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									Spa Portfolio
                   Stand still. The forest knows where you
                             are. You must let it find you.           - DAVID WAGONER

Home to the most spacious and eco-friendly spa and wellness centre in Africa, Karkloof Spa is in
a league of its own. Here, peace and quiet embrace privacy in a luxuriously natural setting.

Eco-friendly thatch-covered wooden walkways connect generous pods of pampering and
pleasure. Every room - from the savannah, wetlands, forest and Thai Sala treatment rooms to the
reflection and tranquility zones - is graced with spectacular views as the spa’s living grass roof and
green surrounds invite game to graze in full view.

In line with our green principles and commitment to conserving the environment, the spa has
been built with recycled and environmentally friendly materials, while all products used at the
spa are natural or organic.

With an exceptional team of highly skilled and internationally experienced therapists waiting on
you hand and foot, Karkloof Spa combines world-class standards with African sensibility.

Choose from our extensive and exotic portfolio of head-to-toe treatments including therapeutic
and holistic skincare and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, specialized massages and
signature spa journeys, all designed to relax, revitalize and recharge your body and mind.

And if you want to leave looking your best, head on over to our Hair Studio for a fabulous cut
and style.
              SIGNATURE SPACE


Be Still. Be mindful. Be present.

Whenever you feel the need, retreat to our
Reflections Lounge and enjoy the time and
space to contemplate as you indulge in a
                                             Spa Journeys
choice of tasty blended tea infusions.       KARKLOOF SPA HAS A CHOICE OF
                                             THERAPEUTIC JOURNEYS.
Slow down and enter your inner world.
Breathe deeply, inhale tranquility and       Choose one that matches your personal intention.
surrender to sheer bliss as you connect to   Whether you’re inclined to spend a few hours or
life within and around you.                  days with us, time spent in Karkloof’s naturescape is
                                             so much more than time out, it’s time dedicated to
                                             healing and restoring your health.

                                             Your Spa Journey includes:

                                                • Full access to all hydrotherapeutic areas
                                                • Spa cuisine of your choice throughout the day


Symbolic of the Karkloof tree, our Origin Signature
Treatment represents a deep-rooted connection with

the source of your being. It’s the starting point, the
beginning of your journey to wellness and wellbeing.

The steaming Rassoul Chamber is where the Rassoul
Cleansing ritual takes place.
To start with, a gentle body brush primes the pores for
head-to-toe skin rejuvenation. Inside the Rassoul is
an array of healing balms and botanical mud blended            EXPERIENCE A SHARED SIGNATURE SPA
to your individual needs. Once the mud has been                JOURNEY AND CELEBRATE THE SPIRIT OF LOVE,
applied to different areas of the body to stimulate            FRIENDSHIP AND FAITHFULNESS.
detoxification, a rest period begins. Clouds of steam          This nurturing ritual not only encourages intimacy and
delicately warm your muscles and activate the mud.             togetherness, but also helps the two of you set joint
Soothing sounds accompany a fragrant mist, which               intentions while creating lasting memories.
slowly and gently envelops you. Following this, a soft
rain showers off residue product. You are then treated           •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
to our Signature Karkloof Intuitive Massage.                     •   Rassoul Cleansing Ritual
                                                                 •   Karkloof Intuitive Massage
   • Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub                     •   Sensory Herbal Bath
   • Rassoul Cleansing Ritual
   • Karkloof Intuitive Massage                           “ This is my beloved, and this is my friend ”.
                                                                                                      - SONG OF SOLOMON
 Umgeni                SOOTHE


