                ety, cortisol (stress hormone), and job stress levels in a study
• Releases endorphins—amino acids that work as the                         published in the International Journal of Neuroscience.
  body’s natural painkiller.

                      Enjoy the Benefits of Self-Massage
    Imagine that you have a personal masseuse who spends 10 to            or foam roller, your muscles, joints and bones work more effi-
    15 minutes a day relaxing your tight muscles and working out          ciently and are less likely to become injured.
    any painful muscle knots and spasms. Few of us can afford a
    personal masseuse. But all of us can enjoy the same benefits          Foam rollers are easy to use. You simply use your body
    by using a foam roller, available from Backs on Burnside for          weight to sandwich the roller between the soft tissue you want
    $25. It’s easy to use and a great way to improve your flexibil-       to release and the floor. When you find a tender spot, stop
    ity and range of motion and lower your stress.                        rolling. Rest your body weight in that position for 30-60 sec-
                                                                          onds only. Don’t roll on your bones, but focus on muscle
    Even if you do yoga, Pilates or stretching, you may still expe-       areas. Follow the instructions for specific exercises that are
    rience lingering stiffness. That’s because this tightness isn’t       prescribed by your chiropractic physician.
    caused by your muscles. It’s due to restrictions in your con-
    nective tissue or fascia. Think of this tissue as a kind of “saran    Think of self-massage with a foam roller as a preventive tech-
    wrap” that surrounds your muscles, bones and joints. When             nique. By regularly loosing up soft tissue restrictions, you can
    you smooth out this connective tissue, either with a massage          avoid injury and experience a greater feeling of well-being.
Got a Pain in
the Neck?                                             Crash Corner Q & A
Do you suffer from chronic neck pain?
                                              Very few things are as stressful as a     ligaments and discs. A chiropractor
Or do you have whiplash, an injury to
                                              car accident. That’s why we want          can check for any misalignments
the soft tissues of your neck, following
                                              you to be prepared if you do find         and treat them before they damage
an auto accident? Then you are not
                                              yourself in a fender bender or more       your overall health.

alone. There’s a one in three chance
                                              serious situation so you can get the
you will suffer from neck pain at some
                                              help you need.                                   Do I need to pay for this

point in your life. This incidence is
                                                                                               treatment or will my insur-
higher among women and people 50–
                                                      What if my car is barely          ance company take care of it?

59 years old. That’s according to a
                                                      damaged? Should I still
study reported in the March 2004 issue
                                              see my chiropractor?                               Oregon law requires that

of The Journal of the Canadian Chiro-
                                                                                                 every auto policy pay up to
practic Association.
                                                         The amount of damage to        $15,000 for medically necessary
                                                         the automobile often bears     treatment that is a result of the auto
Fortunately, chiropractic care and regu-
                                              little relation to the force applied to   accident. This treatment includes
lar use of a cervical pillow can alleviate
                                              the spine and necks of the occu-          chiropractic treatment, massage
this neck pain, particularly in the morn-
                                              pants. So although your car may be        and physical therapy. The coverage
ing. This Canadian study looked at 36
                                              relatively unscathed, you, or your        on your policy, personal injury pro-
adults with chronic neck pain. It found
                                              passengers, may have injuries. An         tection (PIP) is available if you
that when compared to conventional
                                              injury to soft tissue, such as            were involved in an auto collision
pillows, cervical pillows reduced daily
                                              whiplash (a common neck injury            as the driver or passenger, on a
morning neck pain and weekly pain
                                              after an accident), or a joint may        bike or as a pedestrian.

scores. The study also looked at past
                                              not be obvious until you wake up
research which also confirmed the ef-
                                              stiff or in pain the next day. Even if             Do I need to see an attor-
fectiveness of cervical pillows in eas-
                                              you are just sore, you should get                  ney to have my bills paid?

ing neck pain.
                                              checked out immediately because

    All cervical pillows
                                              you may experience pain, numb-                      It is not necessary in all
                                              ness, headaches, muscle stiffness,                  cases to involve an attor-
     are 20% off until                        fatigue, and other problems includ-
                                              ing arthritis many months down the
                                                                                        ney; however, attorneys can be
                                                                                        helpful to guide you through the
         July 31st*                           road.                                     legal process. If any concerns arise

                                                                                        with payment for injuries or your
                                                      I've been treated by a med-       injuries do not resolve, an attorney
The Pillo-Pedic Pillow and memory
                                                      ical doctor. Do I also need       can provide the expertise to negoti-
foam contoured pillows which Backs
                                              to see my chiropractor?                   ate fair compensation with the par-

on Burnside sells, provides gentle neck
                                                                                        ties involved.

traction while you sleep, helping pro-
                                                       It’s very important to at -
mote correct neck alignment and main-
                                                       tend to any life-threatening              If the insurance company
tain cervical spine support. It also helps
                                              emergency and trauma such as                       wants to settle, should I do
to relieve whiplash, neck and shoulder
                                              bleeding or hemorrhage, internal          this before or after seeing my chi-
discomfort and tension headaches. De-
                                              organ damage, broken bones, seri-         ropractor?

signed for both side or back sleeping
                                              ous contusions or abrasions, shock,
positions, the Pillo-Pedic or memory
                                              etc. This is the specialty of the                   It’s important not to sign
foam contoured pillow helps pillow
                                              medical profession. However, they                   or settle until you have had
users wake up well rested and refreshed
                                              do not check for or treat spinal mis-     your chiropractor evaluate your in-
after a great night’s sleep.
                                              alignments in the body caused by          jury. If you settle before your in-
*This discount only applies when payment is
                                              the accident. These misalignments         jury is fully resolved, you will have
received on the date of purchase.             can distort your bone and joint           to pay out of pocket for your care.
                                              structure and irritate nerves, bones,
                                              Backs on Burnside
                                              2303 E. Burnside
                                              Portland, OR 97214


                                              CLINIC HOURS
                                              Mondays    8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m
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                                              Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
                                              Thursdays  8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
                                              Fridays    8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
                                              Saturdays  9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
         The entrance to Backs on Burnside.

             20% off Cervical Orthopedic Pillows through July 31

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In this Issue:

• Celebrating our Rebirth
• Keep Summer Fun with a Massage
• Enjoy the Benefits
  of Self-Massage
• Got a Pain in the Neck?
• Crash Corner Q & A

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