The Different Spray Guns and Uses by djsgjg0045


									Spray guns are useful gun-like devices to apply liquid substance such as paint in the
form of spraying. There are a few different type of this applicator found in the market
to cater to various uses at home or in some industries. Each one of it has distinct
features and look. Let us see how this tool benefits human lives.
  In many fields, usually the type of spray guns which is widely being used is the High
Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) one. It is efficient and safe to be used for spraying
paint onto the surface of any automobiles. Other than that, this type of tool has also
been made to be safe for the environment. Another use for it is in home improvements.
The applicator is helpful in painting the walls compare to the normal conventional
paint brushes and rollers. There is another type which is the Low Volume Low
Pressure (LVLP). This tool operates at low pressure. Unlike the HVLP, it uses low
volume of air to works. The uses of this gun will be quite the same as the HVLP. Yet
another type is the airless spray applicator. This one operates on a high pressure pump
with variant tips sizes to come out with atomized coating. It is generally used in the
fields of heavy industries and coatings for marine.
  Indeed spray guns have contributed many benefits and advantages to various
industries and even for the home usages and maintenance. Even the field of medical
practice utilizes this tool. The gun will be used to clean glassware in the laboratory.
Equipments like syringes, endoscopes, curettes and catheters require high degree of
cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore using a powerful spray applicator is needed. Apart
from that, areas of automobiles, manufacturing and individuals have save much time
with this effective and useful tool.

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