 Just as the Umgeni River follows the contours of the
 land, our Umgeni Spa Journey embodies fluidity,
                                                         Earth            BALANCE

 using harmonious massage movements infused with          AN ALL-OVER BODY BALANCING INDULGENCE.
 aromatic scents. This allows the mind to surrender
 to deep relaxation, while hypnotic rhythms guide         Our Karkloof landscape, blessed with abundance is
 you into a sleep-enhanced state of calm and still-       the source and inspiration for this soulful experience.
 ness, relieving tension and easing anxiety. Complete     Earth is a nourishing African encounter designed to
 this experience in the Floatation Pool where you will    cherish and nurture. Rest in the arms of nature and
 drift weightlessly in a stimulation free space.          contemplate the elements of the earth. This journey
                                                          honours the power of touch and is designed to place
    •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub           your feet firmly on the ground.
    •   Tula De-stress Massage
                                                           •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
    •   Aroma Water Lily Facial
                                                           •   Salt Body Polish
    •   Floatation Pool
                                                           •   Mineral Bath
                                                           •   Desert Heat Thermal Body Wrap and Scalp Massage
“What makes a river so restful to people                   •   African Stone Massage
   is that it doesn’t have any doubt - it is               •   Regenerating Foot Treatment

sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t               “ Those who contemplate the beauty of
                want to go anywhere else.” - HAL BOYLE   the earth find reserves of strength that will
                                                                       endure as long as life lasts.”  - RACHEL CARSON
Vuka            ENERGISE


Awaken your body’s inherent memory of restoration
and guide it towards rejuvenation. This journey
permeates the entire body releasing unwanted stress
and promoting a sense of renewed liveliness. Begin
to glow and stimulate your senses as you experience
this vibrant treatment.                                    AN ANIMATED TREATMENT PULSATING
                                                           WITH THE EXCITEMENT OF POTENTIAL.
  •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
                                                           The Everlasting treatment is named after our
  •   Aromatic Moor Body Polish and Wrap
                                                           indigenous herbal flowers, wild with beauty, growing
  •   Restoring Hair Treatment
                                                           all around our glorious surrounds. We invite you to
  •   Therapeutic Back Massage
                                                           surrender to a luxurious pampering experience. Each
  •   Renew Radiance Facial
                                                           process has a different function from unfolding the
  •   Regenerating Hand Treatment
                                                           youthful fountain of joy to consolidating the wisdom of
  •   Guided Hot & Cold Kneipp Therapy
                                                           the body. As you are wrapped in nature’s bounty, feel
                                                           protected, soothed and comfortable in your own skin.
    “In the depth of winter, I                               •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
   finally learned that within me                             •   Tropical Exfoliation
 there lay an invincible summer.”
                                - ALBERT CAMUS
                                                                 Tropical Body Wrap
                                                                 Karkloof Intuitive Massage
                                                             •   Everlasting Skincare with Genie Advance Face-lift
                                                             •   Spa Ritual Hands
                                                             •   Spa Ritual Feet

                                                      “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”
                                                                                                    - WILLIAM WORDSWORTH
Silk        EXPLORE
                                                         Slender, yet strong is the beauty of Gossamer - a
Silk departs from the usual, following a scented         series of effective treatments, graded exercise and
trail on which Thai hospitality can be explored          nourishing meals are combined to transform your
and enjoyed. A gift of sensuality that is essentially    body towards lean strength.
oriental. Pure organic ingredients are blended
with the healing properties of botanicals and            The Gossamer Journey includes the following
infused with ancient knowledge. A combination            treatments, which can take place during four nights
of sensory delights, stimulate body and mind in a        accommodation, or enjoyed over a series of day visits:
focused and particular pattern.
                                                            •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
  •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub               •   Genie Body Treatments
  •   Herbal Thai Poultice Massage                          •   Body Exfoliation
  •   Royal Thai Scalp Massage                              •   Green Coffee Wrap
  •   Authentic Luxurious Aromatic Facial Treatment         •   Floatation
                                                            •   Rassoul
                                                            •   Cellulite Massage
“Patience and the mulberry leaf                          This Journey encourages the use of the Sauna,
           becomes a silk gown”     - CHINESE PROVERB
                                                         Steam and Kneipp Pools as well as walks on the
                                                         property or around the spa.

