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 February 2009

                 P O Box 536
                 Docex 2 Cap
                 16th Floor M
   D I R E C T O R S A N D A S S O C I AT E S
Chairman                Property Department   International Trade Law
Louis Rood              Anne Boag             Tony Hardy
                        Louis le Roux         Peter Watts
Managing Partner        Susan Aird            Bernhard Kurz
Dick Cheeseman                                Fiona Stewart
                                              Michael Tucker
                        Shipping Department
Corporate &                                   Bob Groeneveld
                        Bernhard Kurz
Commercial Law                                Adam Pike
                        Michael Tucker
Tony Hardy              Fiona Stewart
Peter Watts                                   Environmental Law
Dick Cheeseman                                Fiona Stewart
Bob Groeneveld          Local Authority Law
                        Peter Watts           Deirdré Olivier
André van Rensburg                            Michael Tucker
Russell Warner          Louis Rood
Adam Pike               Anne Boag
Brian Dickinson         Fiona Stewart         Labour Law
Zunaid Mohamed          Deirdré Olivier       David Short
                                              Dick Cheeseman
Litigation              Insurance Law
Louis Rood              Peter Watts           Estates & Trusts
John Bromley            Louis Rood            Tony Hardy
Wickaum Smith           Wickaum Smith         Dick Cheeseman
Dick Cheeseman          Deirdré Olivier       Leanne Barlow
Fiona Stewart
David Short
                        Banking Law           Medical Litigation
Deirdré Olivier
                        Tony Hardy            John Bromley
Michael Tucker
                        Peter Watts           Wickaum Smith
Kumesh Moodley
                        John Bromley          Deirdré Olivier
André van Rensburg
                        Russell Warner        Jacqui Lurie
Russell Warner
Sheri Breslaw
Adela Petersen          Insolvency
                        Bernhard Kurz         Family Law
Amanda Torr
                        Kumesh Moodley        Bernhard Kurz
Brendan Olivier
                        André van Rensburg    Fiona Stewart
Zainab Naidoo
                        Brendan Olivier       Deirdré Olivier
Jacqui Lurie
                                              Sheri Breslaw
Brian Dickinson
                        Tax Department
Patents & Trade Marks   Tony Hardy            Practice Manager
Waheeda Shreef          Bob Groeneveld        Rob Kirkby
                                     Fairbridges prepares for
                                     2010 World Cup

 THE MIGHTY warriors of the Fairbridges Amabutho soccer team have been
scorching up the turf and slamming the ball into the back of the net as they
gear up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Playing a series of high-
profile matches against bewildered opposition in the shadow of the stadium
rising in Green Point, our twinkle-toed stars in their striking outfits have
become the darlings of local soccer-mad fans. Highlights of their performance
have been featured on Match of the Day, Goal of the Day, Player of the Day, Injury
of the Day, Collision of the Day, Own-goal of the Day, and Beverage of the Day.

Viva Amabutho, Viva!
                                    The High Road

 “LAW MIGHT not always produce justice; and good laws or judgments are
not all that is needed for justice. But, and of this I am sure, a legal system
where lawyers say that justice is not my job, is much less likely to be a just
legal system than one in which, with all the uncertainties that embracing the
task might bring, lawyers say it is our job to seek that justice be done.”
                                    - Constitutional Court Justice Kate O'Regan
                             (World Bar Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 2008).

                                    Looking Back

 “THE PRACTICE of law at that time in SA was not for me. You could see the
raw end of the apartheid system being played out in the courts. When death
sentences were handed down it was like being at a soccer match. Half the
court cheered and the other half booed. The system was in disarray, the
delays in getting to trial were huge, and case allocations were biased towards
judges who favoured the death penalty.”
               - Barry Sergeant, journalist, author of The Brett Kebble Story and
                             Wits University BCom LLB graduate (August 2008).

                                   Traditional Law & Custom

  “THE FIRST requirement of society is peace, and certain regulations are
made for the purpose of maintaining peace and order, which are afterwards
raised to the dignity of law. Native laws are based upon long-standing prece-
dents and national traditions. They are thus easily obeyed, first, because they
are the embodiment of principles, the justice and equity of which finds
support in every heart, secondly, they become stereotyped into custom, and
so regarded as the accumulated wisdom of past generations, and the feeling
of veneration for the past and for the dead, which forms the bed-rock of high-
er sentiment in the Natives, makes obedience a sacred duty, and disobedience

“Native laws were readily obeyed and respected. They were not a set of laws
promulgated one year and repealed the next. They remained in the main
unchanged and became the property of the race. Chiefs came and went, but
the laws remained the same.”
                                      - from The Natives and their Missionaries
                                     by Isaac Williams Wauchope (Lovedale, 1908)
                                              [Van Riebeeck Society, No 39, 2008].

                                      Portrait of a Lawyer

  “DESPITE HIS impatience with administration – his desk was usually a
chaotic sea of unanswered letters and unpaid bills – his practice thrived
thanks to his charm and powers of persuasion, which won his firm many
clients. He was also said to have perfected the art of walking out of a meeting
– even one held in his own office.”
     - from the obituary of English solicitor Bernard Sheridon (1927 - 2007), whose
    clients included musicians Pink Floyd, the Hollies, Matt Munro, the Bachelors,
                                           Kate Bush, Cleo Laine and Gerry Rafferty.

                                      Change we can Believe in

 “DURING THE apartheid years, stealing was part of survival for the poor,
and that became the value system. But if we live by the rules of the jungle we
will destroy the country. How do we change that mindset? By creating a suc-
cessful and stable business environment, where the rule of law applies.”
            - Herman Mashaba, Chairman of the Institute of Directors (Dec 2008).
                                             Tripartite Alliance

 “I MISSED the three-piece suit the first time round because I’m too young,
but I love them. They’re masculine and actually very neat – they keep your
shirt and tie in order when you’ve taken off your jacket. Since I’ve started
wearing my three-piece suit in meetings, I’ve heard nothing but praise.”
                                 - English solicitor James Tilbury, 31 (September 2007).

                                             Cloud Nine

 “A LAWYER’S dream of heaven: every man reclaimed his own property at
the resurrection, and each tried to recover it from all his forefathers.”
                                                                 - Samuel Butler (1835 - 1902).

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     Winner of the Professional Management Review (PMR) Diamond Arrow Award
     for the best law firm nationwide in the largest category, with the highest rating.

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