The Easiest Way to Double your income in your spare time by djsgjg0045


									Starting your own information publishing business is one of the easiest, fastest, and
most fun ways of making money from home while working full time or looking after
your family. You can literally get started anytime, with no money or experience.
 So, what is information publishing? It's simply providing information to people.
With the amount of information we're all exposed to on a daily basis through the
media, on the internet, in our email boxes and on social networking sites, we're all
overwhelmed with information. What people want is to find the specific information
they need to solve a problem or meet a need, in one place.
 So, what are the key components of an information publishing business and how do
you get started?
 First off, you will need to build a list of potential customers. The easiest way to build
a customer base is with an e-letter. But what should you put in your e-letter and who
do you send it to?
 Talk about what you know and you can't go far wrong.
 And before you even ask the question - YES! There WILL be people out there who
are interested in the same thing you are.
 No matter how niche it may be there'll be more people out there than you realise
who are interested in hearing from you.
 You don't need a PhD in English to write an e-letter either. Make sure you use the
spell and grammar checker and just be yourself using your natural style.
 Who do you send your e-letter to? Everyone you know! Start with friends and family
and then branch out through word of mouth and referrals. You can also use forums,
articles, blogs and social networking sites to promote your e-letter and build a list of
people interested in your niche.
 With that sorted... how do you get people to read your e-letter?
 In the most basic form you can simply create an e-letter and email it out. Make sure
you give people the option to opt-out though or you are spamming and could risk
having your email account closed down.
 If you feel adventurous, create a simple squeeze page so people can sign-up to your
e-letter. Use an autoresponder to create your sign-up (or "opt-in") form and keep track
of your list.
 Once you've written some simple, benefit-driven copy and you've got your sign up
form on there too, your squeeze page is ready. The final stage is to set your
auto-responder to send a thank you email to anyone who signs up. This email should
state again the benefits of being signed up to your e-letter.
 And that's it. Your squeeze page is done. Now it's there on the web for people to see
and sign up.
 The next stage of starting your own making money from home with an information
publishing business is to look at creating a guide that you can sell.
 The secret to creating your own info product is to have a theme, such as 'guitars' or
'making money'.
 Once you've got your theme, you need an idea or a number of ideas. Again, because
you're writing about what you know, this isn't difficult...
 But there's one final element we need to cover... how do you get the potential
customers who read your e-letter to purchase your guide?
 Use testimonials, endorsements and a compelling sales letter.
 Doubling your income with half the work
 To double your income, or make extra money from home, I propose starting your
own information publishing business... in your spare time.
 Let's consider the maths for generating $2,000 per month (the average salary). Let's
assume we get 200 customers. Creating your own squeeze page will over time
generate a lot more that 200 new customers. But we'll stick with 200 for now.
 We looked at making a guide or report that you could make and retail at around $20.
 We saw how easy it was to make a guide if you simply 'write what you know'. It's
just a case of picking a subject that you have a passion about and going for it.
 And just imagine... your customers read your sales letter and half of them decide to
buy the guide - you've still clocked up $2,000 (100 x$20).
 And how much work did you have to put in?
 Well, first time round you need to set up your list, create a squeeze page, write your
guide and write a sales letter, so it might take a little longer to begin with.
 But once you've got your initial customer base and your squeeze page is collecting
new customers all the time, all you need to do is repeat the last part...
 Come up with a new guide and adapt your sales letter to that new guide. I reckon,
running your own little streamlined operation, it'll take you about a week. So you're
looking at $2,000 for a week's work.

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