                                                         “Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
                                                         nothing is so gentle as real strength”.  - FRANCES DE SALES
Nurture                                              Skincare     SKINCARE TREATMENTS REJUVENATE AND REFINE SKIN TEXTURE THROUGH A PROCESS
     SUSTAIN                                                      OF EXFOLIATION, NOURISHMENT AND STIMULATING BLOOD CIRCULATION.
                                                     EVERLASTING SKIN CARE                            results including a bright, radiant glow. An     COMPLIMENT YOUR SKIN
Spend a day amidst the glory of nature whilst you    Timeless, intelligent skincare lavishly brings   energy boosting botanic oil serum and a          Additional skincare to enhance your
enjoy the treatments usually performed over the      together age-defying performance with            soft lift off mask assures optimal vitamin and   elemental facial care:
month. Leave feeling refreshed and revived, having   absolute luxury. In this treatment Myoxy-        mineral absorption while gently stimulating
made time to do all those quality things that are    Caviar delivers the most outstanding and         circulation. Luminous Vitamin C and              GINKO BILOBA EYE MASK
important to you.                                    effective anti-aging results. Your skin will     seaweed mask regenerates and improves            A high performance eye treatment to relieve
                                                     feel visibly firmer and show a marked            skin tonicity and elasticity. An excellent       sensitivity and reduce puffiness.
   •   Ceremonial Foot Cleanse with Salt Scrub
                                                     improvement on deep wrinkles. Repairing          treatment for sunbathers and sun damaged
   •   Waxing
                                                     and rejuvenating ingredients like Pure           skin.                                            CORE BACK TREATMENT
   •   Spa Ritual Hands
                                                     Russian Caviar, Pearl Extract and a natural                                                       A deep cleansing and restoring treatment
   •   Spa Ritual Feet
                                                     plant-based alternative to the Botox®           AROMA WATER LILY FACIAL                           concentrating on the back.
   •   Pure Botanics Facial
                                                     solution called Escutox; leave behind a         A powerful facial treatment that de-stresses
   •   Karkloof Intuitive or Thai Massage
                                                     glowing youthful complexion.                    and reduces skin sensitivity. It also increases   GENIE ADVANCE
                                                                                                     collagen synthesis to repair and nourish skin     The Genie Advance is one of the most
“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
                                   - JOHN KEATS
                                                     NUTRI SKIN FACIAL                               through seasonal or environmental changes.        advanced facial care systems available
                                                     Oxygen, the breath of life is the foundation Natural healing abilities are stimulated and         today. Currently known as the ’10
                                                     of this skin transforming therapy. Unique       activated through this facial treatment.          minute facelift’, Genie Advance is a non-
                                                     botanical ingredients instantly revitalize dull                                                   surgical facelift. Through a strong yet safe
                                                     and over exposed skin and work to diffuse PURE BOTANICAL FACIAL                                   application of micro currents, sagging
                                                     redness and soothe sensitivity. This rescue     Green and protective, this pure plant-based       muscles are re-built and collagen and elastin
                                                     remedy deeply nourishes and repairs to          aromatherapy facial actively works on             are built up. As a result, the face takes on
                                                     establish moisture, tonicity and movement. the face, décolletage and neck. Essential              a youthful appearance, and fine lines and
                                                                                                     oil blends have been chosen for their             wrinkles are reduced. Results are visible
                                                     RENEWED RADIANCE FACIAL                         unparalleled ability to restore healthy           after the first treatment, although a course
                                                     A radical facial treatment for dull and         skin balance and leave skin soft, supple,         of treatments is recommended.
                                                     dehydrated skin, with instant corrective        decongested and refreshed.
Body Essentials
                                                                                                  Elevate the senses and escape to an oasis of glorious wellbeing. Enjoy a tropical and vanilla
Home to an array of beautiful butterflies, we have chosen this symbol of freedom and              scented wrap warmed to absorb the active ingredients, letting them work their magic.
transformation to inform and inspire our body essential treatments.
                                                                                                  AROMATIC MOOR
Organic ingredients employ therapeutic and medicinal properties to purify and revitalize with     This scientifically-proven holistic and healing black magma dates back to ancient
gentle skin exfoliations. Wraps, scrubs, polishes, masks, heat, massage and body brushing are     civilizations. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals amino acids, phyto-hormones, enzymes
used to maximum effect, transforming and supporting your body’s biggest organ, the skin.          and salicylic acid, this warm hydro-soluble aromatic Moor Mud is generously applied to
                                                                                                  your entire body. Sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is
BODY POLISH AND WRAP TREATMENTS                                                                   stimulated, stress vanishes and skin is rejuvenated. Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or
                                                                                                  fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis pain and post-sports injuries.
A full body deep cleansing and exfoliation scrub that uses a blend of aromatic marine and         ADDITIONAL BODY TREATMENTS
mineral salts combined with pure aromatherapy essential oils. This treatment removes
impurities, stimulates circulation and smoothes your skin. A tri-phase cream emulsion is          FLOAT
absorbed into the body on a cellular level, strategically delivering plant and aromatherapy       Your body is suspended in salt water, creating a feeling of absolute weightlessness. External
based ingredients.                                                                                sensations of light, sound, touch and gravity are all removed, while the room temperature is
                                                                                                  set to match your body temperature. This womb like environment has a far-reaching effect
AROMA WATER LILY                                                                                  creating incredibly deep relaxation and removing all traces of stress.
A creamy body polish is massaged generously over the body. Desensitizing Water Lily, Green
Tea and Chamomile relieves discomfort and soothes overexposed skin. Highly moisturising           RASSOUL
and healing, this wrap treatment increases collagen synthesis to repair and nourish traumatised   Originating from Morocco, this body treatment uses exfoliation and steam to nourish
skin.                                                                                             and enrich. A gentle body brush exfoliates your skin after which your body is wrapped in
                                                                                                  mineral rich mud and delicately steamed. Soft rain showers off residue product and skin
GREEN COFFEE                                                                                      emerges softened and plumped. Prior to embarking on any of our Signature Spa Journeys,
Native to Africa, Green Coffee promotes body contouring, slimming and toning. This treatment      we recommend this essential priming treatment.
wrap uses 100% pure micronized Green Coffee to increase your metabolism, stimulate
detoxification and restore your skin’s overall texture.                                           GENIE BODY
                                                                                                  The Genie Body is one of the most advanced body care systems available today. Slimming,
DESERT HEAT                                                                                       Toning and Cellulite treatments are provided for the body. The slimming programme
A mud and balm wrap is applied all over the body, stimulating a powerful metamorphosis.           increases the metabolic rate within your body, which aids in the breakdown of fat. The
Nature’s potent cocktail is frothy and self-heating with an abundance of plant, marine, earth     toning programme firms, re-contours, and re-builds muscle mass. The cellulite programme
and mineral extracts resulting in luminous radiance.                                              breaks down fatty deposits, enabling them to be flushed out of the body.
      Massage Therapy
MASSAGE                                                                SILK OPTIONS

KARKLOOF INTUITIVE MASSAGE                                             THAI TRADITIONAL MASSAGE
With your wellbeing in mind, our indigenous Signature Massage          This unique free flowing connective tissue massage
is tailored to your individual preferences. Numerous massage           with body rocking and diagonal stretching combines
techniques ease deeply into crystallised stress areas, while blended   deep tissue, pressure point and stretching techniques
oils extend their healing qualities into the blood stream, offering    to diminish tension and stimulate metabolism. Tissues
you a comprehensive, exclusive therapy.                                are spread, lengthened and supported to improve
                                                                       posture and internal body systems. Thai stretching
KARKLOOF HELPING HANDS                                                 techniques affect the entire body, increasing mobility,

                                                                                                                                  Finishing Touches
In times of unrelenting stress, the power of touch provides real       relieving pain, releasing both deep and superficial
solace to the human psyche. Our Helping Hands treatment is             tension.
designed to maximize the benefits of touch by using two therapists
who perform a harmonious duet of movements to release long             AROMA THAI MASSAGE
held tension within the body. Their rhythmic and expert massage        Experience the therapeutic power of essential oils that
calms the nervous system, stimulates blood circulation and             combine the sense of smell with the healing value of
accelerates elimination of toxins. This results in a sense of deep     touch. Choose one of the exclusive Thai blends based
relaxation and release of stress.                                      on the four elements: stone, rain, sun and wind – to       SPA RITUALS: HANDS
                                                                       treat common ailments, promote good health and             Transform your hands with an exfoliation and mask rich in minerals and vitamins to soothe,
AFRICAN STONE MASSAGE                                                  increase emotional wellbeing.                              repair and strengthen both nails and skin. Filing, shaping, cuticle repair, paraffin wax wrap, nail
Mineral rich heated flat stones are artfully guided over the body                                                                 buff and polish complete this treatment.
producing an elating massage experience. The grounding energy          THAI POULTICE MASSAGE
of the stones consolidates while the minerals repair and energise.     The Thai Poultice Massage is a unique Thai therapy         SPA RITUALS: FEET
Elixirs of essential oils are used in conjunction with the stones to   in which a selection of Thai and Chinese herbs,            This treatment begins with soaking feet in a blend of aromatic oils. Feet are then
penetrate the muscles.                                                 warmed in a muslin poultice is applied directly to the     exfoliated and prepared for a mask application and massage. Filing, shaping, cuticle repair,
                                                                       body in a kneading action. This traditional treatment      paraffin wax wrap, nail buff and polish complete this treatment.
TULA DE-STRESS MASSAGE                                                 has been practiced since the 14th century to soothe
A calming sleep-enhancing massage that gently moulds muscles.          muscle tension and stiffness. Heat and herbs are           REGENERATING HANDS AND FEET
It is designed to harmonise the body and induce a deep sense of        absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains,       Hands and feet are often neglected yet they also require specialised care to counteract
calm.                                                                  increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation and      aging and environmental damage. This hand and foot treatment regenerates, moisturizes and
                                                                       condition the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and      grooms. A hydrating mask and vitamin concentrated ampoule is used to enhance youthfulness.
THERAPEUTIC BACK MASSAGE                                               relaxed.                                                   Sun damaged hands are left smoother, softer and wonderfully re-hydrated.
This massage activates an immediate stress release, focusing on
key tension areas located in the back, shoulders, neck, and scalp.     ROYAL THAI MASSAGE                                         HEAD SPACE
Strong massage techniques alleviate aches and pains and skilful        This massage begins at your feet and moves upwards.        The Hair Studio provides therapeutic hair care and styling. Special chemical-free solutions for
manipulation of pressure points awaken healing reflexes.               While lying on your back or side, the Royal Thai           hair that radiates and reflects inner health, bounce and shine.
                                                                       Massage involves muscle manipulation through the use
RELEASE SCALP AND FOOT MASSAGE                                         of hands, thumbs and fingertips, as opposed to palms,      SPA BASICS
Let your mind surrender and quieten as stress is released and          elbows or knees. No oils are used and this massage         Waxing and tinting can be booked with any spa treatment, please enquire at the spa reception.
tension is massaged from your head to your toes. Facilitated           does not involve any strenuous stretching.
through strategic pressure points, this treatment will leave you with
your feet on the ground and head in the clouds.                       AUTHENTIC LUXURIOUS AROMATIC FACIAL
                                                                      Experience nurturing by nature as our therapists apply
CELLULITE MASSAGE                                                     fragrant Eastern botanicals to your skin to revitalize
A vigorous sequence of massage movements that break down              and enhance your complexion. Drift away under the
cellulite, improve blood circulation and warm the skin for better     blissful aromas of truly natural products that leave your
penetration of cellulite products.                                    skin glowing and refreshed.
          Spa Etiquette

ARRIVAL                                                           CHILDREN
We encourage all our guests to arrive 15-30 minutes early,        Scholars from the age of 12 are welcome when                 MEDICAL CONDITIONS                                            SHAVING
so you can enjoy an unhurried start to your time at the           accompanied by an adult. This is for safety as well as the   Be sure to mention any medical conditions when you book       If you must shave, do so at least two hours before your
spa. Met by a spa host with refreshments in hand, you will        impact on the comfort and relaxation of others.              your treatments or spa journeys. Depending on your par-       scheduled appointment, particularly if you’re a man
be given a “My Essence” consultation card to complete.                                                                         ticular situation, certain treatments may not be advisable.   receiving a facial or a woman receiving any kind of
Next, to orientate yourself and learn more about the              CANCELLATION                                                 Before any facial, please inform the therapist if you are     bodywork.
various treatments and facilities available, you’ll be taken      If you need to cancel an appointment we ask that you         wearing contact lenses.
on a tour of the spa. You will then be issued with your           do so at least 24 hours in advance. Any appointment that                                                                   SMOKING
locker key and a pair of Havianas to be worn during your          is not cancelled with 24 hours notice will incur a 100%      MIXING ACTIVITIES AND SPA-GOING                               With improved health as a goal we support a smoke free
time at the spa.                                                  cancellation fee on all treatments. We greatly appreciate    We do recommend that you try to stay out of the sun and       environment and want you to benefit from our pure
                                                                  your cooperation and understanding.                          avoid alcoholic beverages on the day of your treatment.       unpolluted air, a treatment in itself.
In the change room, you will shower and put on the                                                                             We also encourage you to refrain from physically demand-
toweling robe from your locker. If you are going to               ECO-AWARE                                                    ing activites after a spa appointment.                        SURRENDER
the hydrotherapy area, wear a costume. For all other              By providing you with a natural, chemical-free                                                                             Relax, this is time reserved for especially for you. Trust your
treatments, wear knickers or underpants. It is not                environment, skin care products formulated with the best     NUDITY                                                        therapist, you are in the best hands, revel in your treatment
necessary to wear a bra under the towelling gown. You are         that nature has to offer and locally grown organic cuisine   Swimsuits are required in the hydrotherapy areas. How-        and know that you deserve this healthy interlude.
free to sauna or steam before your treatment time, either         we live our commitment to conservation by creating an        ever, facilities in the change rooms, such as the Sauna and
in the privacy of the change room, or in the hydrotherapy         eco friendly spa.                                            Steam-Rooms may be enjoyed either in your bathing or          TIMEOUT
area. When your treatment time is due, proceed to the                                                                          birthday suit. Thai Massage is done fully clothed in pure     We invite you to leave your watch behind and take back
waiting room, where you will be met by your therapist.   EATING AND DRINKING                                                   cotton Thai attire provided by us.                            the time that hurry has stolen. Allow us to guide you on
                                                         Try not to eat for at least an hour before a treatment, and                                                                         your journey and arrange your schedule for you.
ADVANCE BOOKING                                          avoid drinking alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink               PUNCTUALITY
Your preferred treatment time is important to us and we  plenty of water before and afterward, especially if you               If you are late, your treatment time will be shortened. We    THERAPISTS
do recommend that you book as far in advance as possible plan to enjoy heat therapy.                                           appreciate your understanding.                                Let us know if you’d prefer a male or female therapist. You
                                                                                                                                                                                             can also request a particular therapist whose prior services
COMMUNICATING YOUR PREFERENCES                                    FACILITIES                                                   PETS                                                          you have enjoyed.
All our treatments can be customised to your needs.               In between treatments, feel free to make use of the          We prefer them wild - as a wildlife conservancy we do not
Simply complete the “My Essence” consultation card                hydrotherapy areas, Greens & Teas Spa Café, Reflection       allow any pets.                                               USING SHARED FACILITIES
prior to your treatment to guide us in our product and            room and Tranquility Lounge. There is also a gentle and                                                                    Before entering a soaking pool, swimming pool, or
treatment selection. All aspects of our treatments can be         relaxing walk, the Karkloof Ramble, that can be taken        SPA ATTIRE                                                    whirlpool, always shower. When enjoying the sauna or
modified to your individual taste, including the amount of        around the spa, in exquisite surrounds.                      Daily attire is very casual, with the emphasis on comfort. In steam, always sit on your towel and wear the slip-on shoes
light, room temperature, and whether or not you choose                                                                         addition to a swimsuit, we suggest you bring light workout provided by the Spa.
to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence.         GRATUITIES                                                   clothes, warm up suits and comfort wear for after your
If you want the therapist to give you a deep massage,             These are not included. 10% is customary, but you may        treatments. Deep relaxation will cause your body tempera- VALUABLES
or be gentler, let him or her know. Also, feel free to ask        leave more or less, at your discretion, depending on the     ture to drop.                                                 In order to avoid all worries and stress, jewellery and
questions. Your therapist will be happy to inform or clarify      quality of the service. Gratuities will be shared amongst                                                                  valuables are best left at home or in the Villa’s safe and
any issues you may have. If any part of your experience is        the entire team, unless you specifically mention an          SPA CUISINE                                                   don’t bring them with you to the Spa.
unsatisfactory, first tell the therapist. If the response isn’t   individual.                                                  Our Spa Café, Greens and Teas, provides healthy and
helpful, speak to a supervisor.                                                                                                nutritious meals, included in your day package. Please let    WHISPER
                                                                  GIFT VOUCHERS                                                us know if you have any dietary preferences. Our food         Please keep conversations in the Reflection room and
CELL PHONES                                                       Celebrate time and your wellbeing, with a journey to our     philosophy is as organic, wholesome and as in season as       treatment areas at a low volume.
Leave phones and pagers at home or in your Villa.                 destination Spa.                                             possible.
Alternatively turn them off before entering the Spa.
        Frequently Asked Questions
Having a good understanding of how best to use our facilities will make your experience at our spa that much more
beneficial and enjoyable.

How to Sauna?

• Start each session by showering first.
• When in the Sauna, use a towel to sit on, as the bench can get quite hot.
• We recommended you stay in the heat, only as long as it feels good.
• To raise the humidity levels, water is thrown on the hot stones. This should be done gradually, increasing the humidity too          “May this land with the precious dew from heaven above,
  quickly will not speed up the perspiration process. Like most good things in life, proper perspiration takes time.                                 with deep waters that lie below,
• If the Sauna is too hot and dry, sweat dries as soon as it reaches the skin and reduces the benefits.                           with the best the sun brings forth and the finest the moon can yield,
                                                                                                                                            with the choicest gifts of the ancient mountains
How to Steam?
                                                                                                                                               and the fruitfulness of the everlasting hills,
• For best results, wrap yourself in a clean towel and sit or recline in a hot, but not painfully hot Steam room. To close your    with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness be yours to behold.”
                                                                                                                                                                                              - DEUTERONOMY
  pores after a steam, take a cold shower.
• Drink plenty of water while in the Steam room.
• Stay in the Steam room for no more than 15 -20 minutes at a time to avoid overheating. No more than 3 sessions are
• Cool off thoroughly after each session.
• Remember, if you have cardiac or respiratory problems, it’s important to talk to the spa therapist before steaming.

How to receive a Massage?

• We recommend giving yourself time to Sauna or steam before your massage as warm muscles benefit most from mas-
• Always shower before your massage. Unless otherwise specified, wear knickers or underpants under your robe. Once in
  your private massage suite, your robe is removed and you are draped with a towel throughout the treatment.
• Talk to your therapist, informing them of which area you would like them to focus on or avoid. During your session, let
  your therapist know if you are feeling any discomfort and want them to decrease the pressure, or alternatively, increase
  the pressure.
• Lie back, close your eyes and relax, you’re in good hands.

How Kneipp Therapy works?

Kneipp Therapy is based on the practiced premise, ‘Inactivity weakens, Exercise strengthens, Excess harms.’
• Through the use of hot and cold pools, Kneipp Therapy increases blood flow, stimulates the metabolism, tempers pain
  and boosts immunity. The heated pool calms and soothes the body, while the cold pool stimulates and invigorates.
• The treatment involves spending 4 minutes in the hot pool, followed by 30 seconds in the cold pool. We recommend a
  maximum of 3 sessions, with time taken in between each session to relax indoors or outdoors.

Informed & Forewarned
If you are on any medication, being treated for any medical condition, have had recent surgery, injuries or are pregnant,
please ensure that these are disclosed during consultation, prior to any treatment.
T +27 33 569 1321 F +27 33 569 1322
     PO Box 647, Msunduzi, 3231,
      KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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